Global Business Awards 2021

Global Business Awards 2021 41 Sculpture Artwork Gallery of the Year - East Midlands While internationally recognised for their work, Wingates Gallery has humble beginnings in the heart of the UK’s East Midlands. Under the leadership of Andrew and Kathryn Cartwright the business has become renowned for its quality of exhibition, presenting many exciting new artists in a variety of mediums to the world at large. With galleries in both Market Harborough and Leicester, Wingates Gallery has gone from strength to strength over the years. The team prides itself on offering a warm welcome to all who come through their doors. Needless to say, their fantastic service matches the incredible quality of the pieces that are on display. Both original and limited-edition art and sculpture adorn the space, offering not only immense choice for those who want to buy pieces, but somewhere to enjoy this amazing art in their own time. What drives the Wingates Gallery team is their enthusiasm and passion for the industry. Through the team’s galleries, they have been able to find some amazing new artists from the length and breadth of the UK, as well as even further afield. These artists are not just offering exceptional original art but are doing so at incredibly affordable prices. It is so rare in the country to find so many different original artists on display, giving Wingates Gallery a unique collection that cannot be found anywhere else. This uniqueness not only sets this gallery apart, but provides the centrepieces around which the team revolves. The team’s focus is incredibly broad, exploring the local region of Leicestershire as easily as it invites artists who find their subject matters transcend borders of all sorts. As art connoisseurs themselves, Andrew and Kathryn have guided the team to create an enviable environment through which they can achieve their, and their clients’, dreams. Naturally, as all of the art is for sale, the Wingates Gallery team offers many options to customers who want to know if their dream piece is the perfect one for them. One option is their Home Approval Service where the team will deliver their customer’s favourite pieces of art to locations within 30 miles of either the Market Harborough or Leicester gallery to allow customers to see what their artwork will look like in familiar surroundings before spending a penny. With so many options, the Wingates Gallery team are the ideal people to turn to if you want to find a present that is special and memorable in equal measure. The staff are experienced in offering ideas that are perfect no matter what the occasion. Because the Wingates Gallery team hold incredibly strong relationships with each artist, they can facilitate the commissioning of artwork that is truly one of a kind and has never been seen before. At the Market Harborough gallery, there is the chance to get to know just some of these exciting artists a little better through Meet the Artist exhibitions and Master Classes in various skills that are used by the professionals. When you buy a piece, you have the chance to really get to know the way in which the artist who created it thinks. It’s a passion for art that sets Wingates Gallery apart, and what has allowed them to thrive over the years. With such a strong track record of Sep21735 The art world has always been a thriving world within which business can grow, and Wingates Gallery Limited is leading the field for artists and art lovers around the world. In Corporate Vision’s Global Business Awards, this family-owned business was recognised for its incomparable talent. We dig a little deeper to find out more. success behind them, their success is something to be celebrated now, and long into the future. Company: Wingates Gallery Limited Name: Andrew Cartwright Email: [email protected] Web Address: