Issue 10 2022

Indeed, Skill-box directly manages all the phases of an e-learning solution: LMS, multimedia content design and development, monitoring and management. Few companies can do this, in fact our competitors often outsource some of these. On the contrary we truly believe in, Skill-box is the unique selling point and reference for all the issues of our clients. Skill-box’s total ownership approach has several key benefits: it allows the customer to have a complete control of the training process and of the learning paths; it ensures the stability and reliability of the system. Moreover, it allows Skill-box to exploit all the potential offered by the LMS and the individual courses themselves. The combination of all these elements have made Skill-box deserving of the “Best Custom Content Development Company – Europe” title. It is quite simply go toward a new era of e-learning through its services, bringing greater accessibility and enjoyment to gaining new skills, upskilling, and learning new things. Contact: Luca Principi Company: Skill-box Srl Web Address: Sep22234 Best Custom Content Development Company - Europe Learning shouldn’t be a chore! This attitude is what Skill-box Srl drives to develop innovative. Multimedia e-learning products that engage, motivate, and attract learners and prospective learners. The company develops all its contents in-house via its own means – and this allows clients to delve into a new take on digital learning. Innovation spawned the genesis of Skill-box Srl. Founded in 2005, the company was formed with the aim of creating fresh solutions in the field of digital learning which, over the years, has become methodical and stale. With this purpose in mind, the company developed LearningBOX, the proprietary Learning Management System entirely designed, developed, and distributed from us. LearningBOX breathes life into the e-learning experience supporting the stakeholders in every training project. Moreover, since 2005, Skill-box stood out for having met the learning needs, created bespoke solutions and, most importantly, having produced effective and engaging e-learning paths. Each of Skill-box projects strive to exude quality, which can be measured by evaluating the levels of attention and depth maintained from students. To this aim, during the development of such projects, it focuses on three primary areas: the content, the teaching model, and the level of communication. It carefully analyses these areas, selects content that works, and then elaborates on this material according to precise didactic model that encompasses gamification, scenarios, interactive videos, and more. Following this quality-focused production methodology Skillbox offers multimedia content capable of engage users and transfer information and knowledge to consumers.