Issue 1 2022

The Digital Marketing Master Understanding people’s digital marketing needs can be tricky indeed. Here we witness greatness as Digital Mojito Limited continues to spread its wings. We know that it couldn’t have done it without its Co-Founder, Josh Littler. As Entrepreneur of the Year, Josh would like to share some of his trade secrets and many hopes for the future of his business. We talk with Josh about his success as we take a closer look at Digital Mojito and it’s endless talent. For top-quality digital marketing, Digital Mojito Limited is there for you. It is an award winning firm that recently won Best Digital Marketing Firm, 2021 – London, for its fine efforts in the industry. We saw its work in 2021 and realised that it had come a long way since its inception in 2016. With Co-Founder Josh Littler’s guiding hand, Digital Mojito has had plenty of opportunities to ‘wow’ its customers by using its bespoke and zesty approach. Not only does Digital Mojito specialise in subscription-based products and premium brands, but it also promotes its services to a wide variety of businesses to encourage them to grow. As an amazing Agency and Affiliate Network that develops other businesses and brands, it is able to optimise customer experience throughout every transaction and collaboration. After 15 years in the industry Josh has made it as our Entrepreneur of the Year in 2022, and we are very proud to present him with this award. With high hopes for the future, Josh tells us a little bit more about himself as he wins this prestigious accolade. With regards to his business, Josh knows that he has developed for the sake of the industry. He says, “Within the Digital Marketing industry, specifically regarding affiliate marketing, there has been a lack of transparency between traffic sources and advertisers. I thought, “Why not do it differently to everyone else? Why not be transparent? Surely, it’s a better way to do business?” and indeed, it has proven beneficial to be transparent. It took a lot of hard work, but I feel that I have been able to positively impact our industry or disrupt it enough for others to notice.” By being so open and honest with customers, Digital Mojito is able to address their needs with their best interests at heart. With no hidden costs or nasty surprises, Digital Mojito aids its advertisers in a way that allows them to have control over their interactions – due to having a trustworthy reputation, customers are putting their businesses in Digital Mojito’s hands. This is Josh’s ‘honesty is the best policy’ and it surely does the trick for the company. By working on a performance basis and only receiving a certain percentage of the payable commission, Josh has found that Digital Mojito has flourished under his reign. By carrying brands through what could be difficult times – by revamping them, moulding, or guiding them – Digital Mojito breathes new life into businesses for a sustainable and advantageous future. Josh tells us that he has managed to “collaborate with an impressive portfolio of well-known household brands such as The North Face, TIDAL, TRIBE, Phlo Pharmacy, as well as helping to shape the future of smaller businesses, which I am incredibly proud to be part of. I manage a lean but growing company, and the fact that I have been given this recognition gives me a sense of validation that I’m indeed doing things right!” Digital Mojito has truly opened our eyes to the world of progressive digital marketing and Josh tells us, “As an entrepreneur, I am always on the lookout for new opportunities or thinking of new ways to do business, so I hope that our inclusion in this program will give companies who don’t know who we are or what we do a chance to collaborate with us.” By lending its inclusive and experienced services to a plethora of clients across the UK, Digital Mojito truly packs a punch that leaves a lasting impression. Believing that relationships are the absolute bedrock of any business, Josh adds, “Digital Mojito’s doors are always open. It’s also essential for me to serve as a source of inspiration for budding entrepreneurs, and say that doing things differently, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s wrong, and I am hoping that my inclusion in this program will help me project that.” In the long run, Josh believes, “Digital Mojito can become a pioneer in the industry for doing things the way we do. We play a part in making the Digital Marketing industry fairer, clearer and more transparent, not only for the sake of our advertisers but also for the consumers who use the products we promote.” He knows that it has made a huge difference to a long list of brands and businesses in a way that leaves them wanting to return for any further requests or needs. By building relationships such as these, Digital Mojito makes everlasting connections with all kinds of people. Josh and Digital Mojito believes that “we need to look after the planet, so we also plant trees to offset our carbon footprint every month to fight climate change. Trees are planted for flights we take, miles we drive, or the servers our sites are hosted on.” It is this type of dedication to sustainability that inspires us all to be better. For a green yet gilded future, Josh tells us his plans as he continues on his path of success. He enthuses, “I intend to keep pushing the boundaries, try new strategies, and develop new and disruptive ideas for my clients. I recently joined an Incubator as an Advisor for various start-up companies worldwide in a wide range of industries such as Food-tech, Crypto-tech and NFTs and Health-tech and preparing them for the funding rounds, which is proving to be a tremendous challenge in itself. By aligning myself with other industry-changing professionals and businesses founded with the same values I share, I hope to make a positive impact on shaping the future of the industry for those who follow.” We look forward to seeing where Josh takes Digital Mojito next as he tirelessly develops his digital marketing strategies and interpersonal skills. Contact: Josh Littler Company: Digital Mojito Limited Web Address: Dec21034 For top-quality digital marketing, Digital Mojito Limited is there for you. It is an award winning firm that recently won Best Digital Marketing Firm, 2021 – London, for its fine efforts in the industry.