Global Business Awards 2020

Sustainable Infrastructure Promoter of the Year 2020 - UK As the world becomes increasingly aware of the serious impact of pollution and climate change, many countries are making vital changes to increase sustainability, whilst maintaining cost-effectiveness of public resources. One of the core elements of these changes are transport systems. Thames Gateway Tramlink was formed to promote clean, sustainable and environmentally viable light rail solutions and is currently promoting the KenEx tramway within the Thames Gateway, targeting this area for its high levels of pollution and road congestion. With rapid development of light rail technology as a result of the global push towards more sustainable practices, Thames Gateway Tramlink is leading the way in providing environmentally sound solutions. Formed to promote clean and sustainable light rail solutions, the company’s core values and goals have always been centred around providing a sustainable local tramway and river crossing that meets the needs of local communities and contributes to a healthy future. Enter the KenEx Tramway, a sustainable transport solution connecting Grays, Swanscombe, Ebbsfleet International and Gravesend, to create an integrated and enhanced local economy that spans both sides of the Thames. The Thames Gateway suffers from high levels of pollution and road congestion, due principally to the Dartford Crossing which is situated there. The KenEx tram has therefore been welcomed as a sustainable solution by local residents, businesses and politicians. Fundamental to the success of KenEx has been the team who have employed their extensive skill and experience to take on this infrastructure project. Recruiting and collaborating with industry specialists who share the vision of Thames Gateway Tramlink has been paramount to realising this project to make a lasting improvement in the lives of local communities. The company also utilises the knowledge of industry specialists to ensure it is fully aware of all developments within the transport sector, and works with local educational establishments to create training opportunities for the next generation of engineers and specialists. This motivation extends beyond the internal culture of the team, to the businesses and individuals who have supported the project. The next step in establishing KenEx as a major transport option is growing awareness and educating local communities, both about the business and the tram’s environmental impact. Whilst this award-winning firm has achieved the support of local communities, Thames Gateway Tramlink is looking to increase the currently limited awareness of KenEx as a sustainable transport option across the UK. Although there is still some way to go, the firm is making progress and is already looking for their next project once they have completed the core KenEx project. As light rail becomes increasingly recognised as a vital asset in the future of sustainable transport, Thames Gateway Tramlink is expecting to support local extensions and new, cost-effective systems elsewhere within South East England. As the company continues to lead the way in the promotion of sustainable, clean and environmentally friendly practices in the UK, we can expect to see many more big things from Thames Gateway Tramlink in the near future. As the UK Government works to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050, Thames Gateway Tramlink will be actively contributing in an immensely significant way. Contact: Gordon Pratt Company: Thames Gateway Tramlink Ltd Web Address: