CV Issue 1 2018

18 CORPORATE VISION / Issue 1 2018 , On the basis of helping clients find providers of safe surgical procedures around the world, Secret Surgery Ltd was founded. We invited Founder Angela Chouaib to share her story and explain the inspiration behind the pioneering company. A Secret You Need to Know About In 2010, Angela Chouaib established Secret Surgery, drawing on her personal experiences to create a formidable company. Since 2009 she has developed a multi-award company as well as achieving personal accolades, and is delighted to have assisted 1000’s of clients since the inception of the firm. Angela herself has faced the same issues as many of her customers meaning she understands their situation and has worked hard to create a solution for them. “In 2009, I was in the same position as many ladies are now, trawling the internet, leafing through piles of medical marketing literature and are altogether overwhelmed by the options available to a woman considering cosmetic surgery. “Essentially, my frustration was compounded by more than just the search for a perfect plastic surgeon. Having shed 10 stone through weight-loss surgery, I now had to face the long wait until I had ascended the NHS waiting list. The length of time I would have to wait would be two years. I needed an alternative solution. There were so many factors that I had to take into consideration in making a decision, from the cost of the procedure to the safety, skill and reputation of the surgeon. Finally, my seemingly endless search bore fruit and I found the ideal surgeon in Poland.” Having returned back to the UK following her second procedure, Angela was full of praise for the surgeon in Poland, feeling they deserved a lot more recognition. Within the industry, Angela felt that people were paying excessive fees for treatments that were also done at a quality level in Poland. She tells us how she overcame the fear of the unknown of having surgery abroad, and encourages others to do so themselves. “What put others off having surgery in Poland was the fear of the unknown; many were unsure where to begin researching and many media outlets regularly post horror stories of surgeries abroad which have gone wrong, leading them to fear for their health. “However, my own life changing and positive experience of elective cosmetic surgery in Poland was to be the proud banner I would wave for other women researching safe, overseas cosmetic surgery options, after all I learnt in the process of my extensive research that choice is something we should be entitled to as long as it is always a safe well informed one.” Subsequently, Angela has built a business around supporting others in a similar position, as she proudly explains. She provides us with an insight into the business model which has helped Secret Surgery become the success it has today. “Here at Secret Surgery our business model is simple, to provide clients with a compassionate, conscientious and personalised service from the consultation through recovery and beyond. We build our services around the needs of our clients. We keep a grasp on modern, new techniques and procedures. We look for surgeons who have and can perform them, vet their qualifications, review their client’s results, before and after photos and their testimonials.” Contributing to her overwhelming success is Angela’s determination to connect her network with the best in the business around the market. She is well aware of the needs of her clients, and how important it is to match expectations, as well as exceed them. It is her desire to provide the very highest standard of service and support that drives both her and the internal culture within the whole company. “Since the beginning of my venture, I have created strong links with surgeons the length 1801CV05 and breadth of Europe. I have set up support groups here in the UK to allow people to meet face to face or online to discuss concerns, I have sourced fully qualified practitioners at the forefront of their profession, and accommodated the needs of clients looking for the right procedure and surgeon to achieve their personal objectives – just as I was looking for, many years ago. “At the core of my objectives is the desire to help other people achieve an equally positive safe experience of cosmetic surgery. At Secret Surgery, we do our utmost to ensure that clients have made the right choice for your mind and body; everyone matter to us. We are a personal business, and the business is personal.” However, cosmetic surgery abroad involves so many options, such as where, when, who and how? As a result, Secret Surgery ensure that clients are kept up to date with developments right throughout the process, from consultation to procedure. “Here at Secret Surgery, we hold our clients hand throughout the process and guide them to the safest structures to ensure their experience is stress free and efficiently organised. We assist them with communication, flights, dates, hotels and procedures,