Issue 1 2022

Dec21467 Eat Better Together One of the major challenges in any workplace is finding a healthy and sustainable food at work solution. As people begin to return to the office, this problem has risen to the top of business leaders’ thoughts. The team behind Lunch.Co have a solution. With the firm having won recognition in Corporate Vision’s CV Entrepreneur List 2021, we thought it’s time to dig a little deeper into the secrets of its success. Incorporated in August 2019, the Lunch.Co brand was designed to help solve that most perennial of workplace concerns: what shall we do for lunch? The principle behind Lunch.Co is simple. The firm offers a software platform where co-workers can buy and sell homemade lunch boxes amongst themselves. Those who enjoy cooking can make extra portions which are made available to others in the office. For those who are returning to the office, Lunch.Co offers a way of gathering people together again, building a sense of community around an aspect of life everyone can be involved in. The app takes care of every aspect of the potential lunch club, offering recipes that are authentic and inspirational in equal measure. By focusing on good food, the Lunch.Co team are able to make a real difference when it comes to reinventing the life of the office. Positioned specifically as B2B2C, the Lunch.Co platform designed to help companies achieve new levels of office unity. Founded by Aleksey Nikulin and Chris Fung, the business has raised three rounds of funding from European VCs, Accelerators and Angels. Their strong corporate backgrounds and deep knowledge of the food industry have allowed them to put their company well on the path to exceptional growth. It could have gone very differently, however. When Lunch.Co first started searching for funding, neither of the founders could have known they were rapidly approaching a situation where their Londonbased company would suddenly have no market. As the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the team had immense challenges to overcome. One way of dealing with the crisis was to launch operations in another location. As Sweden was the only country in Europe that avoided lockdowns, with significant numbers of workers still in the office, it was the natural choice. These early months for the business saw the team quickly developing a sophisticated network, partnering with Sodexo, a French multi-national facilities management company with 500,000 employees, and gaining investment from Coop Retail, Sweden’s second largest food retailer. As a sense of regular office life has returned in other countries, the team at Lunch.Co has been able to expand. Now their staff can be found in the UK, Sweden and Norway. Needless to say, the secret of the team’s success has been discovering a way of bringing together budding chefs, businesses and buyers. It’s a unique model and so far the only Peer-to-Peer food system focused on solving the Food-at-Work problem. Having built this product around the needs of employees, it’s clear that constant feedback is crucial to ensuring that the Lunch.Co app continues to meet their needs. As the team continues to expand their horizons, they hope to broaden the range of workplaces with which they deploy their product. While generally focusing on corporate clients with between 100 and 1000 employees to stress-test the model, 2022 will allow the team to launch on a broader scale. As the firm is currently selecting workplaces for the Spring rollout program, now is the perfect time to turn to this team and discover more of what they have to offer. When it comes to finding a way of building community, there’s nothing that unites people like food. Lunch.Co is the perfect solution to a range of post-pandemic office pains. We celebrate the team’s tremendous success despite enormous difficulties and look forward to seeing them achieve many years leading the market forward when it comes to this sort of innovation. Company: Lunch.Co Contact: Aleksey Nikulin Email: [email protected] Web Address: