Global Business Awards 2021

Civil Construction Firm of the Year - Mauritius AFEL Group, a civil constructions and engineering company operating in and out of Mauritius, has made itself a cornerstone of its nation’s municipal development projects. Essentially, it is incredibly aware of how much of an important role it has for the continued thriving of its country and the communities within it, plying its trade to create sustainable, long-lasting, and safe buildings and structures that will serve the people around it for decades to come. Consisting of five different companies, AFEL Group is a conglomerate of different professional bodies that come together to offer exemplary civil construction and result in bold ideas, creative vision, and sustainable buildings. Made up of AFEL Engineering, AFEL Development Limited, Quick Access Limited, Sun Sea Energy, and Exin, AFEL is involved in the construction of all manner of exemplary architectural glass and aluminium constructions in the island nation of Mauritius. Fundamentally, it has been involved in many major projects and contributed to the development of many exemplary buildings such as the curtainwall of the Bank of Mauritius Tower, and the building envelope of the SSR International Airport of Mauritius. Leading the group is AFEL Development, the head company, supplying the raw materials needed for these civil developments and constructions. In charge of everything from de-rocking small sugarcane plantation lands to supplying the basalt rocks to sister company Quick Access – who delivers those raw materials to stone crushers for the manufacture of aggregates and concrete – AFELDL forms the linchpin between all the companies in the group. Sun Sea Energy is the green renewable energy company of the group, making sure it abides by its dedication to environmental corporate responsibility, and Exin is the start-up involved in the export and import and general goods. Moreover, between them all, they serve a wide diversity of clients that grows on a daily basis as it continually makes itself a darling of industry. Predominantly, it serves diversified and private corporations, parastatal bodies, and small private entities, bringing long-term, sustainable business development and professional building supply wherever it goes in order to ensure the construction industry can put its best foot forward. Taking pride in its ability to offer exemplary solutions at competitive rates to satisfy its clients every time, it is not satisfied until its client is; no matter their query, comment, or concern, AFEL will always go above and beyond to resolve it. Since 1999, AFEL has been heavily involved in the civil and building sector, using this experience to bolster the national economy and deliver outstanding work every time. Civil infrastructures are such a cornerstone of new residential areas, smart cities, and land developments, and AFEL is aware of the responsibility it has as one of the companies handling such things. With the country having handled two national lockdowns in the last 18 months, AFEL Group has dedicated itself to helping its country through this time of tumult, supplying basalt rocks in parallel development to more agricultural lands, increasing the nation’s self-sufficiency. Furthermore, with a people-centric management culture, a bright future ahead, and further diversification into agriculture on the cards, AFEL wishes to share its learning and findings with other entrepreneurs in order to foster growth and development across the board. Company: AFEL Group Contact: Michael Athow Website: Oct21171