Issue 11 2023

Safeguard Your SaaS Identity Risk Every day thousands of people log on to their devices to use shadow SaaS (Software as a Service), further exacerbating a company’s identity sprawl. The problem is that hackers have discovered they no longer need to try and find a way to break in, when they can log in. They are able to do this by using compromised identities to breach systems used by the same uer, and it means companies need to look at their SaaS security programs in different ways to ensure they are protected. Grip Security exists to assist in this regard, by taking an identity-centric view of the problem, they secure SaaS identities and govern access with a robust platform that definitively overcomes the security challenges of shadow SaaS. Grip Security provides a platform that helps companies implement an identity first security programs. This platform assesses the risks associated with shadow IT, reduces the potential for identity-related attacks, and streamlines complex identity security procedures. The company’s mission is to empower corporate security teams to manage their SaaS-Identity risk landscape. It achieves this by identifying and categorizing identity security risks that result from the use of shadow SaaS services, essentially identifying potential threats and prioritizing the remediation on the potential risk. By pinpointing identities and accounts that are susceptible to risks, Grip can address security vulnerabilities, prioritize access controls, and maintain ongoing compliance with SaaS and identity security standards. The Grip SSCP (SaaS Security Control Platform) is a ground-breaking solution that places identity at the core for both federated and unfederated applications and systems. This pioneering approach addresses long-standing challenges in identity security, and is something that absolutely sets Grip apart from its competitors. There are no other companies out there that possesses the capability to leverage identities, discover, prioritize, secure, and orchestrate identity risks across such a wide range of applications and systems. The challenges Grip Security faces therefore center around the fact that the company is growing at a rapid rate, doubling its employee base over the last year alone. That means it has had to hire people from within a very competitive market, whilst also expanding into the United States. This, combined with onboarding some of the largest companies in the world as customers, was taxing. Impressively, the team at Grip Security stepped up to the challenge, and executed the tasks presented quite flawlessly. Following on from overcoming such challenges, the advice Grip Security would share with others business leaders facing similar issues is to first of all ensure that you clearly define the problem that needs to be solved. Then you must confirm that your solution actually addresses it. Grip advises thorough research, and seeking the input of experts. It’s resolved in thinking that the biggest asset required will always be your own conviction. Do not be put off by the naysayers, but have courage, and see things through. After all, building a company is hard work. Grip is convinced that innovation in cybersecurity is not just about better security but also encompasses delivering business value and reducing costs. Its unique technology has the ability to do both. Grip Security SSCP deploys in a remarkable 10 minutes, which is unheard of for an enterprise security product. The platform is also now being extended to embrace security teams work with Finance teams, aiming to reduce actual overall costs and save money for companies. This extension of security fields is a new area of innovation for Grip Security. Finally, a word about culture, which Grip thinks is a critically important part of building a successful company. The company culture has played a foundational role for Grip, helping it to collaborate effectively and deliver industry-leading results as a team. It feels this reflects on every aspect of the business, from employee satisfaction to customer relationships and technical innovation. Building and nurturing a positive and aligned culture has always been a priority for the company, as it is vitally important when it comes to achieving long-term, sustainable success. Company: Grip Security Web Address: Contact Name: Young-Sae Song Fast growing Grip Security offers a platform that assists companies in identifying security risks when using SaaS. It can assess shadow IT security risks, reduce the identity attack surface, and automate complex identity security operations. The company has been named as Best SaaS Security Platform 2023 – USA, following which we decided to take a closer look at what it does.