Global Business Awards 2020

However, as businesses face the prospect of operating remotely more permanently, Laughton & Co is reflecting on what this means for the future of team building and office collaboration. It is a lot harder to unify a team via a Zoom call, after all. However, Laughton & Co is encouraging business leaders to bring their teams together safely at their Sussex- based training venue to facilitate strategic and social meetings between teams and colleagues. In a period of transformation for the UK workforce, Laughton & Co is ready to help teams and businesses come together to pull through these turbulent times. Regardless of whether they be operating in an office or at home, Laughton & Co remains dedicated to making ordinary individuals and teams extraordinary. Contact: Neil Laughton Web Address: Global Business Awards 2020 27 Discovery, Teamwork and Adventure; the trifecta of powers honed and perfected by Laughton & Co to help individuals and businesses become inspirational leaders and high performing teams. Offering a bespoke selection of leadership programmes, training courses, trips abroad, fun days away from the office, inspirational speakers and much more besides, Laughton & Co has a clear mission; to help you and your team transition from ordinary to extraordinary. Laughton & Co is a leadership development consultancy unlike any other. Specialising in experiential development, the company has employed the same unique approach since inception, utilising the principles of Discovery, Teamwork and Adventure. Using a combination of services including monthly CEO peer groups, team development training events, multi-day business/adventure retreats both at home and abroad and attending business conferences, Laughton & Co is working to develop inspirational leaders and high performing teams. The Learning and Development industry is pretty packed with consultants and business coaches but most operate either in the classroom, provide 1:1 coaching or have pivoted their offering online using Zoom or similar. Neil Laughton, Founder of Laughton & Co, has created something entirely different. For example, CEOs arrive at meetings in shorts and t-shirts, ready to have lunch around a campfire and engage in relaxed, honest and comfortable discussions about business issues that may elsewhere prove tiresome and taxing. Laughton & Co is not bound to the office or conference centre with their programmes, the majority taking place outside with the help of emus and alpacas, as well as legendary practical leadership tasks that often end up with someone getting wet! Neil has just written up a business proposal for a three-day company retreat in the South Downs National Park that will include strategy decisions, rally car driving and dinner at a table on a raft in the middle of a pool! Neil also offers programmes in far-flung corners of the planet, that allow guests to become more self-aware, rejuvenated and inspired to make transformational changes in their lives. Laughton & Co is much more than team building and trust exercises – they are transformative experiences designed to make the ordinary extraordinary. As a consultancy, Laughton & Co is very conscientious about who they recruit to join Most Inspirational Leadership Development Consultancy 2020 - England their team. What makes a good leader and team may be consistent across companies, but circumstances vary greatly, thus each project requires thorough collaboration with clients to offer bespoke programmes suited to the needs of each organisation. The specialist consultants at Laughton & Co therefore are recruited on the basis of their skills in communication as well as their aptitude for positivity, strategic thinking and decisive action. In addition, at least once a month, a guest speaker is invited to provide the latest and most relevant developments within the leadership consultancy sector, ensuring Laughton & Co is continuously offering the latest thinking and relevant services. While the outbreak of Covid-19 has had an effect on Laughton & Co’s activities, operating principally outside and in groups of around a dozen means that the firm has been able to continue operating in accordance with restrictions. This has also meant that unfortunately trips to South Africa, Mongolia and Peru have been cancelled, but the firm remains optimistic about the future. Jul20472