Corporate Vision February 2017

68 CORPORATE VISION / February 2017 , One Stop Shop for Your IT Needs GT Global Services has offices in both Toronto, Canada and Chicago, USA. We profiled the firm and gained an insight into the services which they offer to clients. GT Global Services is a technology solutions provider, giving businesses a single source for technology infrastructure. The firm’s main goal is to help clients focus on what’s important to their business by clarifying the ever- changing and often confusing world of technology. Their partners include RSA Security, Microsoft Office 365, Cisco, Avaya, Motorola and HP. The GT Global Services team will assess, recommend, and procure the communications services of clients’ business needs, and introduce them to industry leading possibilities of which they may not have been aware. From wireless to computer equipment, the firm promises to help resolve the complexity of sourcing various technologies and then trying to make them work together. This assists businesses in many ways including creating cost efficiencies in technology purchases, improved communication with customers, single source for IT and network solutions, compliance with such regulations as PIPEDA (Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act). The firm aims to deliver these services quickly with unparalleled Service Level Agreements. Their team of highly trained engineers is ready to discuss with you every detail of service requirements. GT Global Services has a main goal to offer clients the best possible solution: The solution that exactly fits their needs and budget, right now. One of the many services which GT Global Services offers is infrastructure and cloud services. They provide unrivalled secure facilities, customer support and flexible data protection. The Enterprise Cloud gives customers precise, dynamic allocation of computing resources with the scale, performance and security to handle enterprise-wide applications. Next-generation utility computing platform eliminates the problem of underutilized, over-engineered, and rapidly aging dedicated servers. The firm’s IT Professional Services have helped some of Canada’s leading enterprises conquer the ever- present challenges associated with managing dispersed technologies and evolving business processes. Applications are the lifeblood of any business, enabling companies to integrate global operations, easily interact with customers, and efficiently manage company data. Another service which the company provides is the offer of diversified networks. Diversified networks allow customers to create a high-performance network using connections from two or more different ISPs or Carriers. GT Global’s customers can now take advantage of all of the competitors in their area in the making of their network. Using Cable, DSL, Fiber, and/ or Fixed Wireless connections, our customers get the bandwidth they need, and limit their reliance on the uptime of one supplier. • Increased Reliability • Increased Bandwidth • Quality of Service/Application Assurance • Ease of Scalability Ana technology enables multiple connections of various types, technologies and speeds to create a single, highly valuable network suitable for: - • Cloud Computing • Hosted Infrastructure/ Application Access • Network Convergence (voice/data) • Business Continuity • Controlling Network Costs GT Global’s services do not stop there. In addition to the two highlighted, the firm offers cloud storage to manage and protect information securely. Security is a prominent issue in an ever changing digital world. GT Global Services provides secure protection of data. Today’s enterprises are faced with complex security and privacy requirements, including a growing number of regulatory and compliance standards such as SOX, ISO17799/27001, COBIT, NI 31-103, BCP, PIPEDA, HIPAA, PCI, and others. Cybercrime is a growing problem, and companies are making headlines for failing to secure customer information. A perfect solution for clients is to protect their enterprise with Security Professional Services from GT. The firm focuses on the strategies, processes and technologies that help clients meet security requirements and become compliant with applicable laws. By examining security systems and critical business assets, the firm identifies the risks and vulnerabilities, and develop recommendations to keep enterprises secure. Also, they have certified professionals capable of designing and deploying the technology safeguards identified in the proposed solutions. Their Security Professional Services experts are certified in numerous best in class technologies and methodologies, so GT solutions always adhere to industry best practices. Security services offer risk management - mitigating security and privacy risks, and ensuring compliance with regulations; identity and access management – protecting systems from unauthorized access with solutions for centralized and automated digital identity management; infrastructure protection – securing networks and content against malicious attacks and PCI compliance - any organization that handles credit card data is required to meet the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Failure to address PCI compliance, or lacking an understanding of how the Standard applies to clients, can be costly 1612CV35