Global Business Awards 2020

Issue 4 2020 9 8 2 Global Business Awards 2 9 Because much of what Ikaron Haor does is innovative in nature, it pays to ensure that the path taken is one which is likely to lead to success. As such, the team is committed to an objective approach, one which means doing the research before heading into a project. This is not to say that the team do not have fun. The team at Ikaron Haor enjoy their work, and this is something that plays a major part in the team’s continued success. Since these values are intrinsic to the way in which Ikaron Haor operates, it’s easy for the team to achieve a sense of personal reward. This is the vital step that ensures that the team can thrive. They perform interesting work with interesting people and achieve results that matter. They have opportunities to grow with training and coaching, with more mature members of the team acting as mentors to less experienced talent. Ikaron Haor focuses on people, both inside and outside the firm. Due to having such a strong track record, combined with a healthy internal structure that encourages collaboration and new ideas, Ikaron Haor is in an exceptional position going forward. The firm has continued to grow over the last few years at a measured pace which has allowed the team to maintain their standards of quality and the values that have allowed them to achieve such success. Across the different parts of the business, it’s the continued success of the firm that has allowed the team to own more than $222.6 billion in assets under management. It’s a credit to their exceptional track record of delivering results through innovative solutions. This success is not enough, however, and the team are always looking for the next development. There will always be another challenge, and as they become increasingly complex, this is the team that you want on hand to get the job done. Company: Ikaron Haor Group Chairmain and CEO: Roberto Silva CFO: Carla Silva Web Address: