Franchise Awards 2020

Jan21303 Best Children’s Art Development Organization The arts are an invaluable part of childhood. It opens the door to a world of intrigue and creative thinking that can be of enormous benefit in later life. The team at Crayola® Imagine Arts Academy™ know this better than anyone, with their franchise creating opportunities for children the length and breadth of North America to develop their skills. We take a look at the firm to see how art with purpose has achieved such success. What is art? Art is a way of expressing ourselves. It’s a fundamental part of being human. For many children, however, there is increasingly less and less space set aside for the artistic. They don’t have the opportunities to be creative or empathetic. When Crayola® Imagine Arts Academy™ was created in 2016, it was to act as a children’s enrichment service provider with a focus on art by offering after-school programs, birthday parties and camps. The team started franchising in 2019 and have never looked back. The strength of Crayola® Imagine Arts Academy™ comes from its two powerhouse driving forces. The first is Crayola®, renowned the world over as the leader in children’s creative expression products. The second is Mad Science, which has an exciting history within the children’s enrichment space, with 160 franchisees across the globe. By their powers combined, the teams have been able to create a brand that holds real staying power over the public, meeting unique demands. Each franchise aims at the same audience, namely at parents of children aged 5-12 years old, teachers, school administrators and community organizations including libraries and parks and recreation departments. Each program varies to suit the situation, but is built around art with purpose. The franchisees find ways of introducing children to real world topics such as cultural diversity, design careers and animal conservation, all while teaching them foundational art techniques. Art is combined with humanity to create something that will stay with children for years to come. The success of the team cannot be understated, with 23 franchise locations across North America. The main advantages are clear, with the system that the team use championing collaboration and community. Franchisees have exclusive territory within which to operate so that there is no competition within the firm. Tools are constantly invested in, to ensure businesses run efficiently, and to the highest possible quality. Of course, this investment is due in no small part to the size of the parent company. It simply has the resources to ensure that it is not just suitable for today, but is already looking at the challenges of tomorrow. The environment that Crayola® Imagine Arts Academy™ has found itself in is one which is continuing to grow as STEAM gains popularity and is added to more programs. While digital media plays a major role in the lives of many children, there is nothing that can really replace the physical role of what Crayola® Imagine Arts Academy™ offers. The tactile nature of their programs sets them apart and allows them to explore fully an outlet for self-expression. Looking forward, the future for this franchise is bright, with rapid expansion of ten locations every year planned. The team of educational designers is actively working on developing new programming content to expand the profitable menu of after- school programs, birthday parties and camps that have proven such a success. The next five years are going to be pivotal in the growth of the firm, and will certainly see a tripling of the number of franchisees within the system, possibly growing beyond North America. With such success already achieved, it’s not surprising that the team are already looking to future glories. Company: Crayola® Imagine Arts Academy™ Contact: Lauren Cracower Website: What is art? Art is a way of expressing ourselves. It’s a fundamental part of being human. For many children, however, there is increasingly less and less space set aside for the artistic.