Energy Innovator Awards 2019

Corporate Vision - Energy Innovator Awards 2019 7 , SunMoney Solar FZ LLE Best Solar Investments Venture 2019 - UAE Oct19130 Solar power is becoming increasingly valued worldwide, with people beginning to take notice of its sustainability compared to outdated fossil fuels. One global community program is committed to helping people make money whilst saving the planet. Discover how SunMoney Solar have become one of the best solar investments ventures for new players in the industry, generating revenue for clients and saving the planet. keep on top of their outgoings and incomings, members are provided with a state-of-the- art account system, web shop, branded MasterCard, and an upcoming mobile app to ensure total control, comfort and flexibility. Should clients wish to build their own community or encourage others to join the fight against climate change, SunMoney’s community package enables them to do just that. Members can invite people to join up, and thanks to the company’s unique referral system they will also earn more money in the form of bonuses and commissions. Internationally, energy demand is growing exponentially, and renewable energy presents a cleaner and more sustainable way of serving that huge demand over traditional fossil fuel-based methods. Solar energy as a business remains heavily dependant on government incentives and subsidiaries, and the challenges don’t stop there. One of the biggest current roadblocks for electricity lies in storage and transportation. However, as technology rapidly advances and innovations happen quicker, SunMoney believes that a solution is just around the corner. Solar power is a global commodity, so it makes sense for the firm to want to expand globally. In the coming years, SunMoney is seeking to launch their services on the Asian and African continents, generating more than a million members worldwide and have solar power plants on five different continents. Powered by what is undoubtedly one of the biggest shifts in the energy sector, the firm believes solar will be the new oil and become the dominant energy source in the foreseeable future. Operating as the biggest global community solar power program, SunMoney is open to anyone who wants to make money and save the planet. Providing people with the opportunity to invest responsibly, the company boasts an organically-growing business model that is shining a light on the fight against climate change by offering green energy. Working as part of global environment protection programs such as the United Nations Global Compact, Caring for Climate, and Carbon Pricing Champions, this sunny community is encouraging others to do their bit in protecting mother Earth. International collaboration is key for the continued protection of environments across the world and generating sustainable living for everyone. With more than seventeen thousand members across thirty-four countries, SunMoney’s community is already making waves. The way the firm works begins with acquisition, construction and maintenance of solar power plants. From there, the electricity generated is sold to public utility companies who pay for the power monthly, direct to SunMoney. Using only the latest and most proven technology in their solar power plants, the firm work directly with European market leaders in manufacturing and construction. Anyone can become a part of the solar community, simply by purchasing a solar package. In doing so, that person has a share based on the amount of purchased wattage. The member gets monthly payments for twenty-five years. In order to Delivering a unique business model, SunMoney is not simply content to capitalise on the growing demand for renewable energies themselves but extend that to outside investors. Ultimately, SunMoney makes it possible for ‘small’ investors to become part of a, traditionally, ‘big’ investors game, with packages starting from 2 Euros. Pioneering the market, the power of community is clearly evident as every member is aligned with the goal of helping protect the planet whilst making money. With more solar power plants opening frequently, there has never been a better time to get involved in solar energy, nor a better investment opportunity than this one. Email: [email protected]