Issue 1 2019

CORPORATE VISION / Issue 1 2019 21 Wonder Vision is a leading global CGI production studio. Recently, we profiled the firmand spoke to Joseph Thomas who provided us with a detailed glimpse into the award-winning pieces that Wonder Vision delivers to their clients. Igniting the Imagination with Inspiring CG Imagery Established in 2010, Wonder Vision specialises in photo- real™ CGI produc- tion. Creating Stills, Animation and VR content for the Property, Product, Automotive and Advertising industries. Offering complete services from ideas to execution and produc- tion, Wonder Vision have every aspect of production covered, whatever the scale and deadline. Going into further detail, Joseph begins by informing us of the key qualities that the firm possess which enable them to deliver a successful project to their clients. “Here at Wonder Vision, the foun- dation of everything that we do is to produce pixel perfect visuals. By investing in world-class technology, nurturing our artists talent and partnering with brands we are passionate about, we will continue to evolve and deliver artful work that we’re proud of and that charms others.” It is no secret that behind every successful company is a devoted team of individuals who work tirelessly to achieve the firm’s overall goal. At Wonder Vision, the award-winning team work together to deliver an exception- al service to clients, ensuring that both the company and the consumer are satisfied with the final product. When discussing the internal culture, Joseph highlights the role the team play in the overall success of Wonder Vision. “As a team, we are greater than the sum of our parts. We cham- pion knowledge and share tech- niques to benefit the work we create. Also, we believe in going the extra mile to deliver content of exceptional visual quality. In addition to this, we deeply care about the small things so that the big picture is pixel perfect. “At Wonder Vision, we have a transparent and open approach to working with our clients. We want to know the people we do business with and build long lasting, trustful relationships. Most of all, we are a committed team, who work tirelessly to deliver visually stunning projects on time and on a budget which is paramount to us.” Looking ahead to what the future holds, Joseph signs off by envision the changes which may occur within the industry. Addi- tionally, Joseph is keen to reveal the exciting plans which lie in the pipeline for the firm, especially following their recent success in Corporate Vision’s 2019 Creative Awards as the Most Innovative CGI Production Studio 2019 - United Kingdom. “As a tech business, we are in an ever-changing environment. We are increasing our offering of AR/ VR and XR services throughout 2019. Currently, we have identi- fied this as area of high growth for Wonder Vision and the wide industry. “Moving forward, we are develop- ing our Augmented Reality (AR) Virtual Reality (VR) and Extend Reality (XR) offering throughout 2019.” Website: Dec18067