Franchise Awards 2019

14 Corporate Vision - 2019 Franchise Awards , Accentiá Strategic Franchise Solutions Matching a franchisee to a franchisor is not always easy, and bringing in an outside perspective can allow franchise teams to focus on their true passions while experts do what they do best. In the world of franchising, there is none finer than Accentiá. Achieving such success in Corporate Vision’s Franchise Award in 2019, we take a closer look to find out just how theymanaged it. Best Full-Service Franchise Consultancy - UK With over thirty years of experience in franchising, building up eight offices spread the length and breadth of the UK, along with a Middle-East office in Dubai, Accentiá’s reach goes far beyond a client’s paperwork. With a talented team, this company is committed to finding the ideal franchisee the ideal franchisor to work with, guiding both parties through a fully managed recruitment process. Able to offer businesses a full- service franchise development and consultancy service, regardless of the size or type of business, Accentiá has built itself on its flexibility. From the first day, it has been a business that is not only franchisor-focused but recruiter-led. This means that Accentiá will handle the client’s recruitment of franchisees from enquiry through to contract. This allows business to focus on the running and management of the existing business, as well as a growing team of franchisees. The unique selling point of Accentiá is its position not only as a franchise consultancy, but as a franchisor as well. Each of the offices is a franchise, and means that franchises looking to work with Accentiá can be assured of the expertise required to make a business work. Everything is based on methods that have been developed by franchisors for franchisors. This is a relevant skillset to those who are new to the franchise world and cannot afford a specific team of their own, filling a gap that would otherwise be empty. Ensuring that this process is ethical and sustainable, with regards to recruitment and support, is one of Accentiá’s core values. While many of Accentiá’s competitors lean on the theory behind franchising, developing the paperwork and documentation that is essential to running a successful franchise network, Accentiá leverage the not-inconsiderable amount of experience behind the firm. It is no surprise that stands apart from its competitors as it goes beyond this point, providing advice beyond what most consultants consider the end of the journey. The secret of Accentiá’s operations comes from the simplicity of its internal culture, with a relatively flat management team allowing every member to feel valuable in what is a close-knit organisation. Flexible working conditions allow companies and employees to benefit from business hours that let prospective franchisees have conversations and meetings at weekends or during the early evening. To ensure the best performance from a hard-working team, it has been essential to install a state-of-the-art Lead Management and CRM system, which allows Accentiá instantly engage with new franchisee enquires and as a next step, there is a talk with them face- to-face to work out of they are suitable for the role of franchisee. The future of Accentiá is one that looks great indeed, with new UK offices opening during 2020 to create a service that serves all of Mainland UK and Northern Ireland. Similarly, a new office in Dublin opens up potential business in the Irish Republic and two new offices established by its Dubai office is a result of the regional growth that has been experienced simply by attending. The success of Accentiá comes from following its own example, applying the precise standards to those who apply for its franchise as those who apply for its clients. Adding a dynamic sense of rigour to a process where sometimes all can be accepted, Accentiá ensures that only the best of the best make the cut. Company: Accentiá Strategic Franchise Solutions Contact: Paul Mitchell Web: