Corporate Vision February 2017

32 CORPORATE VISION / February 2017 , Centium Software: Successful Software Solutions CentiumSoftware has been producing state-of-the-art meeting technology for almost 30 years, with their technology being used bymeeting planners and organizers in all event industries, including corporation events, incentive events, association events, world government events, and global sporting events, including three different Olympic games. We spoke to Alec Sonen- thal to find out more his firm’s workwithin the industry. Centium Software’s flagship product, EventsAIR, is the culmination of almost 30 years of industry leadership and provides organizers with a comprehensive, cloud-based platform for managing all aspects of events and meetings. This includes the management of travel, accommodation, registration, functions, exhibitions, speakers, onsite check-in, mobile apps, accounting, budgeting and much more. Alec explains that events are complex, dynamic and ever- changing, which necessitates consistent updates to the technology that manages them in order to keep pace with the industry. “As the event lead-up moves into the actual event, the time pressures, constraints and workloads increase exponentially; we understand this, and have created powerful, easy-to-use, real-time solutions with redundancy and support 24/7. We don’t outsource our support. We maintain offices around the globe and deliver support in person, by telephone and online. We are proud to specialize in event management, and we’re pleased that our products are proven and trusted all over the world. “Our clients include professional conference organizers (PCOs), corporate planners, non-profit planners, government planners and travel organizations. Everyone involved at Centium Software is committed to the success of our clients, evidenced by the hundreds of clients that have utilised our service for over a dozen years and continue to do so to this day. As an employee owned company, we focus on providing leading edge technology, designed for the needs and requirements of today’s meeting planners. Our team consists of meeting experts who walk-the-walk and fully understand the challenges and needs of today’s rapidly changing meetings industry.” For more than 25 years, the team at Centium Software have developed some of the biggest innovations in the event management industry. What got them to this stage? The same thing that Alec believes makes them different: their point of view. “Our background is in event management, so we think like event organizers. We design and develop according to what will make life easier for them and for attendees, and what will benefit the host organization. The meetings industry has been dramatically affected by changes in the software and technology industry, with the shift to cloud-based design leading these changes. Other providers of event management solutions rely on web-based designs that are more than ten years old and are not nearly as secure or robust as current, cloud-based technology. This shift to the cloud has opened up numerous new approaches to how we can design technology and deploy it to our clients. “Cloud-based technology has allowed Centium Software to completely re-think and re- engineer how event planners can manage their events. Our technology is app-based, providing a far superior level of security and ease of installation. By deploying cloud-based technology and cutting-edge architecture, we are able to constantly innovate new technology and push this out to our clients every 30 to 60 days. This new architecture has allowed Centium Software to create a new paradigm in how meetings technology is deployed and licensed. For the first time, meeting planners can license a comprehensive and powerful technology for a flat monthly fee, as opposed to the overpriced approach of charging per-person registration fees. “In order to stay ahead of the curve, our entire development team, including our Innovation Lab group, is constantly evaluating trends and technology in the meetings industry. We are constantly holding innovation lab sessions with our clients, we speak to industry groups around the globe to gather further information and are focused on providing cutting-edge solutions to our clients. Our company size and structure allows us to constantly innovate new solutions and bring them to our clients in months, rather than years.” Another ground-breaking approach that Centium Software is taking to new technology is the EventsAIR App Store. This collection of advanced services and tools allows clients of the firm to provide specialized and powerful tools to expand more traditional event tools, as Alec explains. “Our app store includes dozens of apps, including tools for self- check in, onsite management, exhibitor appointments, audience live polling, exhibitor management, group management, speaker/abstract management and much more. Most of these advanced apps are included at no additional charge 1701CV93