Issue 1 2022

Dec21036 The Company That Supplies Endless Success Founded by Tamara Jenkins, Protean Coaching is at the forefront of the coaching industry. Equipped with endless qualifications and a deep-rooted passion, Tamara’s business is changing lives across numerous sectors, and this includes small businesses. To put it simply, under Protean Coaching’s wing, no business is left behind – everyone has the opportunity to access the company’s teachings and change their lives for the better. Protean Coaching is the future of business coaching. Through innovative methods, the company guides high-performing coaches, and executives to their full potential, all the while helping their businesses develop alongside. At its core, Protean Coaching is designed to empower, inspire, and nurture – an ideology that is reflected in the statement, ‘a top-performing athlete knows that they need a strong coach to help them succeed, so too do high performing individuals.’ From generating online leads to fishbowl discount strategies, Protean Coaching’s programmes are filled with business-changing advice. The company offers a blend of individual and group coaching alongside intensive training and development, all of which being complimented by consulting and advisory services to boards and business owners in people strategy, development, and implementation. In addition, the company endeavours to support other coaches in growing their own successful business. Indeed, each service is infused with quality and enthusiasm, as it drives people towards breaking through any challenges they may be facing. Catering to clients from a number of industries, Protean Coaching typically aids small to medium sized businesses, owners, and entrepreneurs. Gaining clients through a variety of streams, including LinkedIn, social media, in-person events and personal referrals, the company draws in passionate, and driven individuals who are looking to level up their careers or businesses. Protean Coaching also works with those that need that external accountability and support. Overall, it hopes to drive, develop, and empower others to succeed – something that it accomplishes time and time again within its clientele. A one-woman show, the company was founded by experienced coach and businesswoman Tamara Jenkins. Originally from Durban, South Africa, Tamara has been based in London for the past 10 years and has spent much of her time cutting her teeth in businesses ranging from start-ups to subsidiaries of Fortune 500 companies. Moreover, Tamara has been the recipient of two master’s degrees – an Executive MBA and an MA in Strategic Human Resource Management and Development – and is a qualified Executive Coach & mentor, Psychometric practitioner, and Training facilitator. Practicing what she preaches, Tamara has successfully managed multiple cost reduction projects, and has also managed a successful project that targeted an increase of one million in revenue over the course of three months – exceeding the goal, Tamara delivered three million. Whilst Protean Coaching currently has no other full-time staff, it is home to a small number of virtual and support assistants. Their role is to aid in the day-to-day running of the business which, in turn, allows Tamara to have more time supporting her clients. Throughout 2022, there are plans to expand the team, with the aim to introduce more full-time support staff. Additionally, Protean Coaching is currently looking for coaches to invest in. The company is on a mission to find dynamic and enigmatic coaches who will help support the company as it grows, and in return it will aid the coaches in building their own businesses. Such coaches must share the same passion as Tamara, being ambitious and willing to grow, whilst also maintaining a caring nature. Consequently, it is vital that any prospective coaches align with Protean Coaching’s core values. The company strives for innovation, and through connection, creativity, and strategy, aims to make an impact. Driving motivation and, subsequently, success into the heart of companies is the very thing the company hopes to accomplish. It is imperative that the company abides by these values – creativity, transformation, and empowerment – to achieve its overarching goal. Simply, Protean Coaching exists based upon the desire to powerfully coach thousands of business owners and entrepreneurs towards creating exceptional, long-lasting transformations in their lives. It is such focus that makes the company stand out in what has become an industry saturated with underqualified, fraudulent businesses. To the core, the business is unique – it utilises a proprietary software to analyse and assess clients’ businesses, which allows Tamara to run the client’s business through 497 million weighted algorithmic sequences. This then generates a roadmap the client can follow which offers a detailed solution for inexpensive marketing and tapping into new revenue streams. Another outstanding aspect is the aforementioned qualifications that Tamara has gained. She simply has the necessary skills, and education, which sets her apart from many in the industry, and further proves her credibility and professionalism. However, Tamara isn’t just highly qualified, she also has the interpersonal skills necessary to be successful in the industry. Warm, friendly, and notably funny, such traits have infused her coaching style, leaving Protean Coaching the go-to for a pleasant and welcoming experience. It is safe to say that the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the world, and that it has destroyed the lives and businesses of millions. Thankfully, many within the coaching industry were able to seamlessly translate their businesses onto online platforms – this includes Protean Coaching. Online services have allowed for a far greater international reach and has also reduced the need for individuals and business-owners to alter their schedules to make time for travel. In addition, it has also made services more accessible – people are able to attend from the comfort of their own home or working environment, henceforth, the coaching process is able to work more effectively. The more relaxed someone is, the more information they’ll retain. Going into 2022, Protean Coaching is setting its sights on serving and creating lifelong transformations for over 100 business owners and entrepreneurs. Indeed, expansion and evolution are expected to continuously take place throughout the year, and hopefully equip the business with the tools to aid thousands of clients in a year. Ultimately, Protean Coaching is planning on continuing its mission, aiding people around the globe in developing their businesses and, fundamentally, their lives. As a result, Protean Coaching wants to cultivate a community of powerful people with endless talents and affluence that pay their success and prosperity forward in the world. Contact: Tamara Jenkins Company: PROTEAN COACHING LTD Web Address: