Issue 1 2019

22 CORPORATE VISION / Issue 1 2019 , Gauged Solutions is a well-established International award-winning safety, risk and performance management organisation. Following their success in the International Health & Safety Awards 2018, we caught up withManaging Director, Glenn Ridsdale who provided us with an insight into how the firmdeliver an excellent service to clients on a daily basis. Ahead of the Game Since their inception, Gauged Solutions have accumulated an extensive portfolio of clients which includes international blue- chip organisations to SME’S. The team at Gauged Solutions deliver all aspects of training and consultancy service provision including leadership, safety, health and wellness programmes to technical process safety con- sultancy work. Going into further detail about Gauged Solutions, Glenn begins by informing us of the firm’s overall mission and the steps which the team take to ensure that they achieve their main goals. “Here at Gauged Solutions, our overall mission is to deliver safety, risk and performance management solutions that have a purpose. We solicit constant feedback and evaluation to ensure that we do not drift from our remit, and we are regularly invited back by clients to revalu- ate the organisation to see if the learning has been transferred into the workplace. “Repeat business is another way of establishing if we are getting it right. There are hundreds of businesses in the world who offer similar services to us, however our clients return to us year after year after year, because they know we are truly world class at what we deliver. Some of our clients say that we leave an in- delible footprint on their organisa- tion, which apart from making us feel a sense of incredible pride and that we really are making a difference, it is a term now used in our branding.” Speaking of clients, 75% of Gauged Solutions have come from recommendations and word of mouth. When detailing the key differentiators between the firm and their competitors, Glenn explains to us the factors which mark them out as the best possi- ble option for their clients. “What makes Gauged Solu- tions unique is that our people who love what they do have an incredible work ethic, thrive on challenges, are excellent at building long term relationships and are responsive to our clients’ specific needs. The very name, Gauged Solutions provides an indication of what we do really. Knowledge of the subject field we work in is taken as a given, priding ourselves on the other bits is what gives us our Unique Selling Point.” It is no secret that behind every successful company is a ded- icated team of individuals who work tirelessly to ensure that they deliver an exceptional service to clients, and one which surpass- es their expectations. When discussing the internal culture at the firm, Glenn highlights how he has been able to cultivate an atmosphere in which every team member understands the company’s philosophies and strategies and implements them accordingly. “The culture in Gauged Solutions is one of work ethic, service level excellence and reward. Our core values are based on integrity, working enthusiastically, delivering on out promise, being pragmatic and responsive to our clients’ needs with openness and honesty. “Our business DNA has been established from nine years of hard work, enjoying what we do, remaining relevant and ensuring that every single one of our peo- ple has a voice that should be valued as much as anyone else’s in the business. “As for our employees, be they direct or associates, they are all highly valued, respected and are encouraged to be innovative in their way of working and thinking. This ensures our business model is sustainable for many years to come.” Bringing the interview to a close, Glenn signs off by envisioning what the future holds for the firm and how the team will continue to strive towards achieving new goals, especially following their recent success in Corporate Vision’s International Health & Safety Awards 2018 where they were selected as the Best Be- havioural Safety Coaching Spe- cialists – UK and the Excellence Award for Behavioural Safety Training – UK. “Overall, our future for both short and long term looks very healthy. Every year we reinvest back into the business for growth projects and exploring new markets. Hopefully one of them being Vietnam this year, where we are looking to start the deliv- ery of safety culture training to influence change there. Fingers crossed. In addition to this, we have also responded to our clients’ requests by becoming an approved centre to deliver in - company accredited training courses. Lastly, we are really excited about the up and coming launch of our new look website with a brand new eLearning platform.” Name: Glenn Edward Ridsdale Address: Gauged Solutions, 89a High Street, Yarm, TS15 9BG Telephone: +44 (0) 7425 160071 Web Address: