Corporate Vision February 2017

, KaraMartin, a founding partner at The Franchise & Business LawGroup LLC, talks about her role following being awarded Attorney of the Year 2017 – Utah. Small and Mighty “Small business and entrepreneurship is at the heart of the American economy. I look at my role as one to help our clients as they take risks with new ideas, growth and development, to avoid unnecessary pitfalls, said Kara Martin, founding partner of The Franchise & Business Law Group.” “We strive to look at the application of the law through the eyes of the businessperson we represent. We take pride in developing a level of trust and I know that only through providing quality and trustworthy legal help, while keeping fees reasonable, can we maintain healthy, on- going client relationships. Most of our clients look to our law firm as part of their team in helping them grow and succeed in their businesses.” “What makes us different?” she asked. “We truly understand the complexities of franchise law, commercial transactions and business law. This is our expertise. We assist in business formation, structure and expansion, and in negotiating all types of contracts.” She continued, “We represent about 40 franchise clients and although we are a small boutique law firm, we are recognized by US News and World Report as one of the ‘Best Franchise Law Firms in the United States.’” Kara went on to explain that franchise law differs from other fields in the legal industry due to it being highly-regulated, which requires Kara to stay abreast of all current developments, not only in Utah, but throughout the US and on a federal level. She further noted that, “Franchising is regulated in the United States by the FTC, and there are 14 states with additional franchise laws and regulations,” she explains. “These laws require full disclosure of the proposed franchise relationship through the Franchise Disclosure Document. We have found that if every regulation is not fully understood and carefully explained, it can cause stumbling blocks down the road that can be detrimental for business owners. “When most people consider franchising, few understand that franchising is incredibly complex. It is directly impacted by wage and employment laws, tax laws, securities laws, health laws and other laws that vary from industry to industry. It is a truly all- encompassing area of law and the dynamic nature of it requires attention to detail and the ability to sort through the various laws and regulations and pinpoint what is applicable to our clients and what is not.” “I am continually looking at new technologies and trying to partner with groups that can provide cutting edge services to our firm and our clients in a more efficient and less expensive way. It is important to stay abreast of changes primarily with technology so that we can take advantage of those changes that will best meet our needs and the needs of our clients.” Kara began practising franchise and business law following her graduation from law school. “I have been able to fine-tune my skills in drafting complex franchise and business documents through years of experience in franchise law and business law. Ensuring client satisfaction is second nature to Kara and the team at the firm, and being a small firm allows for far more flexibility with costs and payment structures. “We have over 80 years of collective franchise law and business law experience and we are a highly collaborative team of attorneys. By utilizing the other attorneys to collaborate on difficult client issues, we can narrow down and pinpoint answers to complex issues more quickly and efficiently.” The firm has key attributes which set it aside from the competition. “We have an exceptional team of attorneys and are the largest franchise-dedicated team of attorneys in Utah and the surrounding states. We have a comprehensive range of experience which allows us to have a broader perspective when helping our clients. We are unique in that we are so focused and tailored in what we do -franchise law and business law.” The industry has certainly changed over the years, and Kara further expands on the impact this has had on the firm. “The recent recession impacted the practice of law in so many ways from lowered billing rates to less work being requested. In addition, during that time, many people were afraid to start or expand their businesses. To counter this, we have spent more time going out, making contacts, and trying to bring in clients so that they can see the real benefits from hiring an attorney to assist with their business needs. As a result, the law firm’s business greatly expanded during the recession. ” Kara has aspirations for the firm and she shares with us what she would like to see with regards to the future. “I hope that The Franchise & Business Law Group becomes known as a preeminent law firm in the area of franchise law in Utah and the surrounding states. We practice in Utah and Kansas and both states are dynamic and full of seasoned business people and entrepreneurs.” “Our attorneys understand the entrepreneurial spirit and want small and established business owners and entrepreneurs alike to know they can trust us to help with all their business needs.” K Company: The Franchise & Business Law Group Name: Kara K. Martin Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: 57 West 200 South, Ste 350, Salt Lake City, Utah 84101 Telephone: 801-575-5001 1702CV13