Global Business Awards 2023

Global Business Awards 2023 25 Aug23185 Located in Middletown, Armed Force Pest Control, Inc. is a full-service pest and weed control company that provides services to commercial and residential accounts across Colusa, Lake Mendocino, Napa, Sonoma, and Sutter Yuba. It serves hotels, wineries, apartment complexes, Doctor’s offices, grocery stores, restaurants, schools, and more, enabling homeowners and businesses alike to keep their properties pest free. With over two decades of experience in the pest and weed control industry, Armed Force Pest Control, Inc. is widely considered to be one of California’s best pest management service providers. The company is proud to hold four agricultural licenses as well as its structural license. This allows it to legally treat more areas than its competitors, who are generally limited to the perimeter of the building. As a full-service pest and weed control company, Armed Force Pest Control, Inc. serves as a “one stop shop” for its customers’ many needs. Its capabilities encompass a wide range of services, including humane bat and bird removal and exclusion, weed spraying, tree spraying, tree fertilisation, termite inspections, damage repair work, crawl space clean outs, and more. Armed Force Pest Control, Inc. is proud of its ability to get to the root of any problem and provide an effective solution. The company understands that no two properties are the same, so it works hard to develop a course of action that aligns with the customer’s lifestyle or business operations. Its excellent technicians will consider all factors, including the layout and problem areas of the building, as well as the needs of the inhabiting family or business. The team at Armed Force Pest Control, Inc. are committed to providing the safest, highest quality, and most effective solutions to its customers at competitive rates. Dedicated to consistently providing excellent customer service, it strives to be as close to perfect as possible. If a customer is dissatisfied with its provisions, the company will always take action to make things right. Armed Force Pest Control, Inc. works hard to maintain the quality of its services by keeping up with reviews, asking customers for feedback, monitoring customer retention, and reaching out to those who have cancelled or expressed a complaint. This unwavering commitment to excellence has enabled the business to achieve consistent annual growth. Internally, the Armed Force Pest Control, Inc. office is a very interactive and collaborative environment. Its employees engage with each other on a daily basis to ensure clear communication and set expectations. The company’s owner, Sarah Miller, invites her team to speak to her at any time if they want to discuss a problem, suggestion, recommendation, or anything else. “I truly want all my employees to be as happy as possible and to want to come to work.,” Sarah shares. “This is a profession, not just a job. What we do and the services we provide are essential and make people’s lives far more comfortable. We matter, so every employee matters!” As a result of its outstanding services, Armed Force Pest Control, Inc. has been awarded Best Pest & Weed Management Business, Lake County, in the Global Business Awards 2023. Currently, Armed Force Pest Control, Inc. is in the process of developing and manufacturing a new product for the control of yellow jackets. These unique Yellow Jacket Bait Bottles allow for total colony elimination and provides far better results than other products on the market. The company looks forward to being able to offer this product to other pest control companies as well as to pest control product distributors and homeowners. Moreover, Armed Force Pest Control, Inc. aims to continue to educate itself through seminars, books, webinars, research, and speaking with others in the pest control industry. This continuous pursuit for education is necessary for both the company’s governing agency and for the benefit of its team. Contact Details Contact: Sarah Miller Company: Armed Force Pest Control Inc. Web Address: Best Pest & Weed Management Business 2023 - Lake County