Issue 1 2022

Issue 1 2022 13 Oct21561 Educational Technology Consultants of the Year - South East London Expede Consulting’s work is very neatly summed up in its name. Crucially, at every turn, this company provides expedient and effective digital transformation consultancy for higher education institutes that is slowly revamping the way universities operate and teach. Benefitting the staff and students of higher education, its efforts are becoming a cornerstone part of ensuring that teaching and research both are keeping up with the ever-increasing velocity of the world’s technological trajectory. With a motto of ‘transforming universities for tomorrow’, Expede Consulting is a company that was started with and has retained a goal of helping tomorrow’s youth, by changing the university structures of today. Fundamentally, it works closely with educational institutions, becoming a partnership to them and the boards of professional educators running them in order to help them derive maximum value from the implementation of their digital transformations, incorporating the correct and most up-to-date infrastructures seamlessly into a university’s existing processes. Indeed, this is what has garnered it such incredible levels of notoriety across the board. Having gathered a team of people around it who can leverage an in-depth and broad view of Expede Consulting’s market segment and industry across a range of disciplines – a team that also works with incredible levels of empathy in order to tease out each client’s strategic vision – Expede Consulting can deliver proven benefits to each institution that it works with. This will help these clients to respond to, meet, and even rise above the strict standards and expectations that modern society has today of the higher education sector. Critically, in a world where technology is still increasing in an exponential manner, this will only become more and more crucial as time goes on, and Expede Consulting wishes to ensure that no educational institute is unable to keep up. Leading by example at every turn, it also focuses on bringing a client’s team along for the journey. This means that alongside making itself a partner to a client’s institutional success, it ensures that each person within this partnership understands the changes and structures being implemented so that they not only benefit from these technologically innovation structures, but understand them too, and are totally comfortable with using them. Moreover, it thinks of this as ‘fundamental and sustainable business change’. The keyword here being sustainable, as it hopes to implement structures that will remain useable and up to date for years to come, and ones that are easily modulated to be able to keep up with developments that come along later. Additionally, all change that Expede Consulting suggests will always be immediately actionable; this means that a client will always be able to see the solutions put in place imminently after the discussions about what is needed are had, and that they will be able to see the direct benefit of the infrastructures in place more or less immediately. Making all the difference for students, faculty, and external educators everywhere, Expede Consulting’s work has been used by the University of West London, the Open University, Brunel University London, Kingston University London, and the Queen Mary University, also in London, hoping to add to this roster of clients as it moves forward into the dynamic future promised by 2022 and beyond. Company: Expede Consulting Contact: Martin Roots Website: