Corporate Vision February 2017

K Company: Nationwide Hygiene Group Name: David Scholes Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: Nationwide House, Peak Business Park, Foxwood Road, Chesterfield, S41 9RF Telephone: 01246 458060 National Strength. Local Service g launched a new logo and the new corporate message of INPACS the ‘Global Supply Solution’ The personal challenges that have arisen during this exciting journey have always been to keep a firm focus on local entrepreneurial principles, while looking at how to supply the same service standards wherever the customer requires it. The biggest problems that most corporations encounter with acquisitions are varied and complex from the selection of companies to acquire, the due diligence, the price negotiation and finally and most importantly, the integration of the new business into the corporate culture of their existing group. Other than a stringent selection process, none of these other issues arise for INPACS and as the business ethics and ownership principles remain unchanged the integration is both natural and automatic. The bond between all of the new additions to INPACS is the common benefits and gains that automatically accrue. The process can also be concluded in a much shorter time and allows international expansion to take place more quickly and efficiently. On the reverse side, it is also much easier to make changes to a new company which does not fully adopt the operating principles contained in the INPACS bye laws. The geographical expansion is continuing and will eventually include the sub-continent and other parts of Australasia, but the main focus, has for now, switched to data management and advanced Management Information (MI) reporting. Our multinational customers are desperate to know what their costs are for all services provided alongside the need to measure minimum product quality standards around the world. We are now able to do this in conjunction with the major global product manufacturers in both paper tissue and chemicals and we now have several global supply arrangements in these areas. In recent times, there have been several new entrants into the market place traditionally occupied by INPACS and Network companies, led by Amazon and the major office supply companies such as Staples, Office Depot and Lyraco. The proposition from the office supply companies has for several years been based on fast and efficient logistics as well as competitive pricing on the high volume items such as paper. These companies and in particular Amazon have been expanding their product portfolio’s combined with an ease of access web based market place ordering, to try and consolidate their target customers into a single supply solution. Amazon in particular has launched a relatively new B2B platform and has opened new service warehouses in five European countries. As a strategic imperative, we have recognised that there is a need to offer a wider range of business solutions to our customer base and have now expanded the INPACS product supply portfolio from Janitorial supplies and equipment to include catering supplies, office supplies, personal protective equipment, healthcare medical supplies and hotel amenities. The group’s intention is to be the ‘global supply solution’ for our global customers with the one major added ingredient over our logistics based competitors which is that of ‘added value services’. These added value services in the past have tended to be focused mainly on equipment installations and servicing, product training and after sales management. However, this has now advanced to include operational management information and budget control of user locations on behalf of central customer operations, product sustainability programmes, product innovation and operational efficiency management. Our largest corporate clients are now engaging with us to help them secure tender business by working alongside them to recommend ‘winning differentials’ specific to the target account. These partnership arrangements now go well beyond just product supply. For my part, I will soon be taking a step back into an advisory capacity within INPACS and looking to assist in the transition to a new CEO at Nationwide. This remarkable development journey still has a long way to go but is an exciting prospect for those who follow. At the end of 2016, The Network, INPACS global business consisted of over 800 independent companies with a combined turnover of €15 billion with a shared philosophy on how to serve the customer wherever they may be.