Global Business Awards 2020

Jul20551 Best International SME Asset Management Consultancy 2020 & Investment Holding Company of the Year 2020 Successful market entry involves balancing many different factors. Local culture, behavior, language, and foreign business regulations and practices must all be taken into account, which is no easy feat for a SME operation. The team at Ikaron Haor have years of experience, and place it at their client’s disposal. This global investment holding company and leading international consulting firm specializes in supporting companies to achieve their full potential. Thanks to the tireless efforts of the team at Ikaron Haor, SMEs have been able to success in new and exciting markets throughout North America, Asia, Pacific, Latin America, Caribbean, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Their incredible range of support has been able to meet an extraordinary range of different projects and budgets, adapting effortlessly to suit whatever is required. To many businesses, Ikaron Haor offers a truly exceptional solution. Their unique combination of value-added and high-quality solutions immediately result in profitability and long-term sustainability for the firm. These solutions have an extraordinary range, providing support for those who require new product and business development, business expansion, market research, feasibility studies, market analysis and selection, market entry strategy, international lead generation and partner search, brand development, overseas marketing and promotion, public relations, product launch and trade show support services. The focus on results mean that businesses receive tangible support that reaches beyond advice and reports. People’s trust in this firm comes this ability to consistently deliver whatever is required. It’s not enough now to have a product that stands apart from the rest. It’s vital to partner with other businesses that have connections with other countries as well as the ability to provide guidance and support that allows both parties to thrive. Some of the hardest business challenges are faced when expanding a firm, and the team at Ikaron Haor know how difficult a process this can be. Instead of simply committing monetary support, the team take a hands-on approach that inspires innovation and new ways of thinking. Business development and marketing needn’t take the same path every time, and when companies work alongside Ikaron Haor, they can be sure of the best approach whether or not it has been done before. Ikaron Haor offers an exceptional range of services to clients through the Ikaron Haor Group. The team apply an out-of-the-box approach to attaining capital. For over twenty years, Ikaron Haor Group has been in the precious gemstones and metals monetization and trade business, partnering with various international mine owners and investors. This particular venture has allowed the team to offer monetization for individuals, companies, governments, and other organizations for transactions with a $500 million minimum and no maximum limit. It’s an astonishing level of funding that can be arranged through a comprehensive network of lenders and trade partners. The holding companies has portfolio companies and subsidiaries operating across 16 countries demonstrating how much the team value their work being an international affair. Ikaron Haor make the best of its diversity, both in terms of its professionals and its thinking. This allows the team to move more easily forward to finding a truly successful solution for each individual situation. This pioneering approach is one of the main reasons why Ikaron Haor is able to not only play a major part in the transformation of companies, but of entire industries. The firm’s impact on society as a whole cannot be understated thanks to the ripple effect of the business’s choices. At every level of the business, collaboration is key. At the heart of the business are key values which have allowed the team to achieve such incredible success. Every astonishing result can be attributed to these key parts of the business. Integrity is vital. No amount of financial gain can be allowed to compromise how the business operates. When it does, Ikaron Haor runs the risk of lowering its standards and failing to deliver on its second core value quality. This applies both to people and work and means that there is a clear standard at which everyone must be able to operate and to deliver. Sustainable growth for SMEs is not an easy objective. Often it requires an innovative approach to attaining capital that many companies simply cannot achieve alone. Fortunately, they don’t have to work alone anymore. The team behind Ikaron Haor have proven themselves time and again to be leaders in the field, assisting companies to expand into markets on an international scale. Following their success in the Global Business Awards 2020, we profile the firm to learn more about it.