Issue 10 2021

Issue 10 2021 7 Heralds of a New Era in Insurance Provision Jul21822 Rightsure, an exemplary insurance platform pushed to prominence by its President, Jeff Arnold, has made itself the ‘Most Outstanding Independent Insurance Agency’ for 2021 with its brilliant work. Empowered by the technologies of the future that allow clients access to efficient, constantly updating, and user intuitive insurance information, this company is changing how clients interact with the insurance industry for the better. In today’s world, attaining the right insurance can be a complicated dance to do. However, Rightsure is a company stepping up to the plate to make the moves far easier, being an award-winning tech-forward firm that represents clients and businesses across 42 different states with exemplary insurance guidance and services. Its unique, award- winning, and technologically outstanding work puts the client at the very forefront of its operations every time, presenting clients with a wide range of insurance options and a seamless purchasing process that manages transactions safely and with discretion. Rightsure, in essence, grants its clients the peace of mind they seek to be able to allow them to focus on what truly matters – their business goals and milestone – whilst Rightsure remains staunchly in their corner to support them with all things to do with the contemporary world of insurance. With an artificial intelligence empowered insurance platform, it insures everything that a client could possibly wish to. ‘From pets to jets’, its multi- variate rating platform replaces the need to shop around various providers and packages in favour of end to rate increases and the use of predictive analysis, algorithm-based coverage decisions, and other AI technology. By using these exemplary and front-running technological solutions, it has made itself perfectly able to beat insurance company rate increases by expertly managing insurance portfolios on individual and single-policy levels both; it has even built a process around offering the available discounts found across every state. In this manner, it has made itself an insurance company like no other. Furthermore, its focus on the individual insurance and on offering a myriad of different types by use of algorithms and artificial intelligence effectively saves people time and money, bucking the usual trend in its industry of insurance firms trying to get their clients to shop, switch, and save. Rightsure, in comparison, focuses instead on managing a client’s entire portfolio of insurance interests. By doing this, it is able to notify them of available discounts as and when they appear, giving them advance warning of better solutions should rates increase or circumstances change with their current provider. In this manner, its exemplary staff behind all of these processes are dedicated to making everything run smoothly, always ready with a friendly voice and a guiding hand to answer any questions, comments, or concerns that a client may have, with a management that has been focusing on supporting this team through the past year and a half regarding mental health and wellbeing. Due to the challenges posed by Covid-19, this has been needed now more than ever before, but Rightsure has pulled through by adapting itself accordingly. With a dedication to constant betterment and flexibility, and looking forward to beginning its first capital raise as it seeks to ramp up its growth based on an increase in consumer demand for its platform, Jeff Arnold – the President of the company – is excited to see where Rightsure will take itself and its clients next. Being a thought leader and global ambassador in and of himself, his efforts in the insurance industry have made him a global player that Rightsure has significantly benefitted from being led by, with his knowledge and expertise informing the processes and values that have made this company as much of a key player as it continues to be. Company: Rightsure Contact: Jeffery Arnold Website: