Franchise Awards 2019

16 Corporate Vision - 2019 Franchise Awards , Foodbox Tying together restaurants fromacross Spain, Foodbox has made amajor impact on the industry. Covering everything from fast food to fine dining, and even the casual dining scene, Foodbox is committed to growth both in itself and in its franchisees. Applying an innovative multi-brand approach, it’s no surprise that the hard-working teamhas achieved such incredible success. We profile the company to find out more. Best Multi-Brand Restaurant Franchisor - Spain Based in Madrid, Foodbox excels in the implementation of food chains under its banner. Able to offer multiple sustainable, high- profit and high-profile options to potential franchisees, it’s no wonder that this business has grown into one of the most successful in Spain. The multi-brand approach, focused specifically in the restaurant industry, has proven to be an incredibly wise decision, with a formidable specialization in the sector. Foodbox has managed to achieve considerable success in the industry, geared specifically to the provision of global and constant support to franchisees in all key aspects of running a business. Potential franchisees can be assured of help in finding a location, working out operational procedures, purchasing provisions and managing human resources. This investment in each individual project that has led to more than 180 operating restaurants throughout the country, 86% of which are managed by franchisees. This is matched by a constant effort to achieve wide expansion of brands as a whole, in order to ensure a close connection with consumers. Training programs that have been designed specifically to equip franchisees with the tools needed to achieve success together are also run. The result is growth for Foodbox, and for franchisees that are well above the average of the catering segments in which they compete. The multiple brands that Foodbox curates is one of the major appeals of taking up one of their franchises, with an incredible potential for synergy and value for money. Each franchisee is able to grow within the company, combining different brands, different concepts and different business models in such a way that innovative thinking is inevitable. Obviously, growth is one of the major factors in the way in which the business is run, with an attention to detail that is easily replicated across the various franchises that are on offer from Foodbox. Each portfolio is encouraged to maintain its own identity, coexisting as opposed of competing with the other brands. The future looks bright for Foodbox, with sales increasing across the sector despite uncertainties in the government leading to less optimistic prospects. There has been an increase in opportunities however, with many orders now made in advance, by phone or online for delivery. This has changed the way in which franchisees, and Foodbox as a whole, is seeing the industry as it is able to deliver directly into people’s homes. Taking advantage of this new market is critical to the success of any business, especially chains like Foodbox’s, guaranteeing them a place at the forefront of the industry. Since June 2018, Foodbox has maintained an average expansion rate of three new establishments on a monthly basis, which has allowed it to consolidate its position in the Spanish market for openings made. Recently, the group has opened five new restaurants within a week, ending 2019 with more than forty new establishments and more than fifty signed franchise contracts. This clear forethought will ensure that the current pace of openings can be maintained for the coming months and keep the momentum of the business going. It’s clear that Foodbox’s approach is an amazing success, with its multiple brands allowing potential franchisees incredible flexibility to make the businesses their own with the security and support that a franchisor is able offer. With its growth not only stable but increasing, it seems like Foodbox is only just getting started. Company: Foodbox Contact: Reyes Giménez Website: