Corporate Vision February 2017

K Company: Delta Point Inc. Name: Jerry Acuff Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: 12196 East Sand Hills Road Scottsdale, AZ 85255 United States Telephone: 480-296-9972 The Relationship Edge g expanding, to provide further options to assist their clients. “I stay positive and motivated for three reasons: I am goal oriented, I love what we do for companies and I love our employees and want us to succeed and grow for them and their families” “Our plans are to continue to grow our business by adding offerings that help clients excel and also to expand the awareness and utilization of our content to industries and business people outside of life sciences. We have recently launched three new offerings that we are very excited about: Sales Force Effective Evaluation is a proprietary process we built, with an analytics expert, to analyse and benchmark organization’s selling effectiveness. We also launched, in the 3rd quarter of 2016, a program called Coaching Catalyst that teaches sales leaders how to teach and coach selling, in the field, in real time. Most ‘coaching’ programs and training on coaching are general. Teaching and coaching selling is a very specific skill that can be improved and we focus only on that aspect of coaching. Lastly we are about to introduce an offering to help our customers with Co-Pay Cards. This tool is a huge benefit to patients, physician and companies and they are underutilized. Our offering will be to help our clients plan for them, budget for them and use them for the maximum benefit for patients.” He sees himself as remaining a central part of Delta Point for many years to come, but also hopes to turn his passion for coaching towards another of his interests – working with a number of college basketball coaches and their teams as a mentor. He ends his thoughts with thanks to those who are the backbone of the company, his team. “I am so grateful to the 30 employees of my company, for enabling our company to get this kind of recognition. It is their hard work and dedication to our culture, our values and our business belief that ensures our continued success. I know that. I honour that and I will always remember that.”