Franchise Awards 2019

, Qubo Technologies and Systems As disruptive concepts like artificial intelligence and big data not only drives the world forward, but change the shape of the business landscape, smaller franchises are at risk of being left behind. Democratizing access to these services is Qubo Technologies and Systems, ready for franchises all the way fromMicrosoft to those run by “one guy with a truck”. We profiled the company to discover more about their exciting endeavors. Best Large Franchise Data Analytics & Cloud Solutions Company 2020 Although a small multinational with just under four years of operation under its belt, Qubo has already had a major impact on the world with businesses in both the US and Brazil. Not many fledgling companies can count Microsoft as one of its clients, and many would consider looking to smaller businesses as a bad decision. Qubo’s raison d’etre is improving a client’s bottom line through the use of Artificial Intelligence software and services. It considers the use of this technology intrinsic to successful operation in 2020, and works on the principle that there is no need for businesses not to have access to these resources. It’s this approach which fuelled the design and development of a franchise ready solution, incorporating Artificial Intelligence algorithms, that could be sold at a price that would allow the smallest franchisee to not only afford it, but feel the benefit. The overall mission is to encourage these smaller companies to dream as ambitiously as their larger counterparts, with Artificial Intelligence being used as the main tool to achieve this goal. Having access to state-of-the-art decision-making tools, such as Qubo’s, means that there is a competitive advantage for these smaller providers. An example of this is Qbot, a business assistant for the franchise market, able to use customer and socio-economic data to predict the impact of actions taken and to analyse the best possible scenario. This is a result of a disruptive approach that is always looking to improve, with the idea of perpetual innovation keeping this cutting- edge company at the forefront of technological development. Qubo’s franchise-ready AI propriety algorithms combines this innovative technology with the requirements of any business. Able to collect information from the other main applications in the industry, or from franchisees, without major workload, it represents a great step forward in terms of data sourcing. That said, this is not the fact that makes Qubo unique. That lies in Qubo’s Data Scientists, who have been trained in the proprietary methodology that the only purpose of collecting this data is to go where the human brain cannot go along. This is why companies like Microsoft and Neighorly place such stock in the work of Qubo. It is because of the potent combination of software, people and methodology. There is no other company capable of using machine learning to help clients with their predictive analysis challenges to such a high standard. This had made it a market leader that is keenly aware of the challenge that being a small franchisee brings to the field of big data. This primarily lies in the fact that franchisees often don’t create enough data about their business, leading franchisors to rely on data that is not always reliable. Changing this will be a challenge in the long term, requiring franchisees to use the proper tools to collect and share the necessary data, but in the short term the option of hiring a company to take collect information or use statistics methods to transform this “poor data” into actionable advice. With the aim to be as cheap, pervasive and valuable to its clients as Netflix, Qubo has incredible ambition for the future. Qbot is the tool that will seep into every aspect of a franchise, with the next five years seeing at least 100 franchisors and 30,000 franchisees served by the organization. The rapid adoption of this software across the USA will allow growth in other companies. Key to Qubo’s thinking is the adoption of AI as a tool as opposed to a threat. It will open a new set of opportunities as opposed to the end of them. This belief in AI as a tool is what moves the company forward. It drives every decision that the business has made. The democratization of this technology returns power to smaller businesses, allowing them a chance at making the most of this brave new world. Company: Qubo Technologies and Systems Contact: Gustavo “Gus” Guimarães | CEO Website: