Global Business Awards 2023

Global Business Awards 2023 Global Business Awards 2023

Welcome to the Global Business Awards 2023 Corporate Vision magazine is excited to welcome you to the seventh annual Global Business Awards! Over the years, we have been committed to recognising the best of the best across the global corporate landscape, celebrating the leading companies from a diverse range of industries. A lot of sectors have struggled to bounce-back following the challenging years of the pandemic, but thanks to the innovation and entrepreneurial spirit of business leaders – as well as the dedication of employees under difficult circumstances – various fields are beginning to experience growth once again. Even amidst the threat of recession and an ongoing cost-of-living crisis, many world economies remain robust, with some even reporting increases in their GDP. The Global Business Awards 2023 will highlight the latest trends and developments influencing the market today, as we look to shine a spotlight on the trailblazers that are maintaining excellence and driving success in modern business. With sustainability becoming increasingly important to consumers, now more than ever companies need to be conscious of their environmental impact and offer green products and services to stay competitive. Over half of UK SMEs invested in operating sustainably in 2022, and even more plan to implement changes this year. Sofi Parry, Senior Editor Website: Editorial Team Sofi Parry, Senior Editor | Rebecca Scotland, Editor | Isabella Mifsud, Writer | Matthew Wright, Writer | Emily Godbol, Writer | Michelle Strozykowski, Writer | Joshua Beardsmore, Writer Design Team Lauren Baldwin, Graphic Designer | Ali Mohammed, Junior Graphic Designer AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility.

Global Business Awards 2023 3 Contents 4. Qures Group Ltd: Most Dedicated Antipathogen Developer 2023 - UK 6. Privci Ltd: Best Workplace Data Protection Software Company 2023 - Southern England 8. #SustainablePublicAffairs: Best Global Sustainability-Focused Public Affairs Agency 2023 10. Entec Biopower Austria GmbH: Best Environmental Plant Management Company 2023 - Austria 12. Super Nature Products Europe BV: Best BioEnergetic Orthomolecular Food Supplement Company 2023 14, Knots & Dye Ltd: Best Unisex Styling Salon 2023 - London 16. Tarso Salles: Best Digital Marketing Agency 2023 17. Brian Larsen Hypnose Aps: Best Hypnotherapist 2023 (Denmark): Brian Larsen 18. SOPHOLA, Inc: Best Digital Marketing Technology Consultant 2023 - Japan 19. The Platinum Services: Best Luxury Event & Destination Management Firm 2023 - Italy 20. SICGEN Antibodies: Best Polyclonal Antibody Manufacturers 2023 21. Anchor Bay Holidays Limited: Best Holiday Cottage Rental Service 2023 - North Yorkshire 22. Hörstudio Schirner: Best Hearing Aid Fitting & Retail Company 2023 - Germany 23. Future + Green: Female Futurologist of the Year 2023 - Germany 24. Manoir Chamberland: Best Luxury Boutique Hotel 2023 - Eastern Canada 25. Armed Force Pest Control Inc.: Best Pest & Weed Management Business 2023 - Lake County 26. Thula Thula Game Reserve: Best Private Wildlife Reserve 2023 - KwaZulu-Natal 27. The Disability Company: Best Respite Care Provider 2023 - Victoria 28. China Global Sourcing: Best Chinese Product Sourcing Specialists 2023 - UK 29. The Magnet Group Sdn Bhd: Best Events Management & Planning Company 2023 - Malaysia 30. PT KELLYS EXPRESS: Best Relocation Logistics Firm 2023 - Indonesia 31. SSV Capital Ltd: Best Multi-Class Asset Management Company 2023 - London 32. Genesis Turf Inc.: Best Artificial Turf Business 2023 - USA 33. IMCI Group International GMBH/LLC: Best Global Corporate & Project Finance Company 2023 – Central Europe 34. HIRSCHTEC: IT Consultancy of the Year 2023 - Germany 35. I.S.C. Group: Most Innovative Information Security Company 2023 - Central Europe 36. Sales Focus: Global Leaders in B2B Sales Outsourcing 2023 37. Dr. rer. pol. Beatrice Bischof: Best Tech Start-Up Consultancy 2023 - Germany 38. CMJ MCCARTHY LTD (The Conveyor Shop): Best Conveyor Supplies Enterprise 2023 - UK 39. DWP Inc.: Best Custom Security Solutions Company 2023 - Twin Cities, MN 40. Aqua Spin Pte Ltd: Best Global Aquatic Fitness Company 2023

Most Dedicated Antipathogen Developer 2023 - UK It all began just over a decade ago. Richard, in his pursuit of developing and covering the small scale production of bringing anew anti-pathogen product to the market, established Qures Group Ltd. His research was centred around one goal – to eliminate the possibility of a complete antibiotic failure on a global scale, whilst producing a means for individuals to rid themselves of harmful pathogens. Through utilising an already-existing molecule that is manufactured by our bodies to destroy infectious materials in bacterial, fungal, and viral senses, Richard soon came to realise the potential that his work-in-progress product possessed. However, it quickly became clear that there were multiple issues preventing the molecule from reaching wide-spread success. Despite how well known this molecule was in the research world, both in terms of function and abilities, it was inarguably impossible to patent it, and its short lifespan reduced the possibility of effective use. As such, manufacturing in a factory seemed completely out of the question, as it would likely expire before it even had the chance to leave the gate. All of these factors, in addition to the lack of quality, medical grade raw materials, presented a multitude of roadblocks that Richard was determined to overcome. And overcome them he did. Starting with the half-life problem that Richard had discovered when working with the molecule, he formulated a compound with which to make the molecule at point of use. This, in turn, also helped to resolve the patent problem that he had been facing, By creating, a system for making at the point of use, he was able to adopt a simpler approach that mimicked the body – having all the components in place at the same time. Throughout the process, Richard also undertook worldwide research to find suitable raw materials and suppliers, and eventually struck gold throughout Europe – and as far afield as Australasia. Truly, Richard has poured his heart and soul into this project, and has yet to cease in promoting its effectiveness. Based on results founded from scientific evaluations and testing on faecal matter, it became increasingly clear that Qures Group Ltd.’s product was shaping up to be a revolutionary answer n to the increasing issue of harmful pathogens affecting our day to day lives. Richard approached his research with the intention of being able to commercialise this product, all to encourage a healthier tomorrow altogether. And, with a multitude of Researchers having verified that the molecule is, in fact, able to do what it promises, the prospect of a pathogen-eliminating product is starting to become more and more realistic. Though it may sound like a miracle, Richard is very honest about the origins of his product. The molecule has existed within nature since the dawn of time, and has been frequently considered as an alternative for antibiotics. However, there were very few that pursued the potential that it posed, mostly due to the previously discussed problems that it presented. However, Richard was undeterred, and the result is what we see today – a truly worldaltering product that is almost ready to progress onto live trials. With a little extra funding, and a wealth of support, Qures Group Ltd may just be able to change the world. In recent years, it’s become common knowledge that antibiotic resistance (ABR) is on the rise. Certain preventative drugs are failing, and these infectious pathogenic organisms are building up resistance (immunity) to the antibiotics that are supposed to keep us safe. ABR is only one small part of the dangers that humans and animals face from infections. There are many old infections making a comeback: measles, diphtheria, gonorrhoea, and new viruses and fungal organisms preparing to invade our world. Just think of HIV and COVID and candida species. Are we ready to face them? These are phenomenon for which we are gravely underprepared. Or so it would seem. Enter Richard Stead, a man who has dedicated all of his time, effort, and money to finding a solution. Join us as we explore his journey, and how he’s uncovered a way to eliminate almost all harmful pathogens.

GGl ol obbaal lBBuus isni nees s sAAwwaar dr ds s 22002233 55 Of course, with any product that sounds too good to be true, doubts are likely to manifest. Luckily, Richard has given his all to quelling these doubts altogether. His product is utterly unique in its functionality, and yet maintains a familiarity that certifies it s safety for use on humans, animals, and our surrounding environment. Following rigorous research, tests, and evaluations, the molecule has demonstrated a harmonious nature that has consistently succeeded in removing dangerous pathogens time and time again. Despite this, it’s not an aggressive molecule, and manages to perfectly eliminate pathogens, all whilst leaving good bacteria completely untouched. As such, it’s wholly safe and provides all of the benefits, with out any of the risks. Richard truly believes that this molecule has the potential to save millions upon millions of lives, and this belief is well-founded. Whether it’s being utilised to assist individuals suffering from dysbiosis, or is targeting airborne pathogens that have frequently led to a multitude of illnesses, his product has demonstrated immense capabilities. However, it’s an unfortunate truth that funding such a revolutionary product is no easy feat. Having invested everything into the betterment of our world, Richard is mere inches away from delivering a widespread solution to some of our biggest, pathogen-related problems. With contributions, he’d hold the power to eliminate some of the world’s most debilitating conditions, viruses, and infections. Research into the Microbiome has, in recent years, shown how gut dysbiosis is linked to many health conditions, either being caused by infections or causing health problems, especially those involving chemical imbalances in the brain, such as anxiety and depression. The prospect of Richard’s development eliminating pathogenic organisms from the Gut Microbiome, opens up the possibilities of assisting with managing these debilitating brain conditions. Just think, how these sufferers lives can change! This product could ease the strain on the healthcare industry. It could be a resolution of life-threatening conditions. Pathogens serve as the core makeup for so many of the world’s most arduous tribulations, but that isn’t to say that they can’t be stopped. Thanks to Richard’s exceptional level of dedication to both researching, funding, and creating a means to better the world, we’re on the precipice of something truly great. The fact of the matter is that Qures Group Ltd.’s work isn’t too good to be true – it just needs that extra financial nudge to finally come to fruition. Backed by a multitude of doctors, researchers, universities, and other academic professionals, Richard’s product promises a revolution within the medical industry. Its promises aren’t hollow – they’re backed by concrete research that has consistently heralded positive results. Qures Group Ltd holds the means to reshape the way pathogens affect our bodies and wellbeing, but, if readers would like to learn more, Richard is more than happy to share his plethora of research papers and abundance of passion with each and every individual. Qures Group Ltd.’s product is the solution to so many of our problems, and, together, we can invest in the future of our health. For those readers who want to checkout Richard’s product, claims and expectations, read about SODIUM HYPOTHIOCYANITE. It will amaze you, just as it amazed and excited Richard. It is a very small molecule (NaOSCN) with a molecular weight of only 73, a minnow compared to the size of many antibiotics but a giant in its performance. If you have any comments or questions or should you wish to see a list of published and academic references relating to HYPOTHIOCYANITE (OSCN-), please write to [email protected] with a brief explanation of your particular interest and he promises to respond promptly. Beware, Richard’s enthusiasm is infectious! Contact Details Email: [email protected] Company: Qures Group Ltd Web Address:

Best Workplace Data Protection Software Company 2023 - Southern England Headquartered in London, Privci is a data protection software company committed to helping individuals and businesses avoid online traps and ensure the protection of their personal data. To this end, the company has created a comprehensive solution designed to fulfil all their personal data management and online privacy needs. Its flagship platform is available for free, but the paid premium and enterprise versions offer additional features. Here, we discuss Privci’s capabilities, goals, and more. In the data-driven world we live in, website owners often make unilateral decisions about what to do with their users’ data. When users are asked to specify what they permit the site to do with their information, it can be very confusing for them to know which boxes to tick and where to click. Often, autopilot kicks in, and websites can strategically guide them to agree to certain terms, without explaining the motives behind it. Founded this year by Director Divine Chana Chupkemi, an experienced Information Security Analyst, Privci is a start-up internet privacy company that aims to help its customers avoid online traps and protect their personal data. To this end, it provides them with relevant facts about the collection, sharing, transfer, protection, retention, and use of their personal data, along with tools that they can use to manage their privacy. Overall, Privci’s goal is to become a leader in the provision of innovative solutions related to data privacy and online behaviour risk management. Passionate about making online data privacy easy and accessible for everyone, Privci’s key offering is a reliable and secure platform through which individuals and businesses can protect their data and manage their digital footprint. Available for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge, Privci is an extension designed to provide clients with increased control over their personal data and privacy. This is important because, as a person navigates the internet, they leave traces of data behind, which makes it easier for internet companies and criminals to expose and exploit their true identity. Privci enables users to maintain control over who keeps their personal data. Using the tool, they can easily request access to the information they have given to a website or ask that it is rectified or erased. They can also opt out of ad networks, direct marketing, and data brokers. Usefully, when a user gives a website access to their data, Privci keeps track of the site and monitors for data breaches, unlawful handling, and questionable reputations. Whilst a user is browsing the web, Privci automatically uncovers the privacy claims of the websites they visit, providing them with concise insights into what data they collect, how it is protected, and how long it will be retained. As well as this, the tool can automatically detect and block unwanted third-party and ad cookies and clear any cookies once they exit the site. Privci offers a free-to-use extension, but to experience its full benefits users can purchase the premium version for £4.99 a month. The company offers a one-month free trial of Privci Premium that can be cancelled at any time. In the modern workplace, employees can be anywhere when they access corporate resources and data, with many now working remotely. Browsers are the tools that connect these widespread users and resources, making them the most-used applications in an enterprise. With a focus on browsers, Privci not only promotes company policies, procedures, and best practices but also protects corporate data and privacy through an enterprise-grade browser upgrade. Privci Enterprise uses guidelines from the company’s acceptable use policy to detect and mitigate malicious behaviours before they cause damage. Once up and running, the extension keeps track of the websites that collect the personal data of employees, providing the company with information about data breach history, privacy claims, and reputation, all while monitoring for future breaches and other cyber threats. Privci’s core values of integrity, transparency, and innovation are the foundation of its operations. These factors drive it to provide the highest standard of service to its clients. “Our primary focus is providing tailored solutions to our clients,” Divine shares. “We are dedicated to understanding our clients’ individual needs and providing solutions that are secure, easy-to-use, and tailored to their specific requirements. We understand that our success is reliant on the success of our clients, and we strive to deliver the highest quality of service. This focus has not changed over time.” As a result of its excellent solutions and outstanding customer service, Privci has been awarded Best Workplace Data Protection Software Company, Southern England, in the Global Business Awards 2023. In the coming years, Privci looks forward to investing heavily in the function of user risk management associated with online behaviour. Divine explains, “Designed for businesses, this feature automates the entire process of user awareness training and behaviour risk assessment. It uses existing company policies and procedures to provide extensive insights based on violations against statements defined in these documents (e.g., email and internet use violations, password practises, online footprint, knowledge, individual strengths and weaknesses, and much more) including an AI-generated summary statement on user behaviour, online exposure, and recommended actions.” We are delighted to congratulate Privci on its outstanding success in this year’s Global Business Awards and look forward to seeing what its future holds. Contact Details Contact: Divine Chana Chupkemi Company: Privci Ltd Web Address:

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Best Global Sustainability-Focused Public Affairs Agency 2023 What lobbyists such as #SustainablePublicAffairs choose to promote has consequences for society. That is why it exclusively takes on cases that are dedicated to having a positive impact on the environment. It is the first and only public affairs firm to do so. Willem Vriesendorp himself is a qualified lawyer who graduated in the Netherlands and gained vast experience by working with Allen & Overy in competition and antitrust law. From there, he moved into public affairs, specialising in competition and environmental issues. He was also a partner with FIPRA International, where he was co-head of the competition practice and head of the environment practice. This all set Willem up well to take on sustainability policy through his own practice. “Public affairs is an important part of democracy,” Willem begins. “People that write the laws do not often have time to go completely in-depth into the intricacies of how law actually affects corporate life, or society for that matter, and therefore, I think lobbyists fulfil an important role in society to try and spell that out to policymakers. “However, this “Swiss cheese” is currently being filled up by the voices out there that have deep enough pockets to get their voices heard: the incumbents, the companies that form part of the status quo. And the only thing that they want is for regulation to stay the same, or to diminish in terms of environmental ambition. So, today’s democracy is confronted with a very skewed playing field.” #SustainablePublicAffairs works to level that playing field for sustainable frontrunners, with its lobby working hard to help create a society that rewards sustainability. In doing so, the firm abides by three core values of positivity, integrity, and autonomy, without which it believes sustainability couldn’t exist. In line with these elements, it has been extremely careful in curating a portfolio of clients who are indisputably sustainability leaders in their respective industries – who outperform current sustainability norms. With an extremely knowledgeable team, their expertise runs deep into sustainability policy across the board: from sustainable finance, to electrification of transport, energy storage, renewable energy, agri-food, hard-to-abate sectors, and circular. But their expertise does not stop there. #SustainablePublicAffairs are specialists in campaigning. They know how to be the ear of the relevant policy makers in Brussels, which is a noisy place. Willem tells us that he missed brand value in the public affairs industry. Most public affairs consultancies have names that are acronyms, and it is hard to tell what these companies stand for. Maybe that is done on purpose to be able to serve all sorts of client, but Willem saw the need to establish a brand you can trust, a brand that his clients would be proud to wear on their sleeves. He always thought of #SustainablePublicAffairs as “The Patagonia of Public Affairs”. Three years later, the brand has been established successfully and his clients are indeed proud to work with #SustainablePublicAffairs and show it. “Our clients want our t-shirts because they are just proud of being associated with the brand. It tells the world about who they are and the cause they’re working on. It’s a stamp of approval for the sort of cases we’re onto, that they’re onto.” Public affairs is ultimately a people’s business so the team plays the key role in the outstanding reputation that #SustainablePublicAffairs has built up among clients and the outside world. Willem tells us, “We’ve been able to get the best people in the market to work with us, leaving big firms to come and work for us. Talent of today, we think, is no longer motivated Led by founder and CEO, Willem Vriesendorp, #SustainablePublicAffairs is the world’s most sustainable public affairs consultancy, and the first of its kind to be a certified B Corp. Centred around its mission to raise the bar on environmental policy, it does so by lobbying to make the performance of sustainable frontrunners in a specific sector the norm for all other actors. This, in turn, fosters policy-driven growth for those out-performers, his clients. Acclaimed by Politico as one of the most influential men in Brussels, we speak to Willem to learn more about #SustainablePublicAffairs and how he has radically transformed the way public affairs is done, bettering the world one case at a time. “Our brand is for companies that are already outperforming EU environmental legislation, so we are well beyond what is required at EU level in terms of sustainability. We work for them to try and raise the bar on those regulations so that ultimately their performance becomes the norm for the rest of the industry. And only then will they be able to transform their sustainability leadership into a competitive advantage.”

Global Business Awards 2023 9 by only money. They’re mainly motivated by purpose. And with the best consultants in Brussels, we can also give the best advice and build the most innovative campaigns.” Closing the Loop - Joost de Kluiver, founder and director In Willem’s closing comments, he explains how he has reinvented public affairs. “I believe we should be careful not to be lured into doing what every client tells us or wants. We are in a privileged position and what we chose to lobby for has real world consequences. So, dare to think critically and be autonomous – only that is ultimately sustainable. “#SustainablePublicAffairs is autonomous. In my dreams, I sometimes see it as a “big beast”: a self-standing actor with a purpose to raise the bar on environmental legislation. It is cared for by our colleagues. It is fed with clients. They give the beast more punch, more strength, more mass, “In our view, #SustainablePublicAffairs’ has created the new standard for the PA industry. Not only because of their green mindset. We mostly appreciate their hands-on and pragmatic approach towards creating positive impact in Brussels.’’ more velocity – which is then again to the direct benefit of our clients.” He adds, “That is a different approach than just waiting at your desk until a case comes in, changing like a chameleon from green to brown to grey to whatever the client wants, and then try to give advice on that basis. That is the service industry as it was - providing services to whomever comes into your cabinet – and I think that is now the past. The future is for those people, good or bad, red or blue, black or white, that have an opinion and are out there to say, “This is what I am, this is what I’m doing”. At the end of the interview, Willem concludes “This award is really just a testimony to my colleagues. This is a reward for their beliefs, their hard work, their great hearts and brilliant minds. Being the best sustainability-focused Public Affairs agency in the world, means, in essence, just that we have the best team in the world. Cheers to that!” Company: #SustainablePublicAffairs Contact: Willem Vriesendorp Email: [email protected] Website: Global Business Awards 2023 9

Best Environmental Plant Management Company 2023 - Austria entec biopower has a goal to fashion solutions that solve the problem of transforming organic waste into energy. It is supremely passionate about its niche business area in the waste industry, which encompasses individuals and firms who have organic waste that requires handling effectively. It supplies large, tailor-made industrial plants for waste management purposes, as well as compact “plug and play” container solutions known as entec ecoliners, designed for smaller portions of organic waste. The company is a well-known brand, with a presence around the world that currently includes sites on four continents. The high-tech solutions entec offers are sometimes architecturally ambitious undertakings, but no matter the scale it can always be relied upon to offer top quality as standard. It is a much sought-after partner in the biogas market with clients including but not limited to municipalities and waste management companies, food processors, livestock and poultry farmers, slaughterhouse operators, vegetable and fruit processors, and distilleries. The entec group consists of an ensemble of Austrian companies offering individually tailored solutions in the field of biological waste recycling. It is a pioneer in biogas technology, and also boasts a focus on sustainability within the commercial sector, which is something it has been delivering for more than 40 years. It seeks to improve society through highlighting the need to dispose of biological waste in as ethical a manner as possible. It also embraces social and societal responsibilities, treating customers and employees in an open and fair manner that recognises all ethical backgrounds and genders as being of equal status. The company unites a unique team of multi-disciplinary engineers including food technology, environmental and process engineers, biology, chemistry, electrical, civil, and machinery engineers, and plant and construction engineers. The dedicated team located at its headquarters in Austria comprises over 40 years’ experience, and promotes the company as a leading name in the industry across the globe. The employees at entec biopower are all recognised as individuals, complete with their own personal strengths and weaknesses. They bond together and flourish like a family, with characteristics that mutually balance out, naturally levelling up the team so that they are always capable of offering the best services for customers. Whenever a new employee joins the team they are welcomed into the fold and accepted in the same way, exactly as they are. There is no unnecessary pressure put on new employees, instead they are allowed the time and space to find their own place in the company. There are always certain challenges to be faced by the company in one way or another. Since it is inextricably enveloped in the export trade, international restrictions are a constant and necessary challenge to overcome. Thankfully, the firm’s many decades in the business has provided it with the expertise needed to handle such matters. It is determined to always give 100% to customers, and the highly motivating team atmosphere always encourages this. Currently, the biogas sector is in development all over the world as people have realised this technology is a fantastic alternative to assist with organic waste disposal. The digester systems offered by entec biopower are dependant on many different parameters. This includes the ingredients and the physical and chemical properties of the substrate, the characteristics of the industrial manufacturing process, and the structural situation on site. Happy customers and an overall satisfactory solution involves the correct use of components such as pre-treatment systems, pump technology, gas upgrading and more. entec biopower can provide ecoliners, which consist of a compact biogas plant in an industrial 40 ft standard container. This product is designed to meet the needs of industrial customers requiring energetic utilisation of biological waste, wastewater, or food waste. It is also an ideal solution for low-volume feedstocks such as small farms, breweries, or fruit juice producers. The entec MBS digester is flat in design, creating an ideal solution for use in small to medium-sized biogas plants. This digester can be used as a main or secondary unit, designed either with a fixed cover or closed by means of a double membrane that acts as a gas reservoir. Applications include all types of degradable organic wastewater, sludge, and waste. The entec MBS digester is a cost-effective solution which, depending on the application, uses high-speed or inclined shaft agitators to mix its contents. Another digester to consider is the System CSTR. This centrally stirred digester is particularly suited to organic sludges and substrates rich in solids, for example biowaste sludges and liquid manure. It is an upright cylindrical digester with a fixed top. Its contents are mixed by a centric vertical low speed agitator, which guarantees gentle treatment, and ensures optimal mass transport for the bacteriological degradation of the organic substances into biogas. With sizes up to 6,000m3, the CSTR digester is ideal for use in large-scale biogas plants. It is already used successfully to treat all types of degradable organic effluents, sludges and wastes, such as manure, municipal biowaste, catering and market wastes, food industry wastes, slaughterhouse wastes, and sewage sludge. Austrian based entec biopower has an admirable vision to convert organic waste materials into energy. To this end it offers essential knowledge in engineering and construction services, and conducts the commissioning and operational management of multiple anaerobic digestion plants. It has already been integral in over 300 planned and delivered projects in over 23 countries worldwide. “Our goal is to be recognised globally as biogas engineers of large and individually designed industrial plants. Our customers are focused on high tech architecture using state of the art technology resulting in creative new solutions.”

Global Business Awards 2023 11 Finally, the entec BIMA-Digester Hydraulic System is the original amongst the self-contained hydraulically mixed digester systems. This solution was developed in 1979, and has been subject to continual optimisation since then. It doesn’t require any mechanical equipment such as agitators, circulation pumps, or gas injection to mix the digester contents. Tubulent mixing occurs in this digester 4-10 times a day, depending on the level of biogas production. It is a low maintenance system which boasts low operating costs too, compared to conventional systems. There are more than 80 BIMA digesters in operation worldwide, for a wide variety of applications, with some having been in operation since the early 1980s. The major product that entec biopower is focusing on at the moment is its newly developed ecoliner product. This is so recently designed and fresh to market it is dominating the outlook for entec currently, as it is hoping it will make a significant difference to small scale organic waste disposal. The company has recently been named Best Environmental Plant Management Company 2023 – Austria in the Global Business Awards. This is a terrific achievement for entec biopower Austria, who have drawn a line in the sand when it comes to converting organic waste into energy. Well done to this remarkable and innovative Austrian based company who we hope to see continuing to make a big difference in the field of anaerobic digestion plants. Contact Details Company: entec biopower Austria GmbH Web Address: Contact Name: Brigitte Maier

Best Bio-Energetic Orthomolecular Food Supplement Company 2023 At the age of 33, Chris Blancke had a very serious accident. When complications arose, doctors told him that they might have to perform an acute amputation, one which would see him lose a large part of his leg as well as his foot. Chris didn’t accept this, and chose to follow a path that embraced the possibilities of nature in medical procedures. After three years in a wheelchair, he began rehabilitation with wonderful results – as well as his foot and leg completely intact! The creation of Super Nature Products was the natural evolution of what happened to Chris. He wanted to share a knowledge of what nature could bring with as wide an audience as possible. Hippocrates is reported to said, “let your food be your medicine” and this has inspired many of Chris’ decisions. His website was the first to offer worldwide, bio-energetic orthomolecular food supplements. The range of products has grown dramatically over the years too. With more products entering the market, and new scientific discoveries that vindicate the use of better natural health as a solution to all kinds of problems, it’s little wonder that his approach has seen enormous success. Operating online means that Chris has been able to sell products around the world with ease. During the COVID-19 pandemic, this has allowed the firm to continue selling its products around the world. The crisis has sparked an interest in various vitamins and minerals and herbs. As health has become a priority for many, they have begun to explore other paths to a more natural way of life. As Super Nature Products is home to many different brands that are designed to support people’s health, this has opened the door to even more business for clients. To stay ahead of emerging developments is key to the success of Super Nature Products, with a business model that is akin to the adoption of the latest fashions. While good health remains a constant, the methods of achieving it change as we gain new knowledge. Even if a new product is adopted by several manufacturers, the presentation of these products can change too. The team at Super Nature Products carefully curates its products so that it is able to act as the best solution for their customers. Looking ahead, Chris and his team hope to expand the company into new parts of the world. It has been approached directly by many who want to buy their products. This growth geographically is matched by an expansion to the range of products available. The team are actually developing their own range of products, a special series called Pure. This only contains the main ingredient and the capsule, allowing the maximum effect has be experienced by the customer, in the shortest time and at the most competitive price. Few can argue with the power that nature holds, but the team at Super Nature Products really tries to deliver this to people around the world. Their success in this field is a reflection of its founder, Chris, and his commitment to making this dream of a world healed by nature into a reality. Contact Details Company: Super Nature Products Europe BV Name: Chris Blancke Web Address: Human lives and nature are inextricably linked together, with the power of nature often more potent than many would have you believe. Super Nature Products Europe BV was established with the aim of better linking human being with a more natural way of life. We take a look at the firm, following its second impressive triumph in Corporate Vision’s Global Business Awards.

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Best Unisex Styling Salon 2023 - London Knots & Dye is a caring and creative hair salon, with expert stylists and services on offer to thrill even the most nervous of clientele. It knows that in the hair care business, there can be a lot of reticence amongst potential clients to even make first contact, let alone walk through the door. Knots & Dye wants to assure all its customers that it isn’t there just to skilfully style your tresses, but is a kind, friendly, and confidential partner from the very first moment you reach out. Whether it’s through a phone call, email, or via social media, it wants you to know that its focus goes far beyond hair. It’s also committed to prioritising the mental well-being of all clients, ensuring that they feel comfortable and safe throughout their experience. For Knots & Dye it goes beyond the transformation it can create for you on the outside; it wants to ignite a light from the very heart of its valued clients, empowering them from within. Whatever the worry, whatever the condition, whatever the secret hair desire, Knots & Dye is fanatical about celebrating the beauty of all hair textures. It has a fully inclusive approach, firmly believing that “hair is hair”, regardless of its texture. During its 6 wonderful years in business, it is sad to report that it’s encountered first-hand experience of how many individuals with curly, Afro, or mixed-texture hair have been turned away from salons, or told that their desired styles are unattainable. To set the record straight, Knots & Dye wants to make it clear that it believes every hair type is beautiful, and all are achievable with the right care and expertise. This salon doesn’t discriminate, it embraces diversity! The central London hairdressers revels in using its knowledge, common sense, and diverse range of products to make sure everyone feels welcome and can be directed to achieve the look they want. Knots & Dye thinks its okay to be different, and not follow what everyone else does. In fact, it celebrates it! It would be honoured to be trusted with aiding your hair journey, enabling you to fully achieve the potential that is unique to you and your roots. Knots & Dye is more than just another salon; it’s a haven of support and empowerment with a mission that goes beyond hair. The business is determined to go the extra mile in support of mental health, always standing side by side and uplifting people as much as it possibly can. Hairdressers are well known for listening to their clients woes in confidence, almost like a doctor, which is of course not a million miles away from the truth. The practition did indeed start out under the barber surgeon banner in the Middle Ages. These days we would not be particularly happy to discover out our local hairdresser is preparing to perform a limb amputation, but what we do still cherish is the special bond that exists between them as a professional and us as their client. In this vein, Knots & Dye thinks of itself as more than just a hairdresser in many ways. It is resolved to cultivating a relationship with clients where they can feel at ease to be their true selves. As your confidant and ally, the salon practitioner is there not only to make you look beautiful but to feel safe and valued. Whether this comes through a genuine conversation while getting your hair done or through extended support delivered outside the salon, Knots & Dye is dedicated to the wellbeing of its customers. It would like to be known as the place where beauty meets compassion, and it greatly values the unique relationships whereby altogether united with clients it’s more than just a salon; it’s a community. As such, the venue is overflowing with gratitude for every client who’s been a part of its journey and has pushed it to become better every day. It is immensely grateful for the client support that has led it to winning the prestigious award Best Unisex Styling Salon 2023 – London, in the Global Business Awards. Seeing returning clients, and welcoming new ones with smiles, laughter, and deep conversation is what makes this salon so very special. Knots & Dye wants to change the game in the hair and beauty industry, and see it earn the respect it truly deserves. Thanks to its many loyal clients the company has a strong belief it can achieve this, and indeed anything it sets out to do. It regards being a hairstylist or beautician as something that goes beyond a profession; but is as a chance to make a difference. It promises its followers and clients it is intent on revolutionising the industry to make it welcoming for every single person. It believes that those working in the hair and beauty business are true superheroes, deserving of respect for the work they do transforming lives, and putting smiles on people’s faces. After all, that is the very essence of the industry. Knots & Dye is committed to shining a light on the myriad of skills put to excellent use within the hair and beauty industry. It has made it its mission to become the best role model it can, and to positively influence the younger generation. It wants to show that regardless of where you start, hard work, honesty, and kindness can help you achieve anything. One of its core beliefs is that it’s essential to treat everyone equally and with respect. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from, if you choose Knots & Dye you’re choosing to become a part of its community, and will be valued and appreciated as such. The salon is open and welcoming to all as a safe sanctuary. For Nohad and the rest of the lovely staff at Knots & Dye beauty isn’t about just looking good, it’s about feeling good from the inside out. It is honoured to be able to help clients enhance their own inner beauty, and values everyone as beautiful in their own unique way. It would be overjoyed if the next time you think about the industry you took a moment to look beyond the surface level and see the warmth, care, and passion within. It is proud Knots & Dye Ltd is an exciting, modern hair salon located in the heart of London’s Marylebone district. It offers professional styling services for women and men including cuts and blow dries, colour/technical, hair treatments, and professional extension services. It is the first independent venture for experienced hairdresser and style guru Nohad Da Silva, who is delighted to have the opportunity to bring her distinctive flair to the industry she loves.

Global Business Awards 2023 15 “My journey hasn’t been without it’s challenges, but every hurdle has strengthened my conviction that I am here for a reason to not only grow my empire but to leverage it for the greater good – to make a difference. I hope that more businesses adopt this mantra: it’s not about what you can extract it’s about what you can give back. In a world driven by profits let’s redefine success let’s make kindness and purpose impact the true makers of achievement.” – Nohad Da Silva to stand tall and work tirelessly not just to beautify but to uplift and support every soul that walks through the door. It wants everyone to know it’s here and it’s listening to you, because the beauty industry is so much more than just skin deep. Company: Knots & Dye Ltd Web Address: Email: [email protected] Telephone: 02072583003 Contact Name: Nohad Da Silva

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Global Business Awards 2023 17 Sep23091 Based in Asnæs, Zealand, Brian Larsen is a well-educated and very experienced practitioner of hypnosis and hypnotherapy who is committed to helping people overcome their mental health challenges and banish their unwanted subconscious thoughts. Dedicated to his clients, he does not work on an hourly basis, instead he continues until the problem is resolved. Brian Larsen has worked in hypnosis and hypnotherapy since 2015. He was initially trained by Jacob Strachotta, Founder of the Institute for Advanced Hypnosis. After graduating, Brian was confident in his ability to effectively perform hypnosis, but his thirst for knowledge had not yet been quenched. He was eager to learn more about how he could make a difference and help people with hypnosis, so he took a long line of extra courses. He then went on to study master hypnotherapy at Martin Castor Peterson’s Hypnosis Academy. Since then, Brian has created his own programs, the first of which was designed to take place over eight weeks. Currently, he is working on a 16-week program that will focus on the client’s personal and general progress to help them quell their unwanted subconscious thoughts. To achieve this, he combines the methods he was taught by Jacob and Martin with the techniques he gained while studying to become a Master NLP Coach to deliver outstanding results. Brian is so confident in the quality of the services he provides that he offers his clients a special agreement. The day after their session, he calls them to see if they are satisfied with the results they have experienced. If they are not, he offers them another session where he wants to solve the same problem for free. Brian is proud that customers have never had to take up this offer, because they have never been dissatisfied with the results he has delivered. Brian is equipped with a thorough understanding of his own abilities. He knows what he can and cannot help people with. If a potential customer calls to ask if he can help with one problem, Brian always gives them his honest opinion. This has given him an abundance of respect and a good reputation in his field. Also, if a client doesn’t call Brian back, he doesn’t call them back to chase their business. He wants to help people because they want to be helped, not because he wants to earn their money. This is a very important part of his work as a hypnotherapist. For many years, Brian worked independently before hiring an IT professional to help him get set up on his website and online messaging features. He also recently hired another staff member to advertise the business, making them a team of three. Brian understands that hypnosis and hypnotherapy are currently considered alternative treatments for mental health problems. However, with a strong belief in their potential to help people, he hopes they will be taken more seriously in the future. To drive this change, Brian has offered his services to local authorities and suggests offering free sessions to two people struggling with their mental health. This would allow them to decide whether hypnosis and hypnotherapy have the potential to become widespread treatments in the future. Although they are currently apprehensive about accepting this offer, Brian hopes that he will have the opportunity to show off his skills in the future. As a result of the excellent sessions he delivers, Brian has been voted Denmark’s Best Hypnotherapist in the Global Business Awards 2023. With this prestigious title under his belt, Brian is looking towards a bright future and strives to grow his business and help more people with the powerful methods he has mastered. Contact: Brian Larsen Company: Brian Larsen Hypnose Aps Web address: tel.: 20678626 Best Hypnotherapist 2023 (Denmark): Brian Larsen