Corporate Vision February 2017

, Hand Baldachin & Amburgey is one of the preeminent lawfirms for fashion and lifestyle companies, mainly located inNewYork City and Los Angeles. From start-ups tomulti- national brands they represent clients with an understanding of the industry and its changing landscape. We spoke with Partner of the Year 2016, USA, Douglas Hand, to discover more about the keen understanding of the creative process that sets themapart fromothers working in the field. Tailor-made Fashion Advisory A boutique firm with the experience and expertise of a much larger ‘Wall Street’ firm, HBA are nimble and knowledgeable enough to move with the macro changes that the retail industry brings. They can then turn these challenges for clients into opportunities thanks to advice from the firm’s advisors who all operate with ears very close to the ground and balanced business mind-set. “Our goal is to find innovative, practical solutions to our client’s complex business problems”, Douglas stated, “And with a sense of immediacy and priority that may surprise when compared to relationships with outside firms of the past. HBA Partner Douglas Hand is a professor of fashion law at NYU School of Law and Cardozo School of Law and a respected thought leader of fashion law issues. Hand Baldachin & Amburgey works with the Council of Fashion Designers of America and the Fragrance Foundation as their general counsel and sees industry trends well before they are trends, which allows them to advise their clients from a position of great clarity. When asked about the overall mission of the firm, the message was clear. “Excellence in work product and legal counsel for fashion and lifestyle brands. We ensure this result in our attention to detail and ability to attract motivated top notch talent from ‘big law’ firms which make up our associate ranks. “We know fashion. It is our primary focus and we provide thorough leadership on matters of fashion law. We apply a deep expertise in corporate and commercial law for fashion and lifestyle brands inside a fundamental mind- set of business and corporate strategy. While our corporate and commercial work is second to none, it is this larger role of strategic counsel for brands that we believe sets HBA apart, and is seen to be most valuable by our clients. Through the crucible of their business growth and decision-making, we often become part of our clients’ inner circles, listening and advising respectfully and candidly on issues they consider to be critical to their futures.” The firm plans to grow conservatively, through employing only the best and most engaged attorneys to ensure its focus and quality is maintained. “Being a smaller firm we have the ability to attract talent because of the variety of projects and clients our staff has the opportunity to work with. The fashion industry is appealing to many young lawyers and we are able to engage talented associates who are motivated by our unique culture, expertise and ability to deliver to clients in the fashion industry.” K Company: Hand Baldachin & Amburgey LLP Name: Douglas Hand Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: 8 West 40th Street, 12th Floor New York, NY 10018 Telephone: 212-956-9500 1702CV04