Corporate Vision February 2017

, The US Immigration Specialists Farzaneh Law Firm, and in particular the firm founder, Amir Farzaneh, have reputation for their expertise in all areas of immigration law. We spoke withMr. Farzaneh (Attorney of the Year 2017, Oklahoma) to find out more about his firmand their work done in the field. Farzaneh Law Firm was founded in 1996 by Amir Farzaneh. Mr. Farzaneh immigrated to the U.S. in the early ‘80’s. In his 20+ years practicing immigration law, Amir has established a reputation as an expert in all areas of immigration law. Together with his partner Tyler Christians, the firm is known to handle difficult, complex cases. “At Farzaneh Law, we believe in utilizing a traditional approach to our clients to keep our services at the best they can possibly be. We value our clients very highly and provide them services above and beyond what is commonly seen in this industry. We are extraordinarily patient with our clients and take great care to ensure that each case be handle with the utmost care.” “Working with us, you can count on the very best representation”, we were commented. “We are committed to do the very best for you and your case. “We think it is very important for the client to know what’s happening with their cases. We think it is very important that our clients know all the options available to them. At the Farzaneh Law Firm, we understand that we work for our clients.” “Our firm treats its clients like family. Mr. Farzaneh in particular treats each of his clients with deep respect and patience. Our attorneys pay the closest attention to their clients and truly take time to listen to their needs and their unique situation.” Farzaneh Law Firm specializes in immigration casework, specifically those cases which can be more difficult to work with. Mr. Farzaneh has over 20 years of immigration casework experience and currently teaches Immigration Law at the Oklahoma City University Law School as an adjunct professor. Mr. Farzaneh is also a frequent speaker on Immigration Law issues and is also fluent in Farsi. His partner, Tyler Christians, is also a skilled immigration attorney with over seven years of immigration law experience. Mr. Christians focuses his practice in the area of immigration law, business immigration law, and criminal defense. Before joining the Farzaneh Law Firm, Mr. Christians practiced in Northern Virginia for over two years, where he practiced primarily in the area of criminal defense. Mr. Christians has trial experience in felony and misdemeanor criminal cases, as well as traffic cases and personal injury cases. “Working with us, you can count on the very best representation”, we were commented. “We are committed to do the very best for you and your case.