Corporate Vision February 2017

38 CORPORATE VISION / February 2017 , Located in Calgary, Canada, Cobblestone Garden Centre have proudly served their community for over 15 years under the leadership of Senior Director, Tricia Ingram. We took a closer look at this award winning, eco-minded company. Whole Earth. Whole Person. Whole Enterprise Proudly beautifying Albertan homes, Cobblestone Garden Centre was founded on, and still operates by, five core values, explained in their own words, below: Honesty & Integrity - Down-home and country, we do what we say. We don’t believe in cutting corners or settling for mediocrity; our clientele and business associates know that we are sincere and that we deliver on our promises. Product Quality & Development - The best selection of the best plants for our climate, the most unique and inspiring giftware, captivating home décor, practical and eco-friendly garden solutions: these are all product lines you can discover at Cobblestone. We work hard to bring you innovation and performance. Customer Care - We are here to help you have fun and enjoy success in your indoor and outdoor home projects. From creative designing tips to practical garden care how to’s, depend on us for informed answers to your questions! Environmental Stewardship - Long before it was popular to be environmentally friendly, we began supporting earth- loving business practices in our garden centre and production greenhouses such as utilizing low/no-impact chemical alternatives, integrated pest management (IPM), xeriscaping, and recycling/ re-usage of materials. Involved and committed to a greener future, you can count on us for products that represent the healthiest choices on the market, both in plant material and yard care. Community Involvement - We care and we contribute. From helping developing economies through fair trade organizations to local school fundraising to work with Non-Profit Organizations such as the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, we believe that the best way to create a vibrant and strong global neighborhood is through active community involvement. The company utilizes a strategy of sustained growth and development through these core values, following the mandate ‘Whole Earth - Whole Person - Whole Enterprise’. They are committed to an environmentally friendly future in all that they do, providing customers with the greenest range of choices on the market. Even beyond their own business, Cobblestone is involved in supporting, developing and promoting markets through fair trade initiatives and eco-friendly, bio-available urban farming at regional, provincial, national, and international levels. They also look for staff that they can nurture, by ‘hiring attitude’ over experience. By taking this approach they look to bring aboard staff who are willing to learn, expanding themselves as they expand the business and come together as a hardworking member of the team. Tricia herself has over 18 years’ experience as head grower in the production greenhouse facilities linked to the company, growing crops ranging from woody ornamentals to floriculture to edibles; and winning numerous recognitions and awards while in that role, including ‘Grower of the Year’. On top of that, she has gained thirteen years’ experience as business lead within the retail garden centre, adding further recognitions for her work, including ‘Retailer of the Year’. Committed to environmental issues before it became considered ‘fashionable’, Cobblestone Garden Centre is a true success story for a business of its kind, proving that you can remain environmentally minded without compromise. K Company: Cobblestone Garden Centre Name: Tricia Ingram Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: 10300 17th Ave SE, Calgary AB T1X 0L4, Canada Telephone: +403 273-4760 1612CV43