Issue 1 2022

Nov21302 Customer Service Excellence Award and Best Cosmetic Tattooing Specialists - Perth Belle Sorelle, winner of the Customer Service Excellence Award and recognised as the Best Cosmetic Tattooing Specialist in 2021, is Perth’s best cosmetic tattoo studio, with experts who specialise in permanent makeup and natural eyebrow styling. Belle has delivered brilliant cosmetics and stylings for the community for over 12 years. Its founder, Ashleigh Jones, has solidified the brand’s reputation as one of Western Australias most distinguished and trusted industry leaders. Founded in 2014, Belle Sorelle was launched by Ashleigh Jones, who has been a licensed and practising medical aesthetician since 2004. Ashleigh has been acknowledged as one of the top five cosmetic tattoo artists in Australia, with her clinic being showcased as the best treatment clinic in Perth. Since its establishment, Ashleigh has taken great pride in selecting her staff and providing further industry-leading training and knowledge. To watch these fellow team members continue and flourish and develop their talents from trainees into industry specialists is an award in itself. “It’s the crème de la crem of being a business owner. Belle Sorelle means beautiful sisters – the ones we are lucky enough to have and the sisters we choose to have – that is our family culture,” states Ashleigh. The family-like business ethos allows the studio to achieve greatness as every staff member empowers one another and advocates for strong, independent women to believe in themselves and their dreams. Thus, the green garden of the cosmetic industry beings to flourish with the right people tending to it. With the same mission, values and beliefs, members of Bell will be able to enrich the experience and the industry itself. Ashleigh has trained worldwide to master specialised cosmetic tattooing techniques, which has aided her in gaining dynamic clientele ranging from post breast cancer patients, alopecia and men and women alike. Moreover, Belle is so magnificent and globally respected due to the team who works alongside her. One of which is one of the worlds most renowned cosmetic surgeons, Dr Glenn, best known for his reconstructive work repairing botched third world surgical procedures. Due to her steady success and increased reputational growth, Ashleigh has expanded Belle into an online Academy in hopes of pursuing one of her most admired and natural qualities - to teach others her field of expertise. Ashleigh’s objective is to pass down her training and specialised knowledge to her staff and her students to maintain and uphold the exceptionally high standards of the Belle brand along with industry-standard practices. The launch of the Academy was for people to find their niche and specialise in eyebrows. Specifically, the program ‘How to Become a Confident Eyebrow PMU Artist’ enables students to master the art of working with natural brows through shape perfecting, waxing and colour defining tinting to restore the natural brows – stimulating the natural hair growth to achieve fuller brows. For Ashleigh, training her peers has been one of her biggest passions. Being able to encourage, inform and inspire others in her line of work enables an industry future that is secure and filled with the same dedicated, committed, and passionate individuals with the best expertise. Currently, Ashleigh aims to aid people in becoming cosmetic tattoo artists with a plan to build an online Academy; however, when the Covid-19 pandemic impacted several businesses, it forced Ashleigh to move things along faster rather than to get lost in the storm. “Covid-19 has impacted the whole world on a level that no one could have imagined with businesses taking a hit and pivoting to keep on thriving and succeeding. You need to have a mindset where you can be flexible and adapt; giving up is not an option, and to keep moving forward, sometimes you need to move in a different direction,” states Ashleigh. Belle is highly regarded at the forefront of the industry due to its ability to adapt and continue innovating. The studio has been unstoppable and continues to push through the storm rather than wade in it. Whether it’s through new services, technologies, methods or through the improvement of staff training, Belle is consistently evolving to strive and transform the lives of its staff, students, clients and the community. Moreover, Belle has created a program to launch in 2022 dedicated to women who are trying to establish confidence and financial independence after finding themselves in controlling, abusive and domestic violent relationships. “Sisterhood is our passion in business and life – it is the driving force in creating this program. It’s an important philosophy of ours to empower women by providing them with opportunities to earn money and become independent. Everyone deserves a chance to feel freedom and the power to live in a world where they can pursue their dreams,” states Ashleigh. Company: Belle Sorelle Name: Ashleigh Jones Email: [email protected] Web Address: