CV Issue 1 2018

20 CORPORATE VISION / Issue 1 2018 , Guaranteed success at your next Trade Showwith CIRCOMTRADESHOWS &MARKETING, Michael Kaaz. Your Trade Fair Specialist for Your Live Communication! The CIRCOM TRADESHOWS & MARKETING, provides clients with a different professional trade show systems in order to win flexibility and save money. A full service from booth construction until a personal service during your show, as well as a special trade show and sales trainings with an enduring effect. Even with live coaching on your show. And, at least, profit his clients, agents and also trade builder, from his real practise- oriented consulting from those above, combined with more than 20Y of trade experience in the B2B market. Experience and passion for your goals In order to ensure clients receive the best possible outcome, Michael tells us what services the firm offers, specifically with regards to consultancy. Also, he reveals how he ensures that his clients receive the advice that works and support that they actually need. “Our overall focus is on improving the entire trade fair process, with the aim of significantly improving measurable results. “Everything starts with common definition of its clients objectives, and then moves on to a tailormade consulting or training.” From inception to implementation, Michael Kaaz works with his clients in an open and trustful relationship on one hand, and a responsible secrecy on the other hand. The necessary of its, shows quite often a deeper analyses of the clients market- and business situation as well of there competitors. Based on these results, the customer recognizes his options where he can act fastest, most sustainable and most effectively over all. Further on the next steps will be defined. Depended on the project a common timeline will be decided and Michael accompanies and assists you also in the entire implementation. Trends and challenged in the market of training and education By serving a whole host of trade shows every year, Michael tells us also what trends and major challenges he sees with respect of the training market. Many businesses are more and more focused, as well more and more associates are responsible for some new projects where they would warm welcome additional training or specific support, on demand. Compared to the wider training market, Michael and his team place a strong focus on real learning, with as longest lasting effects as possible. Therefore, the trend goes on focused situations, elements with a high emotional and personal experience. “Through my special education as an experience-oriented trainer, the participants experience CO170006 emotional triggers that have a lasting effect. For the quick, purely content-related knowledge, the participant proactively prepares with individual literature or video clips, that circom provides within his concept. “There is also an increased demand for online platforms. So, I will extend my own webinar series in 2018.” Concerning the internal culture within circom, Michael explains how he ensures that he and his