Issue 1 2022

Issue 1 2022 Eat Better Together One of the major challenges in any workplace is finding a healthy and sustainable food at work solution. As people begin to return to the office, this problem has risen to the top of business leaders’ thoughts. The team behind Lunch.Co have a solution.

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Issue 1 2022 3 Contents 4. News 6. Eat Better Together 7. Software GBS: Most Innovative Software Engineering SME – Colombia 8. Belle Sorelle: Customer Service Excellence Award and Best Cosmetic Tattooing Specialists - Perth 9. PARA Designworks Limited: Best Retail Interior Design Studio - Hong Kong 10. Rethinking Localisation 11. Cezar’s Choice Pet Nutrition: Best Pet Food Manufacturer 2021 - Australia 12. Akila Dolls: Best Inclusive Doll Collection 2021 13. Expede Consulting: Educational Technology Consultants of the Year - South East London 14. Ansari & Co: Best Charity Sector Accountancy Firm - UK 15. The Consulting Firm That Delivers Results 16. Ad Automation Company Changes the Game 17. Claire Buck Coaching: Best Boutique Business Coaching Practice 2022 - United Kingdom 18. The Future of Stem Cells 19. Find Your Voice With The Big Talk 21. Onwards And Upwards! 20. A Record-breaking Approach to Digital Marketing 22. Delivery Delights! 23. Medsolve Uk Ltd: Best Full-Service Healthcare Recruitment Company - UK 24. The Digital Marketing Master 26. Irish Firm Demystifies Diversity and Inclusion Coaching 100 28. The Company That Supplies Endless Success 30. Coaching Yourself to Success 31. Entrepreneurs Strategically Evolving 32. Business Coaching for the New Age 33. Stretching Beyond The Boundaries Of Success 34. Winners’ Listings

4 Screening Expert Welcomes Home Office Confirmation Of Digital Identity For Right To Work Checks Background screening expert, Sterling, has welcomed the news from the Home Office that they will be switching to digital identity for Right to Work checks, resulting in a permanent move away from in-person checks from April 2022. Commenting on this news, Steve Smith, Managing Director, EMEA, at Sterling, said: “This is a really significant moment for employers in the UK when it comes to background checks as it confirms the emerging importance of digital identity and reflects exactly what is needed to support the modern workforce and remote hiring. While the pandemic has caused massive disruption, it has also driven positive changes in some areas. The work that was put into delivering digital identity solutions proved hugely valuable and we’re pleased to see that this has resulted in a more permanent change that represents an advancement in background screening and identity verification. “Sterling has been collaborating closely with the relevant Government authorities in the lead up to this announcement and our teams have been diligently working to integrate the technology needed into the products we offer, with our new Right to Work service capturing everything needed for Digital Identity screening. “The latest Home Office announcement follows a previous commitment from the Disclosure and Barring Service in relation to digital identity for criminal record checks, and highlights how the primary components of a trusted and safe background check are now neatly embedded with identity services leading to safer, low friction, faster screening experiences in the U.K. We’re excited to have the right solutions in place for employers once the official role out begins in April 2022.”

Issue 1 2022 5 News Can ethical digital entrepreneurs solve young people’s tech anxiety? Nearly half of 16 to 25 year olds (49%) are worried about the privacy of their personal data and how their personal data is used and more than one in three (41%) are concerned that technology is being controlled by a few companies and individuals according to a recent online YouGov poll.(1) Over half (56%) of 16-25 year olds polled also believe that having the right digital skills is very important in today’s society, but almost half (44%) believe there is a digital divide as not everyone has access to hardware, software and connectivity. But there is an ethical digital alternative to the tech giants. Platform coops are tech platforms owned and controlled by the users and people who provide the services. Trade body Co-operatives UK has launched an accelerator programme to support entrepreneurs to develop their emerging ideas. British Sign Language (BSL) interpreting service Signalise is a pioneering example of a platform co-op. Signalise is co-run and co-owned by Deaf people and BSL interpreters, who come together to collaborate, discuss and drive the business for their mutual benefit. Unlike the profit-led corporations that have traditionally been providers, Signalise are improving access to health services by empowering users and giving them choice and control over their access. BSL interpreter, Kwan Perry, said: “We’ve never had control over our services. We’re told what to do by faceless agencies and it felt like the time for change.” North London delivery service Wings is another platform co-op. It was created in direct response to the gig economy where riders’ earnings are unpredictable and often below the minimum wage. Wings pays riders a guaranteed London Living Wage and provides them with job security, sick pay and benefits. It operates with 100% zero-carbon vehicles and is committed to prioritising local, independent businesses over big chains. Wings was set up with the support from the UnFound Accelerator – a 10-week accelerator for digital business start-ups that use mobile apps or online platforms to provide services and solutions. UnFound aims to launch a new wave of fairer, ethical and co-operatively owned tech businesses. Rolling out again in spring 2022, the free business accelerator is now open for applications from aspiring UK-based ethical digital businesses. Wings co-founder, Rich Mason said: “We took part in the accelerator programme in the run up to our launch and working together with industry experts and groups developing their own platform co-op ideas was an invaluable experience.” Delivered by Co-operatives UK, the national network body for co-ops, and supported by The Co-operative Bank, the Unfound Accelerator draws on an extensive network of experts to help ethical digital start-ups plan their businesses and develop their products, strategy, branding and marketing. The accelerator helps participants find the right co-op model for their digital business and take them through the steps for launching it. With weekly workshops, regular check-ins and one-to-one sessions, aspiring entrepreneurs will go from idea to operating business. And they’ll learn how to shape an ethical digital enterprise that can launch successfully. At the end of the 10-week accelerator, teams are invited to pitch their idea to a live audience and a panel of judges with the chance to win a share of a £10,000 prize fund donated by The Co-operative Bank. Co-operatives UK’s CEO, Rose Marley, said: “Today’s co-operative movement is driving some dynamic new developments that aim to create a fairer economy. Collaborative tech sits front and central to this, and Co-operatives UK has been at the forefront of supporting game-changing platform co-ops for a number of years.” “We are anticipating an exponential growth of these ‘new look’ cooperatives and absolutely believe they are well placed to tackle some of society’s new problems.” Catherine Douglas, Managing Director, SME Banking at The Cooperative Bank, said: “We’re excited to hear from pioneering ethical digital start-ups and to see the teams develop as they take part in the UnFound Accelerator. Co-operatives are proving to be a vital business model for workers and communities in the current climate. We’re proud to be at the forefront of supporting new co-operative businesses through our investment in this programme and our support for the wider UK cooperative movement.” For more information and to apply go to

Dec21467 Eat Better Together One of the major challenges in any workplace is finding a healthy and sustainable food at work solution. As people begin to return to the office, this problem has risen to the top of business leaders’ thoughts. The team behind Lunch.Co have a solution. With the firm having won recognition in Corporate Vision’s CV Entrepreneur List 2021, we thought it’s time to dig a little deeper into the secrets of its success. Incorporated in August 2019, the Lunch.Co brand was designed to help solve that most perennial of workplace concerns: what shall we do for lunch? The principle behind Lunch.Co is simple. The firm offers a software platform where co-workers can buy and sell homemade lunch boxes amongst themselves. Those who enjoy cooking can make extra portions which are made available to others in the office. For those who are returning to the office, Lunch.Co offers a way of gathering people together again, building a sense of community around an aspect of life everyone can be involved in. The app takes care of every aspect of the potential lunch club, offering recipes that are authentic and inspirational in equal measure. By focusing on good food, the Lunch.Co team are able to make a real difference when it comes to reinventing the life of the office. Positioned specifically as B2B2C, the Lunch.Co platform designed to help companies achieve new levels of office unity. Founded by Aleksey Nikulin and Chris Fung, the business has raised three rounds of funding from European VCs, Accelerators and Angels. Their strong corporate backgrounds and deep knowledge of the food industry have allowed them to put their company well on the path to exceptional growth. It could have gone very differently, however. When Lunch.Co first started searching for funding, neither of the founders could have known they were rapidly approaching a situation where their Londonbased company would suddenly have no market. As the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the team had immense challenges to overcome. One way of dealing with the crisis was to launch operations in another location. As Sweden was the only country in Europe that avoided lockdowns, with significant numbers of workers still in the office, it was the natural choice. These early months for the business saw the team quickly developing a sophisticated network, partnering with Sodexo, a French multi-national facilities management company with 500,000 employees, and gaining investment from Coop Retail, Sweden’s second largest food retailer. As a sense of regular office life has returned in other countries, the team at Lunch.Co has been able to expand. Now their staff can be found in the UK, Sweden and Norway. Needless to say, the secret of the team’s success has been discovering a way of bringing together budding chefs, businesses and buyers. It’s a unique model and so far the only Peer-to-Peer food system focused on solving the Food-at-Work problem. Having built this product around the needs of employees, it’s clear that constant feedback is crucial to ensuring that the Lunch.Co app continues to meet their needs. As the team continues to expand their horizons, they hope to broaden the range of workplaces with which they deploy their product. While generally focusing on corporate clients with between 100 and 1000 employees to stress-test the model, 2022 will allow the team to launch on a broader scale. As the firm is currently selecting workplaces for the Spring rollout program, now is the perfect time to turn to this team and discover more of what they have to offer. When it comes to finding a way of building community, there’s nothing that unites people like food. Lunch.Co is the perfect solution to a range of post-pandemic office pains. We celebrate the team’s tremendous success despite enormous difficulties and look forward to seeing them achieve many years leading the market forward when it comes to this sort of innovation. Company: Lunch.Co Contact: Aleksey Nikulin Email: [email protected] Web Address:

Issue 1 2022 7 Dec21525 Most Innovative Software Engineering SME – Colombia Software GBS is a global software house with the mission of helping organise, control and grow small businesses and small government entities in remote regions of the country, including municipal mayors, schools, public water supply companies, and hospitals in Hispanic America, since 2001. The company provides management and technology training, information systems, and consultation to help get new ventures off the ground and become successful. With a presence in Colombia, Central America and the southern states of the USA, Software GBS provides customers with the education, technology and consultation they need to plan and manage their business. Company co-founder, Pedro Sandoval said, “95% of the government entities in more than 1,120 municipalities of the country belong in the category of small businesses. They are located in remote regions of the country, and they do not have access to modern technologies to make an efficient management of state resources. “Software GBS provides them with the means to manage their business and the public financial resources that the state provides for the benefit of communities. The right technology and education are essential to the survival of new ventures and for the transparent management of state resources. That is the purpose of Software GBS: to help Hispanic America entrepreneurs succeed and contribute to the digital transformation of small government entities.” With a history stretching back to 2001, Software GBS is not just a technology house. It describes itself as a family of entrepreneurs with a shared life project of becoming an internationally acclaimed Colombian software house. The company has found and secured a niche, operating in smaller populations and working with companies who are unattended by the largest national and global software providers. There is a large discrepancy in the areas that larger software multinationals focus their attention. In their blind spots, incredibly talented individuals and entrepreneurs are achieving great things, and it is with these companies that Software GBS is focusing its efforts. Software GBS’s main product is an accounting and managerial software that has obtained global quality certifications by Microsoft. Software GBS has been acclaimed by the Presidency of Colombia as an innovator of software, and it has been recognised by the Colombian Institute of Sciences (COLCIENCIAS), the IT Ministry of Colombia, and the Chamber of Commerce. When working with companies and integrating its software, it is key that education comes first for the technology house. Software GBS clients receive thorough education in the management of their small businesses in order to understand the importance of strategy. The company is showing how to craft and implement a strategic plan, measure the results, and make more informed decisions based on information gathered by the management system. With this education, clients are able to make full use of Software GBS’s technology solutions. The software gives them the tools they need to keep their business organised, manage information, make critical decisions, and automate daily tasks. Often, the clients do not have access to good internet connections or modern computers, and their budget investing in technology is limited. Software GBS is able to work around this and make its solutions as available as possible, ensuring that it works for each and every client. At all stages of adoption, Software GBS augments its technology by acting as a consultant. Simply handing over state-of-the-art technology will not help enhance a company’s growth. Software GBS make sure its clients know how to best implement the technology to grow their business. Software GBS’s mission is comprised of these three pillars: Education, Technology and Consultancy. It’s a mission it plans to extend to more and more companies. Digital Transformation Software GBS has designed a strategy that consists of delivering a technological package that includes accounting software, training and technical assistance for a period of six months, free of charge, in order to help in the modernisation of small businesses and state entities in Colombia. The campaign has reached 180 of the 1,120 municipalities in the country and the goal in three years is to reach 100%, benefiting small businesses, and small government entities in remote regions of the country, including municipal mayoralties, schools, public water supply companies, and hospitals. Global Thinking The company has established a branch in Miami, allowing access to a whole new set of customers across Central America. It is developing strategic alliances with universities in the USA and global IT leaders, which will open up more opportunities to help their clients. Software GBS knows that the challenges of the American continent are common and that is why it seeks the right allies to export its successful model in Colombia to other countries in the region. Ultimately, Software GBS’s niche of aiding small businesses and supplying them with the tools and education needed to thrive is admirable and effective. Over the 20 years since its inception, the company has managed to help many family businesses across Central America who may otherwise have struggled in the economy. Contact: Pedro Sandoval Company: Software GBS Website:

Nov21302 Customer Service Excellence Award and Best Cosmetic Tattooing Specialists - Perth Belle Sorelle, winner of the Customer Service Excellence Award and recognised as the Best Cosmetic Tattooing Specialist in 2021, is Perth’s best cosmetic tattoo studio, with experts who specialise in permanent makeup and natural eyebrow styling. Belle has delivered brilliant cosmetics and stylings for the community for over 12 years. Its founder, Ashleigh Jones, has solidified the brand’s reputation as one of Western Australias most distinguished and trusted industry leaders. Founded in 2014, Belle Sorelle was launched by Ashleigh Jones, who has been a licensed and practising medical aesthetician since 2004. Ashleigh has been acknowledged as one of the top five cosmetic tattoo artists in Australia, with her clinic being showcased as the best treatment clinic in Perth. Since its establishment, Ashleigh has taken great pride in selecting her staff and providing further industry-leading training and knowledge. To watch these fellow team members continue and flourish and develop their talents from trainees into industry specialists is an award in itself. “It’s the crème de la crem of being a business owner. Belle Sorelle means beautiful sisters – the ones we are lucky enough to have and the sisters we choose to have – that is our family culture,” states Ashleigh. The family-like business ethos allows the studio to achieve greatness as every staff member empowers one another and advocates for strong, independent women to believe in themselves and their dreams. Thus, the green garden of the cosmetic industry beings to flourish with the right people tending to it. With the same mission, values and beliefs, members of Bell will be able to enrich the experience and the industry itself. Ashleigh has trained worldwide to master specialised cosmetic tattooing techniques, which has aided her in gaining dynamic clientele ranging from post breast cancer patients, alopecia and men and women alike. Moreover, Belle is so magnificent and globally respected due to the team who works alongside her. One of which is one of the worlds most renowned cosmetic surgeons, Dr Glenn, best known for his reconstructive work repairing botched third world surgical procedures. Due to her steady success and increased reputational growth, Ashleigh has expanded Belle into an online Academy in hopes of pursuing one of her most admired and natural qualities - to teach others her field of expertise. Ashleigh’s objective is to pass down her training and specialised knowledge to her staff and her students to maintain and uphold the exceptionally high standards of the Belle brand along with industry-standard practices. The launch of the Academy was for people to find their niche and specialise in eyebrows. Specifically, the program ‘How to Become a Confident Eyebrow PMU Artist’ enables students to master the art of working with natural brows through shape perfecting, waxing and colour defining tinting to restore the natural brows – stimulating the natural hair growth to achieve fuller brows. For Ashleigh, training her peers has been one of her biggest passions. Being able to encourage, inform and inspire others in her line of work enables an industry future that is secure and filled with the same dedicated, committed, and passionate individuals with the best expertise. Currently, Ashleigh aims to aid people in becoming cosmetic tattoo artists with a plan to build an online Academy; however, when the Covid-19 pandemic impacted several businesses, it forced Ashleigh to move things along faster rather than to get lost in the storm. “Covid-19 has impacted the whole world on a level that no one could have imagined with businesses taking a hit and pivoting to keep on thriving and succeeding. You need to have a mindset where you can be flexible and adapt; giving up is not an option, and to keep moving forward, sometimes you need to move in a different direction,” states Ashleigh. Belle is highly regarded at the forefront of the industry due to its ability to adapt and continue innovating. The studio has been unstoppable and continues to push through the storm rather than wade in it. Whether it’s through new services, technologies, methods or through the improvement of staff training, Belle is consistently evolving to strive and transform the lives of its staff, students, clients and the community. Moreover, Belle has created a program to launch in 2022 dedicated to women who are trying to establish confidence and financial independence after finding themselves in controlling, abusive and domestic violent relationships. “Sisterhood is our passion in business and life – it is the driving force in creating this program. It’s an important philosophy of ours to empower women by providing them with opportunities to earn money and become independent. Everyone deserves a chance to feel freedom and the power to live in a world where they can pursue their dreams,” states Ashleigh. Company: Belle Sorelle Name: Ashleigh Jones Email: [email protected] Web Address:

Issue 1 2022 9 Nov21332 Best Retail Interior Design Studio - Hong Kong PARA Designworks Limited is a team of architects and interior designers who serve a wide range of luxury retail clients in Greater China on their design and project management aspects. As architectural consultants, its team works closely with store planning professionals from major luxury retail giants such as LVMH, Kering, Richemont and OTB on their new store projects or refurbishment of existing stores. Established in 2013, PARA Designworks Limited started out with offices in Hong Kong and Shanghai, and in 2020, it further expanded its team to the city of Taipei. Its goal is very clear in mind – strive to deliver the highest standard of design and project management services for its clients. Its passion is to reach beyond its comfort zone towards innovative and unconventional ideas – it thinks outside of the box. Innovation motivates action: to take risks, encourage curiosity and new ideas, learn from mistakes, and constantly strive to exceed expectations. Through innovation, PARA generates solutions for its clients and raises the bar – both within the team and throughout its industry. PARA’s founding directors have been in the luxury retail related industry for more than 20 years, as well as in the hotels and hospitality design industry. Over the years, it has been learned that when dealing with luxury retail clients, it is important to be pro-active in every stage of project execution, with a well-planned project executing method in anticipation. The firm’s team is made up of young and energetic architecture and interior design graduates, and it is in a very strong position to develop its them by providing an environment that fosters personal development and professional growth, with adequate project-based training provided throughout various stages of a project. With regards to the industry, it has slowed down during 2020 as an impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, but it started becoming much stronger in mid-2021. Many luxury brands have been rolling out their new projects and PARA has been preparing its team members to take on new challenges and workloads that are expected ahead. Thanks to IT technology nowadays – with physical meetings seeming to become obsolete – the firm has well-equipped its team with an advanced web-based communication solution. This enables tracking of the ongoing progress of all projects with a few clicks on a mobile phone or laptop, ensuring quality of work doesn’t falter while remote working. PARA has always been sure to keep its architects and interior designers updated with all the latest building technologies, while maintaining its material library to provide the most innovative materials available in the market. Ultimately, good building knowledge, the best available technology, and innovative design solutions are the key elements for a successful project. Company: PARA Designworks Limited Contact: Patrick Ng Email: [email protected] Website:

Nov21772 Rethinking Localisation OOONA was founded in 2012 with the aim to develop professional management and production tools to service the media localisation industry. The brainchild of the company’s founding team, the OOONA platform is a cloud-based system for managing translation, subtitling and captioning workflows with a user-centric approach. This has been recognised by Corporate Vision as the Best Solution for Localisation and Production Tool, 2022, so we take a closer look at what it has to offer customers. OOONA is a sophisticated, fully online translation management platform for media localisation work. It is a system able to handle any type of video localisation workflow and any team size, continuously tested and secure, able to scale at whim as content volumes fluctuate. It is also able to handle client orders automatically, auto- or bulk-assign work to resources, and maintain metrics on users. It includes live dashboards and file management for a complete end-to-end solution, thus cutting down on duplication of effort, turnaround time, the potential for error, and offering a seamless experience to user. It is accompanied by a set of world-class, state-of-the-art online production tools to create, conform, reformat, export and burn subtitle and caption files, but also scripts, metadata, and synopses, as well as any other type of information around video that helps automate and streamline video localisation workflows. Focusing on the end user has always been the company’s driving force. The management team see OOONA as a complete solution that services all the needs of the media localisation market. The company strives to offer literally everyone access to great localisation software, so even a single subtitler could start their own business and have the comfort of working in the same system that a large customer uses and enjoy all the benefits that come with it. It’s about supporting the market and making it sustainable. CEO and co-founder of OOONA, Wayne Garb said, “We want OOONA to be a brand synonymous with the media market, that can cover any localisation need, whether it’s for production, training or resource onboarding purposes. This is why we developed an education platform as well – so people continue being trained properly, especially in the midst of the pandemic: there are currently many universities and colleges using the OOONA EDU platform. We also offer an online academy in GOSUB, so we can provide all prospective OOONA users with high-end training specific to our media localisation tools. It’s also why we took the initiative to create the infrastructure for the POOOL, an online directory for media localisation talent, and we are in the process of developing a certification programme as well for such talent, with the support of many language service providers, academics, unions and translators.” There is a great hand-picked team at OOONA that continuously goes above and beyond expectations and who its clients love working with. As published on Slator, Simon Constable, SVP of Global Language Services at Visual Data Media Services shares why his company chose OOONA: “We set out to find a secure cloud-based toolset that we could integrate with our existing production management system. OOONA ticked all the boxes we needed for our captioning, scripting, and subtitling workflows – and we have never regretted our decision to partner with them. When we need security updates or product updates, the development team moves quickly, which is crucial for success in the fast-paced, ever-changing world of media and entertainment. Our team loves working with OOONA.” Wayne Garb added, “We aspire to be the industry standard when it comes to enterprise-level tools for the media space, but the best tools in the world alone won’t do the trick without a great team to maintain and support them. That’s what our staff bring to the success of our company.” The last 18 months have been a busy time for OOONA, both in terms of sales and development work. The company has seen an increase in sales due to everyone’s sudden need to move to the cloud as a result of the pandemic and needing to work remotely. OOONA has multiple servers on AWS and the system scales automatically according to load, CPU usage and traffic, so the company could support the sudden increase in usage of its platform worldwide. It also completed a year of ongoing penetration testing, renewed its ISO 27001 certification and passed a number of security audits by major streaming platforms, so it can guarantee the security of its clients’ content. Looking towards the future, OOONA has plans to expand internationally so as to meet the growing market demands. Ultimately, OOONA aims to keep being the best management and production solution out there while having as wide a reach as possible. Company: OOONA.NET Ltd Contact: Wayne Garb Email: [email protected] Website:

Issue 1 2022 11 Oct21557 Best Pet Food Manufacturer 2021 - Australia With over 20 years’ experience in the pet nutrition sector, Queensland based company, Cezar’s Choice Pet Nutrition, is the manufacturer and wholesaler of choice for many Australian pet owners. With a focus on complete nutrition of the highest quality, the company caters for dogs, chickens, lorikeets, parrots and other small birds. We talk with company owner, Michael Vojtek, to find out more. Founded in 1997, the company’s namesake is its reason for being. When Michael Vojtek took on Cezar as a puppy he noticed that the dog was suffering from what appeared to be a serious skin condition. Cezar had weeping welts all over his skin that he was constantly scratching until they bled. Understanding that the cause of the problem could be Cezar’s diet, Michael set out to formulate a proper regime for the puppy. The food he designed contained no cereals or preservatives and used real dehydrated meat. To preserve the nutritional value, the food is “cold-pressed”. Michael knew he was onto something when Cezar’s skin irritations had all healed within 10 days. The first ‘Cezar’s Choice’ product was born. Today, Cezar’s Choice has a reputation as a manufacturer and wholesaler of premium-quality dog food that is perfect for animals with skin and digestive issues. Michael explains, “Our products are totally complete and formulated by a qualified Nutritionist with over 30 years’ experience. We manufacture in-house to ensure ingredients are as per formulation, every time. We supply clients that prefer a high quality properly formulated diet for their pets.” Unlike other products on the market, Cezar’s Choice contains no fillers, chemicals or other substandard inclusions. The company has developed a unique manufacturing process known as COOL X TRUDE. All raw ingredients are mixed, moistened and processed without steam. At temperatures higher than 100o Celsius sterilises vital nutrients and denatures proteins. The COOL X TRUDE process takes place at under 85o Celsius preserving fragile micro and macro-nutrients including vitamins and minerals. Cezar’s Choice has also branched out into providing dog supplements and treats as well as a range of food for other small animals. The company also now specialises in Lorikeet pelletised food. Michael tells us, “We produce very high-quality Lorikeet food which is in high demand by breeders and the general public. It is the only Lorikeet food to contain a Multi-Strain Probiotic and Citric Acid to control PH levels in a high energy food source.” During the COVID-19 pandemic, Cezar’s Choice had difficulty sourcing some raw ingredients that normally come from the EU, such as vitamins. Luckily, 97% of its ingredients are locally sourced. In spite of this, the company has still seen issues around transport. When asked about his staff, Michael adds, “All our staff have a passion for excellence in production and the final product. They understand that attention to detail in complicated formulations is essential. Our staff use our dog foods and products for their own pets. They’re confident and have the in-depth knowledge necessary to explain the products to new clients.” In 2022, Cezar’s Choice will be expanding its production output by 100% to enable the company to meet the demand of new distributors. The company has also ordered a new state-of-the-art extruder to further increase capacity. Contact: Michael Vojtek Company: Cezar’s Choice Pet Nutrition Web Address:

Oct21560 Best Inclusive Doll Collection 2021 Leeds-based startup, Akila Dolls, is working to bring more diversity and inclusion to the UK toy industry. Mother and entrepreneur, Olivia Thompson, is both the product designer and business owner. Her vision, to use Akila Dolls as a vehicle to promote compassion, friendship and creativity in every child. 2020 may have been the most difficult year in which to start a business. Entrepreneur, Olivia Thompson, launched her brand, Akila Dolls, a week before the first lockdown started. Although things may not have moved as quickly as she would have liked, Olivia found her niche in the design and provision of educational dolls. Akila Dolls was inspired by Olivia’s own daughter, Amira who, at age 6, was diagnosed with autism. Seeing her struggle with areas such as social interaction and restrictive behaviour, Olivia soon understood the importance of play in learning. Using dolls to explain and enhance learning experiences helps children to understand many difficult concepts. But trying to find dolls that children can easily identify with was another matter entirely. Noticing the lack of diverse dolls on the market, Olivia decided to create her unique brand. She explains, “Akila means ruler of everything in the world, brave, beautiful, and intelligent. I started my business so not only my daughter, but every child, could see a doll that represents them. To teach them that we are all beautiful and to accept the skin they are in.” In the first instance, the company aims to design and supply a range of diverse and disability dolls with educational purposes aimed for girls and boys aged between 3-10 years old. Once established, Olivia plans to add clothes, accessories and storybooks based on the dolls to the product range. Olivia tells us, “Akila Dolls promote compassion, friendship, and creativity by providing dolls as unique and beautiful as our children. Our mission is to create ethically sourced diverse dolls to educate and entertain our children. In other words, we want to market innovative, realistic dolls that provide a practical ideal different from the usual standards of perfection currently on offer.” Olivia plans to name each Akila Doll after a real historical character and add a short story about that character to the package. Akila’s first prototype doll, Bessie, is named after American aviator, Bessie Coleman who was the first black person to qualify for an international pilot’s license. Olivia is very open to suggestions for future dolls and finds the feedback of her supporters invaluable. When asked about the culture at the company Olivia expounds, “The best way I can motivate my employees is by being passionate about my job. My enthusiasm shows my commitment. It gives them a sense of stability and motivation to enjoy the work we all love. Trust and communication will build a strong team. Employees need to feel connected, inspired and feel a part of a business culture that is innovative. As the leader of my company, everything and everyone is my responsibility. That means taking responsibility for everything within my organisation, even if it’s not my fault.” Also winner of Start-Up Company of the Year 2021/22 in Yorkshire, Olivia is currently seeking investment to scale up the business. She hopes to expand her range of diverse dolls and begin work on the first disabled doll. Akila Dolls is also working on a marketing campaign raising awareness around race, ethnicity, and disability. Contact: Olivia Thompson Company: Akila Dolls Web Address:

Issue 1 2022 13 Oct21561 Educational Technology Consultants of the Year - South East London Expede Consulting’s work is very neatly summed up in its name. Crucially, at every turn, this company provides expedient and effective digital transformation consultancy for higher education institutes that is slowly revamping the way universities operate and teach. Benefitting the staff and students of higher education, its efforts are becoming a cornerstone part of ensuring that teaching and research both are keeping up with the ever-increasing velocity of the world’s technological trajectory. With a motto of ‘transforming universities for tomorrow’, Expede Consulting is a company that was started with and has retained a goal of helping tomorrow’s youth, by changing the university structures of today. Fundamentally, it works closely with educational institutions, becoming a partnership to them and the boards of professional educators running them in order to help them derive maximum value from the implementation of their digital transformations, incorporating the correct and most up-to-date infrastructures seamlessly into a university’s existing processes. Indeed, this is what has garnered it such incredible levels of notoriety across the board. Having gathered a team of people around it who can leverage an in-depth and broad view of Expede Consulting’s market segment and industry across a range of disciplines – a team that also works with incredible levels of empathy in order to tease out each client’s strategic vision – Expede Consulting can deliver proven benefits to each institution that it works with. This will help these clients to respond to, meet, and even rise above the strict standards and expectations that modern society has today of the higher education sector. Critically, in a world where technology is still increasing in an exponential manner, this will only become more and more crucial as time goes on, and Expede Consulting wishes to ensure that no educational institute is unable to keep up. Leading by example at every turn, it also focuses on bringing a client’s team along for the journey. This means that alongside making itself a partner to a client’s institutional success, it ensures that each person within this partnership understands the changes and structures being implemented so that they not only benefit from these technologically innovation structures, but understand them too, and are totally comfortable with using them. Moreover, it thinks of this as ‘fundamental and sustainable business change’. The keyword here being sustainable, as it hopes to implement structures that will remain useable and up to date for years to come, and ones that are easily modulated to be able to keep up with developments that come along later. Additionally, all change that Expede Consulting suggests will always be immediately actionable; this means that a client will always be able to see the solutions put in place imminently after the discussions about what is needed are had, and that they will be able to see the direct benefit of the infrastructures in place more or less immediately. Making all the difference for students, faculty, and external educators everywhere, Expede Consulting’s work has been used by the University of West London, the Open University, Brunel University London, Kingston University London, and the Queen Mary University, also in London, hoping to add to this roster of clients as it moves forward into the dynamic future promised by 2022 and beyond. Company: Expede Consulting Contact: Martin Roots Website:

Oct21558 Best Charity Sector Accountancy Firm - UK Charities have become a vital part of modern society – be it providing shelter and food, tackling climate change, or helping animals, they provide necessary services around the globe. Supporting these charities, Ansari & Co provides accounts and systems management services, so charities can get back to the important work. Indeed, since 2011 Ansari & Co has been leading its industry, offering an unbeatable service to both small and large charities. Established a little over a decade ago, Ansari & Co set out with the aim to provide charities with the quality of service and support only the largest charities can usually afford. Moreover, through helping charities take control of their administrative management processes, it frees up time for the organisations to concentrate on delivering the allimportant work that their donors are expecting. Ansari & Co works to optimise the internal structure of charities across the UK, this includes start-ups and extends as far as household names. From supervising new charities as they walk through the registration process, to bookkeeping, VAT and reporting, the firm hosts a variety of accounts and systems management services. This includes its bespoke consultancy service which engages with charities to either help them directly or find the relevant solution through its many trusted contacts. Furthermore, the success of each of its services is noted within the case studies presented on the Ansari & Co website – alongside an overview of the charity, the challenges, solutions, and results are listed in a clear and concise manner. The success of its services is further bolstered by the core values that power the company. Since 2011, Ansari & Co has been operating with its values firmly in mind, resulting in a transparent and high-quality service. Integrity, quality, commitment, and innovation determine the way that the firm works, and ensure professionalism within each sector. In addition, such values dictate how the company treats its clients. Indeed, Ansari & Co opts to take a client-centric approach, prioritising the needs of its clients above all else. Clients can expect to receive a tailored, attentive service that will supply innovative and, most importantly, effective solutions. Of course, the company is backed by a strong and dynamic team of industry experts, which certainly assists the company in maintaining its values. Led by Managing Director, Mohammad Ansari, the firm greatly benefits from his specialist industry knowledge and extensive experience. Boasting over 13 years of experience in the Charity Sector, Ansari specialises in Charity Accounts & Systems Advisory work, and in turn, has travelled to over 8 countries on Charity business to further the needs of clients. Previously working with prestigious charities, including Muslim Hands NGO, Human Appeal International, and Citizens Advice, Ansari has shaped his skills in financial audits, independent examinations, advisory work, management & budgetary processes, and systems analysis, amongst many other specific consultancy engagements. Contributing support and a multitude of specialist services, Ansari & Co’s partners play a valuable role within the firm. Ansari & Co is partnered with software providers, such as QuickBooks, which empowers clients to further develop their charities. For example, KAU Media Group, the winner of Google’s TOP PERFORMING AGENCY Award for 2017, is a digital marketing agency accredited with Google, Bing and Facebook. Ansari & Co guides its customers towards the company as KAU Media Group runs marketing campaigns on behalf of companies and charities. As a result, it drives traffic to the charity’s website and helps to boost their public profile. It is clear to see why Ansari & Co has been awarded the title of Best Charity Sector Accountancy Firm – UK. Unique in its nature, its personalised services set it apart from its industry cohort, and its focus on customer service is more than beneficial. Simply, there is nothing out there quite like Ansari & Co. Contact: Mohammad Ansari Company: Ansari & Co Web Address:

Issue 1 2022 15 Oct21748 The Consulting Firm That Delivers Results Our Best International Leadership Consulting Firm 2022 - United Kingdom is CorporateDNA Consulting. The company, founded in 2007, takes corporate consulting to a whole new level. CorporateDNA Consulting uses its unique 5H© methodology to deliver impact through real results, hard evidence and sustainable change. Powerful corporate transformation requires commitment, courage, and authenticity. But sometimes even that’s not enough. The complexity that surrounds a change process can often lead to wasted time, thwarted efforts, and frustration. For the past 15 years, CorporateDNA has been guiding a number of Executive teams, CXOs, CHROs and Business Leaders through challenges and towards their dreams and aspirations. The company was destined for greatness from the start. Before founding CorporateDNA, CEO, Rhea Leckie, was appointed as a director of PricewaterhouseCoopers UK at the tender age of 31. Having gained a reputation for impact and authenticity in boardrooms across the UK, Rhea took the bold step of forming her own company. In its first 18 months, CorporateDNA had partnered with three of the top 10 FTSE companies, HSBC, BP and Unilever. Today the company retains its London headquarters and has its APAC HQ in Singapore. The CorporateDNA team numbers 75 practitioners, based in 36 countries. The team’s diversity forms part of its “One DNA Team” principle. Bestin-class people from a range of backgrounds including behavioural science, organisation development, psychology and business specialise in building trusted relationships to deliver the power of the ‘DNA Experience’ to every client, every time. Rhea tells us, “We’ve built an enduring reputation for breathing purpose into environments. We create authentic moments of magic in everything we do. This spans across Culture, Leadership, Talent, High Performing Teams, I&D and Coaching. In our 15-year journey, CorporateDNA has been helping clients deliver exceptional results on transformations across global companies such as Unilever, Vodafone, GlaxoSmithKline, Heineken, Coca Cola, Morgan Stanley and Aston Martin.” Translating intent into action is a skill that’s always in demand. Clients of the company are impressed by the team’s passion, expertise and ability to unlock potential. Creating safe spaces for honest and courageous conversations to take place differentiates CorporateDNA from its competitors. Combine this with a straightforward, honest approach and it’s easy to see why the firm remains a favourite of FTSE 100 clients. CorporateDNA’s unique 5H© methodology has its foundations in neuroscience. Having used this approach in all its programs from culture transformation to team building, and from executive coaching to leadership development, 95% of CorporateDNA’s clients believe that this is the secret to the company’s success. The 5H’s being respectively Head (thinking), Heart (relating), Hunch (sensing), Hands (doing) and Habits (applying). The method activates both internal and external processes to facilitate a “whole leadership” approach. Challenges to beliefs, emotions, and instincts encourage learners to identify potential stumbling blocks and put practices into place to negotiate challenges. Genevieve James, Senior Consultant tell us “What makes our offering different is that we meet our clients where they are at but quickly earn the right to be bold in disrupting them, to think bigger and move beyond the ‘known’” On team culture, Rhea tells us, “Relationships are at the core of who we are. We build long-term, deep relationships with our people and become part of each other’s stories. We are part of a family who cares about each other, have real debate, stay close and grow, laugh and unmask together.” When asked about the impact of COVID-19, Rhea explains, “Based on the old adage fortune favours the brave, I believe crisis breeds ingenuity. Disruptive ideas put into practice during stability can propel any business to breakout performance during a crisis. Corporate DNA was fortunate to have developed and executed digital strategies. COVID has proven the necessity of digital transformation to business longevity.” CorporateDNA has experienced a period of growth that Rhea attributes to the blurring of geo boundaries and expanding possibilities to deliver services. Heading into 2022, CorporateDNA has launched a dedicated coaching business, Momentum headed by Senior Executive Coach, Philip Paul. “Momentum aims to give senior clients a private and trusted space in which to reflect, re-purpose and re-imagine boundaries whilst dealing with the complexity of the current global environment” Contact: Rhea Leckie Company: CorporateDNA Consulting Web Address: