Corporate Vision February 2017

34 CORPORATE VISION / February 2017 , From the Ground Up For over 25 years, Ayoki Fabricon Pvt. Ltd. offer their clients genuinely innovative solutions in the timely execution of projects, without compromising on quality and safety. During that time they have grown froma small team to a large professional set up withmany expert en- gineers and technicians. We reached out to Ganesh Kumar (CEO of the Year 2016, India) for a deeper look into the methodologies behind their successes. Established in 1984, having its registered office in Pune, just 100 miles from Mumbai, the commercial hub of India, Ayoki Fabricon has grown from its humble beginnings as sub- contractors to main contractors for mechanical erection in heavy industrial plant construction. However, in the following 10 years the company rose to the status of principle contractors, independently taking erection activity orders for cement, power and sugar plants for companies across India, Africa, and beyond. “Presently we are doing a global business of USD 172 million with a sales turnover of USD 60 million for year 2015-16. We have evolved into group of 6 companies and established separate entities/subsidiaries in Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya, Ghana, Cote D’Ivoire, Nigeria, Nepal, Bhutan, United Arab Emirates and Indonesia. Besides having a team of professionally qualified engineers, managers and administrators, we are globally accepted brand in the industry of heavy engineering construction. By acquiring a reputed 40-year civil construction company Buildmet India, we are geared to offer total construction solutions to the industry anywhere in the world. “Last year, we have ventured into taking EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) orders and are on the verge of successfully completing 2 projects for Heidelberg cements for their units in Togo and Benin in West Africa. We have similar business tie-up with Dangote Industries of Africa for over USD 100 million for 3 clinker (raw material for cement) grinding units at Ghana, Cote D’Ivoire and Liberia.” Having grown a business from a small segment contractor to a leader in the sector with a global presence has, of course, proved a huge challenge. However, it is apparent that Ganesh meets, and exceeds, these challenges with relish. “Endurance, patience, determination and risk to explore the unexploited areas of remote corners of the globe are the key attributes I possess. Personally I like to take up challenges, explore unexplored geographical areas and motivate with the positivity of my fellow directors. My motivation doubles to see the smiling faces of my staff from the lowest rung to the top. I had a dream to own at least one crane, which is the major and expensive equipment in our industry. Today I stand head high on my shoulders of owning more than 200 cranes and working in 19 of the 54 African countries, 3 of the 7 United Arab Emirates, 25 of the 31 Indian states, and the neighbouring countries Nepal and Bhutan and Indonesia in South East Asia. “Emerging from a mere sub- contractor to an independent construction company offering total construction solution with a global branding is a huge development. Engaging professionally qualified and experienced team with importance to precision, safety and timely delivery has been our key principle. “The key approach is towards the holistic welfare of our 5,000 employees, of whom over 200 have worked with us for the last 30 years and a 1,000+ for more than a decade. We have reposed a sense of belonging among the employees and ensure growth of the employees along with the growth of the organization. We have trained over 1,000 unskilled/ illiterate and semi-skilled labour force in the under-developed African countries, who would permanently be employed in the industry. When asked about his thoughts on the construction industry, both at present and looking forward Ganesh had this to say. “The construction industry is going through challenges along with the manufacturing sector. In India, infrastructure and industrial development has taken a back seat on account of various factors. Construction has a direct link with both these sectors. “The service industry has gone through a lot of changes over the years. Attrition level of manpower is on the increase. Unlike 2 decades back, when people emotionally attached to the organization. With growth of technology, modernization and value engineering, service sector has been affected and competition to get business is stiff.” But these changes do not perturb him. Speaking about the future of the business, Ganesh looked forward to not only expanding development to new locations, but to educating the people there to bring about lasting changes. 1702CV25