Franchise Awards 2020

Franchise Awards 2020 7 Across Canada, the franchising market is booming. Home to approximately 1,300 franchise systems and a combined 78,000 business locations, Canada has seen companies across all industries flourishing. One such business is Simply Health, the wellness and nutrition brand that is represented through its eight store locations across Alberta, Canada, and by a growing online platform. We find out more about the brand’s commitment to healthy lifestyles and its successful growth through franchising. To be in ‘good health’ does not only mean not being sick or ill. It is the state of physical, mental and social wellbeing that leads to a higher quality of life, a better sense of happiness, and the strength to withstand and recover from illness. Many measures can be taken complementing each other to maintain a state of good health. The Alberta-based franchise Simply Health provides a start with balancing nutrition. Founded in 2007 as the successor to Newfound Health by founder Azim Velji, Simply Health is built on decades of experience in the health food industry to provide a vast array of superfoods, vitamins, minerals, nutritional supplements and more that enhance the healthy lifestyles of their customers. Whether they be an athlete at the height of their game, a patient looking to support their recovery, a health professional or an individual striving for better wellbeing, customers are able to choose from a comprehensive selection of products that can relieve pain, stress and a myriad of other health conditions. The outbreak of the Covid-19 virus has only heightened consumer awareness of health and wellbeing, seeing a resulting rise in demand for nutrition and wellness products from brands like Simply Health. Whilst the stores may have had to close during the pandemic, the brand’s online health store has been able to continue providing access to a full selection of affordable health and beauty products that are available to be picked up locally. The integrated technology of Simply Health’s systems has also been vital for maintaining the connectivity of its stores across the greater Edmonton area, and continues to contribute to the advancements of the brand’s online and instore offerings. Having been in the franchising industry since the year 2000, Azim is well-placed to successfully manage the growing Simply Health franchise. Contributing to the entrepreneurial community of Canada, franchise opportunities have been proven to offer the structured business model and start-up assistance required to build a Canada’s Best Health Supplements and Superfood Franchise Dec20539 business that is recognized as brand, a challenge that often proves too much for businesses starting from scratch. Profiting from decades of franchising experience and a portfolio of more than 30,000 products, Simply Health’s franchise stores are set up for success from day one. Moreover, with the support of the Simply Health network, franchisees are able to benefit from advice on selecting sites, negotiating real estate and construction, as well as a broad inventory and customer database that enables good profit margins through combined purchasing power. Armed with comprehensive operations manuals, local marketing programmes and multiple training initiatives, entrepreneurs are given the launchpad for their exciting new business venture. Once a new franchise opens, its team is welcomed into the Simply Health family, a vast network of passionate, customer-focused individuals that support one another across multiple levels. Seeking candidates that have dietary or nutrition experience as well as individuals who are able to demonstrate key customer service skills, Simply Health has built a strong team that is constantly growing and evolving through recruitment and training. As a result, Simply Health is able to continuously improve its offerings to clients, whether it be in its selection of products or its instore services and advice offerings. Ultimately, Simply Health is a family of dedicated professionals helping clients across Canada to achieve a better, healthier standard of living. With that mission at its fore, Simply Health is looking ahead to a future packed with plans to strengthen and expand its position in the health foods market through promoting the Simply Health brand and creating even stronger support systems for the businesses across its franchise. The company is always on the lookout for new opportunities to expand its franchise and grow its network of partnerships in the health and beauty industry, particularly within manufacturing and wholesale distribution. Simply Health is looking forward to welcoming new entrepreneurs to its franchise family soon. Company: Simply Health Contact: Azim Velji Website: