Issue 10 2021

Bringing Digitalization to the B2B Channel The GCN Group, the ‘Most Outstanding Local IT Distributor Network’ for 2021, is a global competitor in the technology distribution industry. Specifically serving business-to-business customers by providing them the services, solutions, and a B2B platform they need to succeed, it operates through an exemplary network of distributors in every country that it expands into, remaining mindful to stay abreast of upcoming innovations and developments in information technology as it does so. The GCN Group is a large business to business channel network that connects IT distribution companies all over the globe. Fundamentally, it takes great pride in managing all of this through a single platform, currently present in 31 different countries and building up notoriety amongst its peers in the information technology and innovations ecosystem. At present, its growth rate is an additional factor that is making the world take notice of it. “We are expanding fast, on average two countries each month since the beginning of 2021, and leading the digital transformation in B2B companies. The GCN Group is promoting the integration and collaboration of the IT distributors, while allowing the development of an exemplary global network that doesn’t take away from the individuality of each business.” Angelamaria Bova, Business Development Director. With a single marketplace within which an IT resellers’ community can share services and expertise, it has reach in 5 continents at the moment, connecting over 60,000 resellers in an environment that is invaluable for long term success. KATY platform brings the manufacturers, distributors, resellers, purchasing people of the companies, and the employees of the companies together and is all connected in one place. Moreover, joining the GCN Group promises to give B2B companies a leg up on the competition by helping its clients to thrive and respond efficiently to challenges and opportunities alike, encouraging them to never miss a beat and making the GCN Group and its platform the backbone of its clients’ digital transformation journeys. In this manner, the GCN Group has been successful in securing its place as a partner for its clientele; its efforts seat them at the right hand of its customer’s operations, streamlining the processes therein and helping shape the future of technology and innovation as used by B2B professionals. Furthermore, it seeks to use the notoriety it has gained through doing this in continuing to become a pioneer of the new digital ecosystem. This is all made possible through its dedication to Aug21735 transformation, consolidation, growth, global reach, local expertise, and digital transformation. Thus, it chooses one distributor in every country it expands into, inviting them on board to become the spearhead of this growing international voice for change in their nation, an opportunity that has brought many companies great heights of success as the GCN Group provides them the ability to – in and of themselves – digitally transform. Whilst doing so, they will gain the added benefit of helping to transform eachother,and connecting through its KATY platform, granting them an enhanced level of market knowledge, a global community, access to top vendors with a wide portfolio, and more. One of the key benefits for IT distributors to join the alliance is the access to a global network of vendors. As part of the Group, they have the ability to connect and incorporate new vendors, therefore increasing their product portfolio, which will in turn lead to an increase of resellers in their distribution network. With this increase of vendors that they necessarily wouldn’t have access to otherwise – as the GCN Group has leverage to negotiate with vendors that a local IT distributor might not be able to do - paired with the digitalization of their business through KATY platform, their resellers will become more loyal, as will their end users. With B2C companies having cracked the code of global platforms years ago, the GCN Group asks why B2B should have to be left out. Indeed, its efforts have been spurring on a much-needed push for change that proved instrumental for its clients over the course of the pandemic, as those already in the network and those who joined found an existing remote infrastructure waiting for them that made the pivot to fully online operation that much easier. As it moves forward from the tumult of the past 18 months, it will be continuing towards its goal of reaching 100 countries and all corners of the globe, creating further strong relationships with distributors and vendors that make for lifelong business contacts. Company: Global Channel Network Contact: Angelamaria Bova (Business Development Director) Email: [email protected] Website: