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Issue 10 2022 Software For A Marvellous Future Marvelution is a software company that simplifies Jenkins Integration in Jira and is predominantly focused on saving time for its clients. Built by Mark Rekveld, the firm has gone from strengthto- strength recently, culminating as it is recognised as 2022’s Leading Open-Source Software Development Specialists –Netherlands in the Corporate Vision Awards 2022.

Welcome to the October issue of Corporate Vision Magazine. A monthly publication dedicated to delivering the latest insight and news from across the corporate landscape. This issue is packed full of business journeys and endeavours that inspire, astonish, and motivate us to fulfil our own goals and aspirations. Not only do we have examples of pure perseverance throughout the pandemic, but we see how these companies have survived through industry-based challenges and competitive markets. Here we are inspired to set our dreams into motion as we read about teams that pull together, leaders that create safe and successful spaces, and a wide variety of visions coming true. Our cover, Marvelution, is a pioneer in the open source software development industry. Not only creating a better world for us, but for generations to come. We spoke to Marvelution’s Founder, Mark Rekveld, to find out about its work as it won 2022’s Leading Open Source Software Development Specialists – Netherlands. Creating a new software application, Jira, for issue tracking and project management, is one of Mark’s proudest achievements. This is the fruit of his labour, and his experience in software development has set a trail ablaze for the business since 2015. We are looking forward to showcasing what Jira, and the team at Marvelution, can do. The team at Corporate Vision hopes you have a fantastic month ahead and we look forward to seeing you again shortly. Sofi Bajor, Editor Website: AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility. Editorial Team Sif Brookes, Senior Editor | Sofi Bajor, Editor Daniel Long, Senior Writer | Rebecca Scotland, Senior Writer Gabriel Muers, Writer | AmeliaWalker, Writer | Dontae Jones, Writer Design Team Daniela Levinte, Graphic Designer Lauren Baldwin, Junior Graphic Designer

Issue 10 2022 3 Contents 4. News 6. Marvelution: Software For A Marvellous Future 8. Skill-box Srl: Best Custom Content Development Company - Europe 9. FCA Commits to More Agile and Efficient Regulatory Processes, to Better Support Firms During Challenging Times 10. Apply4Study: Best Inbound Education Consultancy 2022 - Australia 12. New Association For the Future of Work Launches With Goal to Improve Tax And Education 13. Retailers Turn to Cloud Faxing to Keep Confidential and Sensitive Documents Safe 14. Ons Response: Financial Incentives Not a Long-Term Solution to UK’s Skills Shortages 15. Winners’ Listings

4 Kaseya Makes Billing Painless for its MSP Customers Through ConnectBooster Integration The leading accounts receivable automation and payment solutions provider eliminates billing hassles and further augments Kaseya’s IT Complete platform. Kaseya, the leading global provider of unified IT management and security software for managed service providers (MSPs), small to mid-size businesses (SMBs) and mid-market enterprises (MMEs), today announced it has completed the integration of its acquisition of ConnectBooster, the channel’s leader in account receivables automation and secure payment solutions. This acquisition enhances Kaseya’s platform, IT Complete, adding a suite for automated billing and collections. ConnectBooster automates the collections process for recurring and one-time services in a highly secure and resilient environment. This channel-centric hub integrates with industry-leading tools to reconcile accounts and billing while streamlining back-office activities to save IT professionals significant time and money. “Every acquisition we make is aimed at making life easier for our MSP customers,” said Kaseya CEO Fred Voccola. “By fully integrating ConnectBooster into IT Complete, we’re able to help free up time for MSPs to focus on growing their businesses, and that ensures they can be more productive and profitable.” On average, 81% of MSPs wait 60 or more days to get paid. ConnectBooster brings that down to 1.4 days. By automating endof-month billing, MSPs no longer must chase their customers for payments. As seats fluctuate and billing changes, they don’t have to manually adjust what customers are paying. This frees up time for MSPs who manage their own billing so they can be more efficient, and it also saves costs for those who may have hired someone to handle company billing. ConnectBooster has now been fully integrated with Kaseya BMS and Datto AutoTask. “We have benefited from ConnectBooster’s ability to save us time and money, and we are thrilled that it is being integrated into Kaseya’s complete platform of software solutions,” said Levon Parker from Ascencion IT, “I’ve seen so much innovation from ConnectBooster in the last few months, and based on our experience with Kaseya previous acquisitions, we fully expect ConnectBooster to bring more innovations to market as a result of increased investment from Kaseya. The combination of Kaseya and ConnectBooster could be really transformational for my business.” Additionally, customers and partners with ConnectBooster qualify for the Kaseya Global Partner Program, which provides enablement team support, live technical webinars, free passes to industry events, and much more, depending on the level of participation. The program is a tiered system – Silver ($1K+), Gold ($25K), Platinum ($100K) and Blue Diamond ($250K) – with partners moving up depending on their annual spend. ConnectBooster is the latest addition to Kaseya’s signature platform, IT Complete – a suite of solutions designed to solve MSPs greatest challenges, which are vendor fatigue, lack of technician efficiency, limited software utilisation and budget. The technology, already utilied by many MSPs, improves accuracy and cash flow and eliminates timeconsuming accounting tasks. The ConnectBooster payment solution offers deep workflow integrations and automations to allow IT professional to work more efficiently. ConnectBooster will continue to operate as its existing brand out of its headquarters in Fargo, N.D.

Issue 10 2022 5 News Automotive Transformation Group Announce Anson Moniz to be Appointed as Chief Product Officer (CPO). • Anson Moniz, will become Automotive Transformation Group’s new CPO, promoted from his role as a Product Director • Giles Smith, existing CPO, will be stepping aside following 2 successful years with Automotive Transformation Group and a further 22 years at the helm of GForces, one of The Group’s heritage brands. • Giles Smith will maintain a vested interest in The Group as an active board member, working closely with the newly appointed Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to build upon their strategic goals. Automotive Transformation Group’s CPO, Giles Smith will be stepping down from his position following 2 years within The Group and over 2 decades at the helm of GForces (one of The Group’s heritage brands). Giles Smith will continue to engage as an active board member and will work closely with the newly appointed Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Tim Smith, to build upon their strong executive team and companywide vision. Current Product Director, Anson Moniz will be replacing Giles Smith as CPO, effective immediately. The appointment follows a 7-year career within the organisation and a further 14 years’ service in the automotive industry. Giles Smith stated, “After 22 years as CEO of GForces and 2 years as Automotive Transformation Group’s CPO, I felt it was the right time to make way for Anson who has demonstrated an abundance of talent and has the right experience for this role. He has played an integral role in the development of our newly launched NetDirector® Digital Retailing Suite, and during his 20+ years within the automotive industry, has established an exceptional understanding of technology and how this can help both consumers and retailers adapt to the ever-changing landscape of automotive retail. I fully support Anson’s appointment as my successor and look forward to seeing what he will bring to his new role. Going forward, I will continue to have a vested interest in The Group as an active Board Member and will work closely with the Executive Team to build upon our ever-evolving products and goals.” Anson Moniz added, “I take great pride in being appointed Giles’ successor and will ensure our customers remain at the heart of every new innovation we bring to market, be it a digital, data or retention solution. I am delighted to embark on the next chapter of my 7-year career with Automotive Transformation Group as we continue to create value and drive efficiencies throughout the full lifecycle of vehicle ownership.”

- - - Software For A Marvellous Future Marvelution is a software company that simplifies Jenkins Integration in Jira and is predominantly focused on saving time for its clients. Built by Mark Rekveld, the firm has gone from strengthto-strength recently, culminating as it is recognised as 2022’s Leading Open-Source Software Development Specialists –Netherlands in the Corporate Vision Awards 2022. Based approximately 20 kilometres outside Amsterdam, Marvelution is a software development shop that grew from an open source software hobby project and focusses on the Jenkins Integration for Jira app. The goal of the app is to make the integration of Jenkins in Jira as easy as possible whilst providing insight into the results of Jenkins and its relation to Jira issues. Jira software is used for issue tracking and project management by more than 180,000 customers in around 190 countries, and Mark’s pioneering app has seen approximately 3,000 installs, and counting, to date. Some of the organisations that have used Jenkins Integration for Jira at some point in time have used it for bug-tracking and project management. These include big names, such as IBM, Dell, Fujitsu, Hewlett Packard, and the National Bank of Canada. “I built Jenkins Integration for Jira initially to solve my own problem,” explains the firm’s Founder, Mark Rekveld. “I felt the integration process between Jenkins and Jira was inefficient and I thought there must be an easier way to work with Jenkins builds in Jira. Turns out I was not alone.” Mark has a senior software engineer background as well as being an experience designer and solution architect, creating and building from small open source software to large enterprise applications. Mark initially focused on Java software development following gaining a Bachelor’s degree in informatics and his company started out as a way for Mark to share his coding work with the world. What began very much as an interest for Mark has since grown into a small, yet highly successful, company that provides software development consulting and development of its own software be it open or closed source. “It has never been one magic thing,” he elaborates. “It is many little things I have added over time which I have learned with the help of the Jenkins and Jira communities.” Thanks to the help of the Jenkins community of Jira users, Mark has steadily improved Jenkins Integration for Jira. What began very much as an umbrella open-source project in 2007, has led to a journey of success stories. The initial app for Jira for Hudson integration, one of Mark’s very first projects, launched on the Atlassian Marketplace in 2009 then, in 2013, Jenkins Integration for Jira went live on the Atlassian Marketplace. Such was its overwhelming success that Mark was able to establish Marvelution as a company in its own right in 2015. Regarding clientele, Mark tells us that anyone that develops software using Jira and Jenkins is a potential customer. This can be from the smallest one-man hobbyist to the largest international corporations, banks, and governments. “I try to be as open, honest and direct as possible with customers and treat all of them the same no matter the revenue they generate,” Netherlands-based one-man band Mark elaborates, “I still do all the development and customer service myself. I’m active in the open-source community and, more generally, I enjoy coding to solve problems. “This is a reason I personally deal with all support requests; I like helping users as they help me build things I’m happy with.” By putting his customers first, he has developed software that truly helps those around him. He has become a shining example of what it means to be client-focused. Recently, Mark’s company was recognised for its hard work by being bestowed with the prestigious accolade of 2022’s Leading OpenSource Software Development Specialists – Netherlands by Corporate Vision and, whilst Mark’s biggest challenge is making sure the cloud app, Jenkins Integration for Jira, can accommodate the ever-growing demand. He has no definite plans regarding the future other than to keep having fun developing new features and assisting his dedicated customer base. Mark concludes, “I shall just continue to focus on turning my hobby into a company and keep providing software development services, next to supporting the existing open source projects, that have made Marvelution into what it is today.” Contact Details Contact: Mark Rekveld Company: Marvelution Web Address: Jan22181 “I built Jenkins Integration for Jira initially to solve my own problem,” explains the firm’s Founder, Mark Rekveld. “I felt the integration process between Jenkins and Jira was inefficient and I thought there must be an easier way to work with Jenkins builds in Jira. Turns out I was not alone.”

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Indeed, Skill-box directly manages all the phases of an e-learning solution: LMS, multimedia content design and development, monitoring and management. Few companies can do this, in fact our competitors often outsource some of these. On the contrary we truly believe in, Skill-box is the unique selling point and reference for all the issues of our clients. Skill-box’s total ownership approach has several key benefits: it allows the customer to have a complete control of the training process and of the learning paths; it ensures the stability and reliability of the system. Moreover, it allows Skill-box to exploit all the potential offered by the LMS and the individual courses themselves. The combination of all these elements have made Skill-box deserving of the “Best Custom Content Development Company – Europe” title. It is quite simply go toward a new era of e-learning through its services, bringing greater accessibility and enjoyment to gaining new skills, upskilling, and learning new things. Contact: Luca Principi Company: Skill-box Srl Web Address: Sep22234 Best Custom Content Development Company - Europe Learning shouldn’t be a chore! This attitude is what Skill-box Srl drives to develop innovative. Multimedia e-learning products that engage, motivate, and attract learners and prospective learners. The company develops all its contents in-house via its own means – and this allows clients to delve into a new take on digital learning. Innovation spawned the genesis of Skill-box Srl. Founded in 2005, the company was formed with the aim of creating fresh solutions in the field of digital learning which, over the years, has become methodical and stale. With this purpose in mind, the company developed LearningBOX, the proprietary Learning Management System entirely designed, developed, and distributed from us. LearningBOX breathes life into the e-learning experience supporting the stakeholders in every training project. Moreover, since 2005, Skill-box stood out for having met the learning needs, created bespoke solutions and, most importantly, having produced effective and engaging e-learning paths. Each of Skill-box projects strive to exude quality, which can be measured by evaluating the levels of attention and depth maintained from students. To this aim, during the development of such projects, it focuses on three primary areas: the content, the teaching model, and the level of communication. It carefully analyses these areas, selects content that works, and then elaborates on this material according to precise didactic model that encompasses gamification, scenarios, interactive videos, and more. Following this quality-focused production methodology Skillbox offers multimedia content capable of engage users and transfer information and knowledge to consumers.

Issue 10 2022 9 Finally, during the CISI/Financial Planning Conference 2022, the FCA launched its Scamsmart campaign, which aims to help protect consumers from scams which deploy phishing and misdirection tactics. During her speech, Emily Sheppard also announced that the FCA too is adapting to better fit inherent changes to businesses and society in general: “At the FCA, we too are moving towards becoming a more innovative, more assertive and more adaptive regulator. The FCA is no longer the prescriptive organisation of the past and we recognise that there is no one size fits all. We are transforming into an organisation driven by outcomes and clear end goals that is investing in both data and people.” Daniel Layne, CEO and Founder of the fintech company, QV Systems, commented: “The change from a prescriptive to principles-based, and then ultimately outcomes-based approach, will ensure that firms can no longer hide behind a ‘tick box’ approach to business operations, making it a positive move from a consumer perspective, and one which should connect them with a better level of service from their financial service providers. “For firms, however, it does make regulatory compliance a more complex, costly and less certain exercise - as well as arguably offering a broader target for CMCs. On balance though, we would support the direction of travel as a further defence against consumer harm.” Khalid Talukder, Co-founder for financial services firm, DKK Partners, comments: “For a long time the FCA have been playing catch up to the FinTech sector, which has really impacted the scalability of these firm. “For too long the regulatory landscape has been out of sync with modern day technology and the demands of digital banking, but it’s finally pleasing to see the FCA take appropriate action to ensure this gap is closed. This, in turn, could turbo charge the next generation of financial services firms.” Jul22072 FCA Commits to More Agile and Efficient Regulatory Processes, to Better Support Firms During Challenging Times Last week, Emily Sheppard, the Chief Operating Officer and Executive Director for the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), made a speech at the CISI/Financial Planning Conference 2022, held in Liverpool, where she committed to improving the agility and efficiency of regulatory processes facing UK firms. During their speech, Sheppard committed to new investment in technology, starting with automated application forms that seek to ensure the applications they receive are complete, saving time and resources for both the FCA and firms. Emily Sheppard also announced that they are placing more firms that gain authorisation into the early and high growth oversight programme, which is where they give firms that are new to regulation extra help with navigating the rules from the start. Furthermore, Sheppard referenced the forthcoming Consumer Duty act, praising it as a positive change that will enable firms to put their customers’ needs first and deliver good outcomes, which should help them hold on to customers during challenging times.

Best Inbound Education Consultancy 2022 - Australia As the preferred destination for many international students to study, Australia has a thriving market of people looking to apply for student visas. Apply4Study is one of the companies stepping up to the plate for these people, eligible students meeting the criteria can gain access to the country and the scholastic institutes that will help them to achieve their dreams. Due to manifold reasons, the market in which Apply4Study operates has vastly changed over the years, but it has staunchly kept up with all such developments, able to consistently promise its clients an effective service that is compliant with latest legislative visa requirements of the Department of Home Affairs, Australia. Apply4Study is one of the best companies opening the door to studying in Australia for international students. Nominally, the continent has a huge variety of factors going for it that draw international students to its universities and educational institutions, from the high quality and highly regulated education frameworks for providers, to the focus on a huge breadth and depth of research options beginning at mainstream schooling level up to PhD and beyond. It also boasts a huge English-speaking population, a multicultural focus, and a diverse population profile in the nation proper; this presents equal opportunities for all who seek to progress their studies there, with favourable weather conditions and a unique ecosystem providing a beautiful backdrop for learning. Thus, despite the changes and challenges of Covid-19, international students are still clamouring to study in Australia, and Apply4Study seeks to help. When it comes to applying for the Student Visa Subclass 500, the process of accumulating the information can be daunting – as it needs a detailed analysis of family and financial ties – and so companies with such empathic and sensitive staff as Apply4Study are there to provide invaluable guidance and support. Outlining basic tips, answering all queries, and giving reassurance where needed, it supports its clients through document checklists, visa application charges, starting the application via immi account, entry information, criteria fulfilment evidence gathering, document presentation, and more. The assessment for becoming a Genuine Temporary Entrant can, indeed, be daunting in and of itself. Apply4Study hopes to give them some peace of mind during the process, ensuring they’re armed with the knowledge and the tools they need to succeed at every stage Outlining basic tips, answering all queries, and giving reassurance where needed, it supports its clients through document checklists, visa application charges, starting the application via immi account, entry information, criteria fulfilment evidence gathering, document presentation, and more. GD Singh CEO & Managing Director APPLY 4 STUDY

Issue 10 2022 11 that all documents are attached accurately and professionally, leading to a lack of future roadblocks that could confound the application. Once everything is submitted and still undetermined, it also helps clients to update their application when changes of circumstance occur; after all, such things take time, and changes can sometimes happen without warning when it’s least convenient. Then, after the visa is granted, it will remain steadfast in its support of the client, helping to advise them on travel arrangements and wrangle any addition details that require their immediate attention before they depart for Australia to begin their studies. After all, ensuring that each of these things is done to the letter of the law and without scruples is an investment in the client’s future. Cognizant of the fact that any mishandling of visa conditions could lead to a total cancellation of all the hard work that the client had previously put into their application, its services are comprehensive and detail oriented, able to keep its clients’ heads above the water by ensuring they don’t get bogged down by a tangle of intermediary details. Pleased to say it has been able to aid many clients in their move to the nation, it looks forward to continuing this long into the future. It has a strong commitment to client satisfaction, and this truly sets it apart from the rest. Company: Apply4Study Website: I of the game whilst not overwhelming them with great amounts of information or jargon at any given moment. After all, with proceedings such as visa application, it is a marathon and not a sprint; clients are made aware right from the get-go that Apply4Study will be with it for the long haul, and that it will dedicate itself to remaining in their corner throughout, making itself the friendly face and supportive voice that is so often needed. Indeed, its friendliness and charisma also go hand in hand with its expertise and knowledge – all of which will be delivered in as simple and direct a manner as possible – provided by Apply4Study’s empathic and sensitive staff. In an industry in which lack of knowledge can lead to a drastic outcome, Apply4Study encourages its clients to be curious and precocious, to get involved with the process in order to understand it, and thus be armed with all relevant information pertaining to their admission and what is needed. Often, it finds that this will prevent complications further down the line for an individual. They also must be aware that some nationalities will be exempt from financial capacity or English ability evidence in the cases where they’re already studying with certain education providers, such as in the cases of these seeking the relevant visas for a year study abroad programme. Its guidance also extends to helping its clients to navigate the department of home affairs website, wherein individuals can create an account, and their agent or representative can also hold an organizational account in order to lodge the correct visa applications in a more simple and concise manner. Critically, this helps to ensure

Mar22258 Alongside bringing people together, the AFW has also unveiled a free to use, invite only, digital ‘Community’ platform – AFW Community – dedicated to supporting introductions, stimulating conversations amongst professionals and sharing global future of work focussed news and policy developments. It will also and provide a universal resource for information on upcoming events and resources. Albert Azis-Clauson, Chair of the AFW, said: “Over the past three years the UK has encountered seismic events that have turbo-charged the evolution of our working practices tenfold. But our laws and working practices have not moved along with this change, so now is the time for us to deliver a legal, tax and policy framework that unlocks talent and growth. “If we truly want the UK to embrace social mobility and be a shining example of entrepreneurship, we need to deliver renewed, collaborative action. The Association for the Future of Work will be operating at the centre of this ambition.” New Association For the Future of Work Launches With Goal to Improve Tax And Education • A new organisation launched this week, the Association for the Future of Work, will bring together leading minds and enterprises with an interest in the future of work • Supporters include the UK’s Small Business Commissioner, Liz Barclay, and Matthew Taylor CBE, former CEO of the Royal Society of Arts who authored the instrumental Good Work plan for Prime Minister Theresa May in 2017 • The AFW is chaired by Albert Azis-Clauson, CEO of UnderPinned, a business accelerator supporting freelances with finding work, networking and commercialising their skills. Building a fairer, more productive and prosperous future of work is the mission of a new organisation launched yesterday to advocate for improved support structures, from tax to education, that will foster greater entrepreneurialism in the UK. At an event attended by policymakers, industry, and business leaders from across the country, the new Association for the Future of Work (AFW) was launched with fresh policy ambitions to simplify tax, make it easier to move internationally, to build the right supporting infrastructure, such as standardised contracts, as well as improving education at all levels, and ensuring working for yourself is accessible for all. These policies are necessary to widen opportunities and to give people the flexible infrastructure they need to have successful careers – in whatever form of employment that takes. The policies will form a new framework, which was discussed during a roundtable event, led by Albert Azis-Clauson, Chair of the AFW, during the launch event last week. In attendance were leading figures shaping the future of work including the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed (IPSE), Open Assembly, Free Trade Europa, Creative UK, and the UK’s Small Business Commissioner amongst many others. The launch of the AFW comes after Prime Minister, Liz Truss, pledged during the Summer to unleash a “small business and self-employed revolution” under her government, which only two weeks ago abolished IR35 reforms, cutting red tape for people choosing to work for themselves. As the AFW gets underway, its goal will be to regularly convene with leading minds, from entrepreneurs to enterprises, engaging in new research, industry summits, roundtables and meet directly with key policymakers to discuss new approaches to improve the future of work in the UK. At an event attended by policymakers, industry, and business leaders from across the country, the new Association for the Future of Work (AFW) was launched with fresh policy ambitions to simplify tax, make it easier to move internationally, to build the right supporting infrastructure, such as standardised contracts, as well as improving education at all levels, and ensuring working for yourself is accessible for all.

Issue 10 2022 13 Jul22122 Retailers Turn to Cloud Faxing to Keep Confidential and Sensitive Documents Safe Retailers embrace cloud fax due to its security, privacy, flexibility, and speed A survey of 1000 senior IT and business decision-makers in the UK and Europe conducted by eFax, a global provider of digital fax services, has found that cloud-based fax plays an essential role in the day-to-day transmission of sensitive and confidential information across multiple sectors, including retail, due to its high levels of security and privacy. In the poll of senior executives in small to medium-sized businesses (SMEs), large enterprises and public sector organisations, 68 percent of retail organisations surveyed said they intend to continue using cloud fax for at least the next five years, while 14 percent of respondents said they will continue using it for the foreseeable future. Among fax users in retail, 29 percent said they also send and receive confidential documents via password protected emails, while 32 percent said they also use email encrypted software. When it comes to fax, 32 percent use cloud-based fax systems, while 42 percent use a combination of cloud and traditional faxing. 17 percent of the sample remained wedded to their traditional fax machine. When asked about security, 62 percent of the total sample identified security as “critical” when it comes to considering cloud-based fax systems, with 21 percent identifying cloud-based fax systems as “extremely secure”. Commenting on the survey findings, Scott Wilson, Vice President of Sales and Service at eFax, said, “It’s clear from our poll that fax remains central to the day-to-day operations of many retail organisations by enabling the secure transmission of valuable and legally binding documentation. This arrangement is set to continue for years to come. “There are many different industries where fax is the most common means of communication. Regulations require that many documents be sent in a safe and secure environment. The information contained in these documents is often sensitive and confidential, so a completely secure communication method is needed, one that can transmit important information quickly and securely,” he continued. “Even though email is a widely accepted and widely used communication method, it is flawed and susceptible to interception and hacking,” explained Wilson. “Cloud faxing is more secure than email - not least because fax infrastructure has limited exposure to the internet and internet connected devices.” eFax identified the following factors as the reasons for faxing’s ongoing value and importance to retail organisations: Security - Like all businesses, retailers are vulnerable to threats posed by cyber criminals – information on payables and receivables is especially valuable - and so must use communications systems that are secure against interception and data theft. Cloud based fax uses encryption technology during transmission, providing the safety and security a retailer needs for sending and receiving sensitive documents and information. Privacy - The retail sector operates on the slimmest of margins and any extra operating costs can impact the bottom line. Cloud based fax systems do away with hardware and paper and are a scalable solution that can be costed against use. Flexibility - Cloud based faxing enables retailers and distributors to transmit and view faxes from any device or format, delivering considerable flexibility to any retail operation. Speed - Cloud based faxing is fast – really fast – which means that retailers can adjust their operations and respond more quickly to changes and issues in the market. “By replacing expensive fax infrastructures with a fully hosted secure business fax solution, retailers of all sizes benefit from a significant boost in productivity, streamlined workflows and reduced costs,” concluded Wilson.

Jun22200 Ons Response: Financial Incentives Not a Long-Term Solution to UK’s Skills Shortages Responding to reports from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) which revealed a 6% increase in average total pay – including bonuses – between June and August this year, the UK’s leading independent provider of resourcing transformation and outsourced recruitment services, Omni RMS, has warned that financial incentives are not a long-term solution to the UK’s skills challenges. Louise Shaw, Managing Director, Omni RMS commented: “While the ONS has reported a decline in vacancy numbers in September, these levels remain higher than pre-pandemic jobs, which suggests that competition for top talent is still rampant across the country. When recruitment gets tough, it’s easy to look at the financial incentives that can be offered to attract top talent. But on a longer-term basis and with general costs rising across the UK, this isn’t sustainable for all businesses. “There will certainly be a need for pay rises as the cost-of-living crisis worsens, but for employers and HR teams there’s a range of other tactics that can be implemented to attract and retain top talent. In fact, in our own research with the CIPD we found that 30% of employers who had recruited in the past 12 months indicated that advertising roles as ‘open to flexible working’ is amongst their most effective recruitment method. “More than half (54%) of organisations who have had recruitment difficulties are offering greater work flexibility to address this, while a further 49% say their use of hybrid/remote working has greatly or somewhat increased amid hiring struggles. “There is a constant battle for top talent, and it’s important that businesses assess what they can realistically offer candidates and what they can improve upon to retain existing employees. Unrealistic salary inflation is not only unsustainable for employers, but will also have limited success long term, with retention rates likely to drop as financially-driven individuals jump ship to gain further pay increases.”

Winners’ Listings 2022 Corporate Excellence Awards Corporate Vision Magazine celebrates this month’s recipients in the 2022 Corporate Excellence Awards, the companies & individuals who are committed to innovation, business growth and provide the very best products and services in key industries worldwide. Bagsid Best Airline Baggage Solutions 2022 - Netherlands “With over four billion bags checked in globally every year, baggage handling plays a critical role in the seamless door-to-door passenger journey and the sustainability drive in aviation. BagsID has developed the first image-based baggage recognition solution for the airline industry, leveraging computer vision technology to provide valuable insights to airports and airlines to help increase their performance and capacity.”

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