Energy Innovator Awards 2019

6 Corporate Vision - Energy Innovator Awards 2019 , LiiON Best Stored Energy Technology Consultancy - Illinois Oct19027 Founded ten years ago, LiiON®has since grown exponentially to develop the most comprehensive knowledge base of lithium chemistry applications for serviceable stored energy solutions in the world. Inwhat is now amulti-billion-dollar industry of renewable and stored energy, discover how this firmare standing out as one of America’s leading energy innovators in the state of Illinois. marketing, the firm leverages its knowledge and relationships throughout the industry. Primarily, the firm design and build solutions that have been tested and endorsed by key OEM customers in the global power quality and standby power markets. The team at the firm have worked meticulously to engineer LiiON as the premier supplier of hyper-scale and distributed stored energy solutions across the world. Having built strong and powerful architectures, including BLOCKCHAIN, the firm assure clients of their ability to rapidly respond to challenges and opportunities in virtually any industrial stored energy application. These include adaptable business architectures for multi-faceted supplier and distribution relationships, as well as software architectures for secure stored In the years between 2011 and 2017, the team behind energy innovator LiiON spent their energies developing intellectual property around stored energy platform definitions, as well as best practices for certification, deployment, and customer servicing. Since then, they have now finalised the engineering, product development, certification, and testing that has allowed the firm to complete high-visibility client acquisitions and successful implementation of next-gen, large-scale, lithium-based stored energy solutions. Boasting more than thirty-five years’ experience, the core team at LiiON is comprised of a group of senior power quality experts. Drawing on an extensive background in sales, engineering and energy management applications. Working to create stored energy solutions for the datacentre, telecom, cable, solar, electrical grid, and portable power market sectors, every member of the team at LiiON is wholly committed to the benefits of sustainable lithium power and its future role in technology. The firm work alongside client seeking to migrate from their existing standby power technology to new, longer-life advanced monitoring solutions. Making sure that each of their stored energy solutions incorporates all the necessary specifications to meet industry standards and exceed them, LiiON have worked alongside various UPS OEMs. With multi-level engagements, the firm have made sure that their products comply with various datacentre construction firms, building codes, fire codes, and OSHA safety compliance regulations. Across America and the wider world today, LiiON is recognised as the first to fully understand how to build and deliver a UL- certified system that meets and exceeds datacentre specifications and safety concerns. One of the only organisations to have successfully created such a product platform, the extend of the firm’s success in a short ten-year span cannot be overstated. Backup data is more daunting, and yet necessary, then ever before. With cybersecurity on the rise and renewable energies becoming a fast-evolving industry worth billions of dollars, the work of LiiON is invaluable in helping secure stored energy solutions for the long-term. Company: LiiON Contact: Gary Gray Website: