Issue 11 2023

Issue 11 2023

Welcome to the November issue of Corporate Vision magazine. A monthly publication dedicated to delivering the latest insight and news from across the corporate landscape. The eleventh month is upon us, and here in the UK, it brings a bitter chill, dark nights, and the smell of bonfire in the air. November is an eventful month around the world, with occasions from Day of the Dead (Mexico) to Diwali (India) to Culture Day (Japan) to Guy Fawkes Night (UK) to Remembrance Day (UK) to Thanksgiving (USA) – and then Christmas is right around the corner for those who celebrate. As we recognise our holidays and observances this month, it is also coming time to reflect on all that has been occurring in the world of business, too. There is a lot to be proud of, and there is even more to be excited about as we prepare for 2024 and beyond! In this issue of Corporate Vision magazine, we are pleased to be showcasing our award-winning firms who are raising the bar within their industries, whether they specialise in crisis helpline training, digital marketing and SEO, pharmaceutical and life science recruitment, international supply chain development, sales and lettings, SaaS security, and more! We are feeling truly inspired by these incredible success stories and we hope you will feel the same and enjoy perusing this issue. We wish you a wonderful month ahead and look forward to welcoming you back again soon for our final edition of the year. Rebecca Scotland, Editor Website: Editorial Team Sofi Parry, Senior Editor | Rebecca Scotland, Editor | Isabella Mifsud, Writer | Matthew Wright, Writer | Emily Godbol, Writer | Michelle Strozykowski, Writer Design Team Lauren Baldwin, Graphic Designer | Ali Mohammed, Junior Graphic Designer AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility.

Issue 11 2023 3 Contents 4. News 6. Best Crisis Helpline Training Company 2023 - UK 7. Q&A with GCX Managing Director, Lorenzo Romano: Leading the Way in Shaping a New Age of Networking Solutions 8. Best Community Development Meeting Management Organisation 2023 - Central & West Africa 9. Get Your Business on Page One of Google! 10. Best Pharmaceutical & Life Science Recruitment Agency 2023 - UK 11. Best International Supply Chain Development Organisation 2023 12. Goldman Lampe Private Bank: A Beacon of Excellence in Global Banking for 2023 14. Best Outdoor Living Cooking Products Company 2023 - USA 15. Best Sales & Lettings Agency 2023 – East Sussex 16. Safeguard Your SaaS Identity Risk

4 The Power of the Managed Service Provider: New Report from Kaseya Explores the Challenges and Opportunities for IT Professionals Datto’s Global State of the MSP: Trends and Forecasts for 2024 underscores the importance of customer experience in a highly competitive market Kaseya, the leading global provider of unified IT management and security software for managed service providers (MSPs), small to midsize business (SMBs) and mid-market enterprises (MMEs), released its third annual Datto Global State of the MSP: Trends and Forecasts for 2024 Report, which surveyed 1,575 MSPs worldwide about what keeps them up at night. The survey provides an in-depth look at the current state of the MSP market, demonstrating the critical role MSPs play in the overall success for small and mid-size businesses, as well as how the landscape has evolved and what the industry can expect in the coming year. “While MSPs have long been the unsung heroes of tech, this year’s survey results clearly speak to a growing understanding of the critical role technology plays in a sustainable business,” said Holly Pateman, Kaseya’s SVP of Product Marketing. “With revenues and competition on the rise, and a focus on the need for a superior customer experience, MSPs have a front row seat to what makes their customers successful. As a result, these MSPs have a clear view into what keeps a major cornerstone of our economy - small and midsize businesses - running.” Growth, competition and innovation in a competitive market According to the report, the MSP industry has exploded over the last few years with major growth in 2023, despite a difficult economic climate. In North America, 68% of MSPs experienced a revenue increase, and among them, 38% saw their revenue grow by more than 10%. Likewise, the revenue increase was also significant in Europe. Nearly two-thirds (64%) of MSPs in Europe experienced yearover-year revenue growth, and among them, 37% of those experienced an increase of more than 10%. At the same time, the survey shows that competition is stiff. More than a third (35%) of MSPs globally cite competition as the biggest challenge, up from 29% last year. While seen as a challenge, MSPs are harnessing this competition to drive innovation and are offering solutions to better meet their clients’ needs, with 91% regarding customer experience as a high or top priority. Looking Ahead With the IT needs of SMBs and MMEs constantly changing, the main priorities that stood out for IT professionals to keep in mind in the coming year include: • Embrace vendor consolidation: 74% of respondents said they prefer to use fewer vendors to meet their technology needs — up from 64% in 2022. Fewer vendors mean a streamlined supply chain, improving procurement, delivery, deployment, asset management and services. • Expand the service portfolio: Top services that respondents anticipate adding to their portfolios include collaboration software (27%), business intelligence or analytics software (22%), and incident response and forensics (22%). • Embrace cloud migration: Approximately half of the respondents report that 50% or more of their clients are shifting their workloads to the cloud. MSPs in North America anticipate the most significant shift in cloud migration in the next three years, driven by clients adopting Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and migrating databases and email servers to the cloud. Nearly half of the respondents (47%) predict that 75% to 99% of their client base will move workloads to the cloud in the next three years. • Address cybersecurity concerns: 28% of respondents cited their customers’ lack of concern about cyber-risks as a major cybersecurity challenge. It underscores the pressing need for MSPs to be equipped with the tools and knowledge to educate their customers effectively. “As we head into the end of the year and the start of 2024, we can all learn from the stories, challenges and successes of the MSPs shaping the future of IT services. We hope that this report will shed light on this thriving industry that is currently experiencing more growth potential than ever before,” added Pateman.

Issue 11 2023 5 News Steven Bartlett partners with Vodafone Business on new documentary series helping SMEs embrace digital technology Following new research from Vodafone Business revealing 36% of UK SMEs fear going out of business over next two years which could lead to a £49bn hit to the economy • ‘Dragons’ Den’ and ‘Diary of a CEO’ star Steven Bartlett launches new three-part documentary series in partnership with Vodafone Business to help SMEs better embrace digital technology and supercharge their business • Release of Digital SOS campaign follows new Vodafone research which reveals that one in three SMEs fear they will go out of business over the next two years which could lead to a £49.5 billion deficit in the UK economy • Research also finds that if SMEs began making full use of digital technology, it would improve the profitability of the sector and provide a £114 billion boost to Britain’s economy • Episode 1 of the Digital SOS documentary series is available to watch now on the following link: sme-business/Steven-Bartlett-Digital-SOS Vodafone Business has partnered with ‘Dragons’ Den’ and ‘Diary of a CEO’ star Steven Bartlett to launch ‘Digital SOS’ - a new series of documentary films to help small and medium enterprises (SMEs) supercharge their businesses by making better use of digital technology. The three-part series has been launched following new research commissioned by Vodafone Business which revealed that almost one in three (36%) SMEs said they feared going out of business in the next two years due to rising inflation and a flat market. The findings also revealed that if this 36% of SMEs did fail, it could lead to a £49.5 billion deficit in the UK economy. In his role as a Vodafone Business Ambassador, the series sees entrepreneur and digital technology expert Steven Bartlett visit a struggling UK small business to assess how their current use of digital technology is hindering their growth potential. Each episode demonstrates how the vast array of resources available on Vodafone Business’s V-Hub Small and Medium Business Support website can help SME business owners enhance their digital skills - helping to boost profitability and productivity for their business. The first episode in the series sees Steven visit Apex Strength and Wellness, a community gym based in Bishops Stortford, Herts, to help its Founder Amelia Lawes turn the business around. Launched in 2018, the Apex Strength and Wellness Gym provides coaching to kids and adults who may not feel comfortable in a regular gym or have learning disabilities. Like many SMEs, the business has struggled since the COVID-19 outbreak. The business’s predicament seemingly mirrors that of many other UK SMEs, with Vodafone’s research also finding that a quarter (27%) of SMEs admit they barely make a profit from their business, whilst one in eight (13%) said they just about break even or make a loss. It’s not all doom and gloom however and it appears many SMEs are beginning to awaken to the benefits of digital technology with half (46%) agreeing they could improve their profitability and efficiency through making better use of digital technology, whilst 40% admitted that they currently lacked the knowledge to do so successfully or didn’t know where to go for help. Vodafone Business and Steven Bartlett have joined forces to address these issues in the realisation that further work is required to educated SMEs on the role digital technology can play in boosting their business. The need for SMEs to focus on implementing a sound digital strategy can play a pivotal role in boosting productivity, efficiency, and profits. This includes the use of easy-to-use online tools such as marketing on social media, making your online payments process as simple as possible, and online implementing HR and accounting to software to manage the more mundane bureaucratic tasks. Vodafone Business Ambassador and Diary of a CEO host Steven Bartlett said: “I’m delighted to be working with Vodafone Business on this new documentary series to help really drive home the benefits for businesses of having a sound digital strategy in place. SMEs are the backbone of our economy and it’s alarming to see the detrimental effect it would have on the economy if a significant proportion SMEs were to fail simply through not embracing digital technology. “But there is much that can be done to avoid that reality, there is a whole world of opportunities that SMEs can take advantage of by boosting their digital skills and making greater use of technology. Our hope is that this documentary series will provide business owners with the inspiration they need to boost their digital skills and improve their futures.” Apex Strength and Wellness Gym Founder and Owner Amelia Lawes said “Having opened my community gym in 2018, then trying to keep afloat like many other small businesses through the pandemic was super hard and then trying to recover. “This whole experience has been eye opening, to clearly see all the benefits a sound digital strategy can have, in not only developing your business opportunities but also keeping you in trend with the digital world we now live in.” “I am grateful for the work Vodafone Business alongside Steven are doing to help educate so many small businesses, to unleash their potential by embracing all the amazing benefits digital technology can provide, as so many small business owners still lack the knowledge and confidence to do so effectively.” Jo Wedlock, Head of Business Marketing, Demand & Comms, Vodafone Business UK said: “At Vodafone, we recognise the challenges small business owners face daily to keep their business moving. Small businesses owners are often their own marketing, PR, social media, HR, accounting and sales departments rolled into one, and having to juggle those responsibilities collectively often leaves little time to brush up on digital skills. “However, devising a robust digital strategy needn’t be so complicated or time consuming for time poor business owners. That’s why we’ve launched ‘Digital SOS’, a new documentary series with Steven Bartlett to demonstrate simple tactics to help small business owners make better use of their digital skills - which are no longer a nice to have - but an imperative to help small businesses weather challenging market conditions and boost growth.”

with emotional situations or struggling with their mental health. These are complimented by the Reflection and Resilience program. It is Authentic Responses’ aim to continue building its reputation as a stellar training programme and work with more clients to find their authentic voice. Armed with the necessary tools and resources, clients can feel confident in their ability to forge connections with callers while looking after their own mental health. Authentic Responses is proud of its flexible, transparent solutions and its staff’s dedication to exceptional customer service. For its commitment to authenticity and empowering quality interactions, Authentic Responses has received our award for this year’s Best Crisis Helpline Training Company – UK. Contact: Priya Shah Company: Authentic Responses Web Address: Oct23323 Best Crisis Helpline Training Company 2023 - UK Based in London, Authentic Responses is a soft skills communication training company. The agency specialises in high-quality operator training courses, reflective practice sessions, and coaching. Its training focuses on communication skills for remote services, suicide awareness, building resilience, and developing self-care mechanisms. Authentic Responses aims to provide its clients with the resources and knowledge to forge authentic connections and provide quality interactions. It is Authentic Responses’ philosophy to help clients express their authentic voice. The agency offers a suite of holistic training courses designed to develop skills and gain the required knowledge to respond to callers with confidence. Authentic Responses understands that every company is different, and courses can be tailored to meet clients’ unique needs and challenges. The organisation is passionate about its work and advisors are always available to provide support. Its core values of authenticity, adaptability, confidence, and wellbeing are fundamental pillars that reinforce the company’s solid foundation. Authentic Responses aims to deliver bespoke materials by utilising the case studies, examples, and evidence acquired during the consultation process. Trainers use their own experiences and share honest examples to deliver a transparent, fluid course. Animations, sound clips, and short films are also included to foster curiosity and build knowledge. Authentic Responses is flexible in its approach and able to adapt sessions to clients’ specifications. Courses can be delivered in a small group or in a series of sessions to provide greater accessibility and adapt to differing work patterns. The agency has a bespoke online platform that can be made available to anyone who has attended a course. The platform enables learners to reflect on their knowledge and engage at a deeper level. The company prides itself on its informative courses, skill-based learning, and overall customer experience. Staff’s objective is to build clients’ confidence to respond to difficult enquiries and navigate challenging conversations. Authentic Responses offers a Reflection and Resilience program that considers how working in this sector impacts employees and incorporates strategies for self-care. Many workforces now operate a hybrid model. Despite the many benefits, this style can create feelings of isolation for team members. Authentic Responses collaborates with team leaders to understand how to best provide support. Employees of all ages have been feeling the impact of stress, fatigue, and mental health challenges. The company works with specialist organisations to develop sessions that incorporate good self-care routines and mental health toolkits. In response to the global increase in mental health conditions, Authentic Responses has developed a suicide awareness course tailored to the corporate sector. The organisation recognises the importance of being able to seek and provide mental health support. Within a two-hour session, a trainer focuses on delivering the language to speak about suicidal ideation, how to use a framework to manage a conversation, and the best agencies to signpost. Authentic Responses has recently been working with organisations on how to effectively respond to clients with complex needs. Companies supporting those with personal injuries, financial difficulties, or relationship breakdowns have asked Authentic Responses to deliver courses to meet these specific needs. Training is now being provided on how to respond to clients who are dealing

Issue 11 2023 7 Oct23012 Over the past 30 years, Global Cloud Xchange (GCX) has proudly played an active role in the transformation of the world’s networks and the development of networking solutions, including building the first global Virtual Network. From the evolution of DSL-WAN’s to SD-WAN, and more recently, through to the rise of the Cloud (and the security challenges it has introduced) and the complete transformation of business communication channels – as exemplified by the UK switch-off of the Public Switch Telephone Network (PTSN) in just two years – GCX has been in the driving seat. Now having seen success within the Corporate Excellence Awards 2023 as Best Digital Network Transformation Firm 2023 – UK, we learn more about how GCX is raising the bar within the industry. Global Cloud Xchange is an exemplary firm in constant transformation as new technologies – and the new working practices they enable – change the landscape of businesses’ networking requirements. Its success is down to innovating around technologies that simplify the customer experience, delivering great usability, and maximising data security. These simple areas of innovation mean that GCX provides an experience that many of the older, larger entrants fail to live up to because they are restricted by legacy technologies, processes, and thinking. So, how has GCX adapted its solutions to address the evolving challenges of a hybrid working environment? In the pre-covid world, SD-WAN network technology delivered significant advancements in network transformation, however the continued reliance on this technology is introducing problems in the post-covid world, where many companies have settled into hybrid working environments, which in turn has shifted the challenge to connecting people and devices to applications securely. This is the environment we’re now operating in. In response, GCX saw an opportunity to evolve its network offering by building a ‘Zero-TrustNetwork’ ensuring that the data leaving a device is securely connected to the application end-to-end. Thus, launched GCX’s 5th generation of network offering, Global Network Security Experience (GNSX). Tell us more about GNSX. GNSX is how GCX is transforming the networking landscape. It is underpinned by SASE, a cutting-edge network and security framework that not only adapts to, but thrives in the face of change and offers the unparalleled network visibility, flexibility, and security enforcement needed for remote workers. Delivered in partnership with world-leading network security provider, Palo Alto Networks, GNSX goes beyond conventional network performance monitoring, with a Zero Trust solution that keeps businesses protected, regardless of employee location or device used. It can also be used in conjunction with existing SD-WAN implementations, transforming SD-WAN into an access technology with an overlay framework that creates an environment that’s flexible, secure, and high-performing. Whether an organisation uses a private, public, or hybrid network, and regardless of location or device, GNSX seamlessly ensures data security and optimises the performance of its global network. This revolutionary approach ensures that data flows securely, empowering businesses to flourish and compete effectively. Simply put: GNSX redefines the possibilities of data security, visibility, and adaptability, all while optimising price, performance, and the user experience. Is a single provider of networking solutions the best route to take? By having a single provider for both network and SASE solutions, IT teams can experience significant advantages. This integrated approach streamlines network management and security, leading to reduced complexity in operations. While the synergy between these components enhances compatibility and results in cost savings. Additionally, it facilitates the implementation of more consistent policies and configurations across the network, which not only bolsters security, but also ensures better compliance with regulatory requirements and industry standards. This convergence of network and security services not only simplifies IT operations but also paves the way for a more secure and cost-effective infrastructure. How does GCX navigate the ever-evolving technology landscape to ensure customer-centric innovation? As a business renowned for its innovation, and as there are many paths that technology might evolve over the next few years, GCX’s approach is to remain agile and responsive, and understand how new technologies will add value to its customers. Not only as IT consumers, but as IT leaders who wish to develop technology to enhance the growth and development of their business strategy. By retaining a core base of skills, resources with a thirst for customer innovation, and dedication to great customer experience and a flexible approach to what is ahead, GCX can meet whatever the new technology trends may throw at it over the next few years. What effect does this flexible approach have on GCX’s company culture? As mentioned, GCX’s flexible approach is something it has worked hard to ingrain into the company culture. And it truly sees it is central to its success. With a distributed global workforce, maintaining a single culture can sometimes be a challenge, so the team strips it back to the basics of trust, openness, and honesty. By always focusing on the principles of customer first and personal ownership, Global Cloud Xchange sees every business opportunity as a chance to step away from the norm, drive customer value via personal ownership and look to delight customers in the process. To nurture this culture across a broad and diverse staff base, inclusivity is rewarded by encouraging and recognising the problem fixers and the progressive thinkers, likewise delivering a range of skills and improvement across both technical disciplines and soft skills. Connecting the dots to the customer first values is core to everything that it does. Company: Global Cloud Xchange Website: Q&A with GCX Managing Director, Lorenzo Romano: Leading the Way in Shaping a New Age of Networking Solutions

Sep23431 Best Community Development Meeting Management Organisation 2023 - Central & West Africa Since its establishment, ICDI has been working to help governments to improve the performance of their institutions, identify their most pressing challenges, and increase their team’s ability to respond to these challenges. The firm’s workforce consists of experts in Project Management, Public Budgeting Current Legislation Framework-OBL, Public-Private Partnerships (PPP), Strategic Planning and Policies, Regulation, and Public Governance. Thanks to its team’s unparalleled knowledge and prowess in practical training, ICDI has gained an excellent reputation for its outstanding services. The company has been able to support several government entities in reaching their goals, enabling them to better serve their citizens. It has also trained a number of international public officials from industries like energy, transport, water, telecommunications, healthcare, and education. To do this, ICDI offers seminars and workshops on fixed dates, alongside customised and on-site training sessions that can be provided on request. In addition, the broad expertise of its team allows it to offer excellent technical assistance and coaching in many areas. All of its offerings meet the requirements of the necessary influential organisations and stakeholders, including governments and international donors like the World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank, and African Development Bank. On the other hand, ICDI’s fully customised programme is designed to address any theme or challenge that the client wants to explore. In this, the company’s experts will carefully analyse their specific needs Founded in 2013, the Institut Canadien de Développement International (ICDI) is a professional training and coaching company based in Montreal, Canada. The business is equipped with a team of dedicated professionals who have amassed more than two decades of practical experience working to support governments and state companies in the implementation of their programmes and projects, financed by major international donors. and collaborate with them to adapt the training services to suit their circumstances. This innovative solution aims to deliver concrete and immediate results within the organisation. Furthermore, in the competitive industry of consultancy, ICDI works to stand out through its use of unique learning methodology. For example, it uses “flipped teaching”, which involves the sharing of knowledge, expertise, and tailored tools to meet clients’ specific needs. In this, the company also strives to go beyond mere case studies, helping them apply these tools, insights, and practical teachings to the challenges they face in their daily lives. Moreover, ICDI is proud of its unique use of the “Draft 0”, which is a document that participants work on throughout their training programme. In this, they work with data from their own institutions during each session, enabling them to create a document that addresses their own circumstances. This is an advanced tool that can be used by participants with the approval of their supervisors. For the outstanding results it delivers to its clients, the Institut Canadien de Développement International (ICDI) has been named Best Community Development Meeting Management Organisation, Central & West Africa, in the Education and Training Awards 2023. We congratulate the company on this achievement and look forward to seeing what its future holds. Contact: Beatriz Sifuentes Company: Institut Canadien de Développement International (ICDI) Web Address:

Issue 11 2023 9 Oct23073 Third Marble Marketing is an award-winning marketing company offering affordable Google Ads management and SEO services for growing businesses in the USA. It’s a proven way to get your business results, with experts who manage search ads, remarketing, display, shopping and video ads on YouTube. The services it offers are available nationwide, and are aimed at businesses who are interested in targeting the USA and Canada. All work is completed within the USA and features transparent monthly reporting for your peace of mind. Third Marble’s Google Ads management service is suitable for a wide range of organisations, but it particularly loves helping small and local businesses to up their game and expand. Its processes are specifically designed to assist small businesses to achieve an affordable PPC (pay-per-click) service. It has put in the time, with many years spent perfecting its best-in-class service which is available at a price point low enough to help all, including small family owned/independent businesses. It has a mission to help local economies grow, knowing that they are the ones responsible for the creation of over 65% of all new jobs in America (according to the SBA). Third Marble understands that small business owners are often pushed for time, and simply don’t have the opportunity to study the complicated and ever-changing systems in play at Google. However, as Google is the single resource most people use to find a business it’s important to try and achieve maximum returns from it, without breaking the bank. Happy customer Katie Bonner reports that “Third Marble Marketing has guided me to filling the funnel for my sales team. Our return is easily more than triple the monthly investment by positioning our brand at the top of google when potential customers search for our service.” Likewise, Alicia Clift comments, “I have personally met with a handful of the employees at Third Marble Marketing and can honestly say they have all been wonderful to work with. I had my website done with their redo site crew and am extremely happy with the results…” Third Marble Marketing has helped thousands of businesses reach their fair share of exposure on Google, without spending too much money. It’s working hard to level the playing field, knowing that Google Ads isn’t an easy system to master. Luckly, with Third Marble on board it’s like having your own Google Ads expert on staff. The team makes it easy for client businesses to understand by avoiding technical jargon and bringing effective solutions no matter your monthly budget. Third Marble will work with you to set a price that is affordable, and can be changed or paused at any time. This is the Third Marble philosophy, and is why on average clients stay with it for over 20 months. “We work hard to get you the maximum number of relevant visitors to your website for your budget. We are constantly improving our internal processes to be the most efficient and effective Google Ads service possible. We then pass these savings on to our clients.” Third Marble has been going for 14 years, following a really interesting start. It all began when owner Chris Fawcett built a website for his favourite local pizza shop. Once the site was up and running, the pizza shop noticed they weren’t getting any business, and Chris told them that building a website wasn’t enough by itself, they needed to advertise. Later, the pizza shop returned to Chris, on the verge of signing a 12-month PPC contract for $1200 a month. Chris was flabbergasted, realising there was no way such a small geographical area as his local pizza shop covered was generating enough searches to justify that price. Following on from this, Chris realised that there was an opportunity to help the pizza shop, and other small businesses with an affordable internet marketing strategy that generated customers, not traffic, and thus Third Marble Marketing was born. Now entrepreneurs and small business owners can hire Third Marble to take care of advertising, whilst they are free to concentrate on the most important thing, taking care of all their new customers. Company: Third Marble Marketing Web Address: Contact Name: Katie Bonner Get Your Business on Page One of Google! Third Marble Marketing offers internet marketing services for small American businesses, to drive trade. It’s a Google certified partner specialising in getting client businesses on page one of the most popular search engine. As the recently announced Most Innovative Digital Marketing & SEO Agency 2023 – Virginia, we decided to take a closer look.

Aug23219 From early talent solutions through to executive and technical search, SRG is committed to assisting candidates through the lifecycle of employment and achieving all of their career goals. The company offers a broad range of tailored, specialist recruitment services that are available to businesses of all sizes, inclusive of ad hoc recruitment and Synergy Scientific Services (deploying on-site scientific teams). It is this wide range of effective solutions that have resulted in SRG’s global presence as the 8th largest scientific, clinical, and engineering recruitment agency in Europe, with the company also boasting successful talent networks in North America. Rather than delivering set recruitment packages, SRG takes a personal and proactive approach, working around the needs of partners to exceed the scope and breadth of every project it undertakes. Within the company, there is too a keen sense of nurturing the next generation of employees, with work being carried out with GSK to facilitate graduate programmes, summer internships, and offering a year in the industry. In 2022, these projects contributed to a 5% increase in ethnically diverse candidates, with 60% being female, 10% above the GSK’s aspirational target. Through its innovative SRG search, using techniques such as persona mapping, psychometric insights, and international talent mapping, a process is offered which ensures the values and personality of a candidate are akin to those of the company, forming a productive and prosperous partnership. This incredibly effective and lauded strategy has resulted in a streamlined experience and high success rate, with 100% of short-list candidates invited for an interview, and 95% reaching offer stage. Spurred on by its company values, with every employee striving to be as impactful, passionate, authentic, and innovative as possible, SRG remains grounded and can ensure that everybody is on the same page and working towards like-minded goals. Along with these values, the company has established itself as a frontrunner in the industry through its true passion for STEM, more than 30 years of experience innovating, remaining authentic, giving back to communities, and supporting aspirations from the bench through to the boardroom. The work done by the company is so important as the life sciences, engineering, and technology sectors are all major drivers of change and transformation, with approximately 3 million people working in STEM across the UK, and growth of more than 4% expected in the market over the next four years. There are issues however, as a talent shortage is currently ongoing, with an estimated 76% of graduate in STEM subjects not working in a related occupation six months later. Wider evolutions in the UK labour market landscape have also caused challenges, shaped by a decline in birth rates, decrease in unemployment rates, and post-Brexit shifts. Despite this ever-changing landscape, SRG’s unwavering commitment to fostering a sustainable future in STEM careers remains solid. This strategy is rooted in a responsibility to address demographic changes and identify skill gaps nationwide across the UK. Through the offering of partnerships, mentorships, and hands-on training, the team cultivates STEM careers for talented STEM professionals. For 2023, the SRG team aimed to reach out to more than 1000 individuals in schools, colleges, and community groups, a figure that will increase by 25% for 2024. Moreover, an array of regional inclusive events which aim to promote the well-being and togetherness of internal staff will hopefully deliver more than £40k to charitable causes for the 2023 fiscal year, again rising by an additional 25% for 2024. By bringing people together and nurturing positive experiences, SRG can make a demonstrable difference to the lives of those looking to forge a career as part of the next generation of innovators. As industry leaders in life science, engineering, and clinical recruitment, SRG has successfully established itself as a pioneer within the industry, shaping the future and benefiting the present of STEM immeasurably. Contact: Ridaa Husain Company: SRG Web Address: Best Pharmaceutical & Life Science Recruitment Agency 2023 - UK SRG is the UK’s number one scientific, clinical, and engineering recruitment agency, boasting a 55% market share and more than 30 years’ experience proudly serving STEM industries. The team is incredibly driven to assisting its partners accomplish their goals across STEM, setting and delivering ambitious goals and going the extra mile to support candidates and partners alike. Many of its staff are trained scientists and engineers who draw upon their own first-hand experiences in the industry to serve partners across the Pharma, MedTech, FMCG, and Chemical sectors. We catch up with Ridaa Husain to learn more about the agency and the award-winning work it carries out so effectively.

Issue 11 2023 11 Oct23048 Fundamentally, its approach emphasises practicality, prioritising real-world applications so that learners can immediately apply their skills within their supply chain roles. Furthermore, certifications are all globally recognised to bolster the credibility and competitiveness of the institute’s learners and members in the international marketplace. With industry expertise that’s second to none, IoSCM regularly works and collaborates with thought leaders to provide insights and resources reflecting the latest supply chain practices. This ensures learners are always well informed and have the knowledge, confidence, and capabilities to thrive within the industry. The team working behind the scenes at the institute is the tangible backbone of the company’s success, which is why it always takes considerable care when attracting and nurturing new talent to ensure a strong alignment with the company’s core beliefs and mission. To ensure that everyone is on the same page and aligned with its mission, IoSCM fosters a culture of open communication and collaboration. It does this through regular team meetings and feedback channels that help keep everyone informed and engaged. It also encourages cross-functional collaboration as it feels that promoting and sharing knowledge benefits all functions, and nurtures a harmony that helps it achieve its goals. IoSCM has been recognised as the Best International Supply Chain Development Organisation 2023 in the Global Business Awards. Well done to the whole company for its contribution to the overall success and sustainability of the supply chain industry. Contact Details Company: Institute of Supply Chain Management (IoSCM) Contact: Jacky Stansfield Smith Website: Best International Supply Chain Development Organisation 2023 The Institute of Supply Chain Management, or IoSCM, has a mission to empower professionals and organisations with the knowledge and skills required to enhance their supply chains and ensure efficient and effective operations.

Goldman Lampe Private Bank: A Beacon of Excellence in Global Banking for 2023 Established years ago, Goldman Lampe’s history is a tapestry of trust, foresight, and exceptional service. It’s a bank that has managed to seamlessly blend its rich heritage with the demands of a rapidly changing world. For many, it isn’t just a bank; it’s an institution that symbolises stability in the volatile world of finance. A cornerstone of Goldman Lampe’s enduring success has been its unwavering commitment to its clients. It understands that in the world of private banking, it isn’t just about numbers and balance sheets. Instead, it’s about nurturing relationships, understanding client needs, and anticipating global financial trends before they become mainstream. This philosophy has made the bank a preferred choice for high-net-worth individuals, families, and institutions from across the globe. The modern world demands modern solutions, and Goldman Lampe has always been at the forefront of technological advancements in banking. Their digital platforms, lauded for their seamless user experience and top-tier security, ensure that clients, regardless of where they are, have the world of finance at their fingertips. Whether it’s real-time portfolio management, sophisticated asset transfers, or simply seeking advice from their dedicated wealth managers, the bank’s digital solutions ensure that clients are always a step ahead. Furthermore, Goldman Lampe’s approach to global finance is not limited to merely transactions and wealth management. They have consistently demonstrated a commitment to responsible banking, emphasising sustainable practices and ethical investment. By recognising that finance can be a tool for positive global change, Goldman Lampe positions itself as a forward-thinking entity, contributing to a better future. In the ever-evolving world of finance, many banks come and go, each trying to leave its mark. However, only a few achieve the level of reverence and trust that Goldman Lampe has garnered. As we celebrate the achievements of the banking sector in the Global Business Awards 2023, the story of Goldman Lampe serves as a testament to what a bank can achieve when it combines legacy, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to its clients. In the years to come, the financial world will undoubtedly continue to evolve, presenting challenges and opportunities. Yet, if history is any guide, Goldman Lampe Private Bank will not only navigate these changes but will also play a pivotal role in shaping the future of global finance Client Testimonials “My banker for years has been Goldman Lampe, and they have never let me down. I wholeheartedly concur with their goal statement since they have always assisted me in maintaining a close-knit, safe, and private environment for my financial affairs.” -Danny F. “They haven’t let me down in the eight months that I’ve been with them. They offer the finest pricing in the industry and have flawless customer service. Anyone seeking a dependable private bank should use Goldman Lampe, in my opinion.” -Vullnet M. “Private bank that has been working with my family for generations. Although we are not able to see our account balances, the relationship feels safe, and I am always happy when I’m banking with them.” -Marie-Hortence B. “I presented him with a fairly challenging situation, and he was able to provide an immediate solution. The care and expertise completely astound me. Since then, I have continued to return!” -Sue H. Company: Goldman Lampe Private Bank Contact: Stephen Lampe Email: [email protected] Website: Amid the shimmering skyline of global finance, one name resonates with an unparalleled legacy and an unwavering commitment to innovation: Goldman Lampe Private Bank. As we cast our spotlight on the influential players in the banking sector for the Global Business Awards 2023, it becomes imperative to delve deep into the exceptional journey of this distinguished institution.

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Oct23255 Coyote Outdoor Living firmly believes that outdoor living helps to enrich the lives of its customers, and the company is passionate to make this happen and succeed in its quest of making outdoor living a reality, whatever that entails for an individual. For some, life outdoors is representative of a life on the go, constantly moving and travelling, exploring nature and one’s surroundings. To others, this could be the transporting of the heart of the home from an inside kitchen setting to an outdoor entertainment oasis. Whatever a customer’s needs or desires, Coyote’s designs and builds complement any outdoor lifestyle perfectly. The passion that the company has is clear, and it sees the performance of its products as a clear extension of this. Coyote Outdoor Living believes that the time spent preparing food and drinks brings people together, sparks discussions and creativity, while simultaneously providing a source of comfort, warmth, and relaxation. This is a vision that should never have to be compromised on, and with best-in-class features, high quality materials, and sturdy construction all at an attainable price, cooking with these products means that no compromise is necessary. A host of products are available to fit any need, but even the most discerning outdoor culinary artists will be impressed with the efficiency and sheer power of the patented Coyote Infinity Burners and Coyote I-Burners, which are some of the best outdoor cooking appliances that money can buy. For those in the mood for a quality steak, Coyote Outdoor Living’s patented RapidSear burner can easily compete with even the best steakhouses, eloquently and intensely searing steaks and seafood perfectly every time. Fans of cooking at night will be able to carry out these tasks easily thanks to standard interior lighting, which is present on all models. Within the company there is a constant sense of drive to elevate and innovate. The team works tirelessly to enhance the products in order to continuously improve the seamless outdoor lifestyle its customers aim to achieve, with the company expanding its testing with experts in several fields to gain insights that span multiple disciplines. To ensure customers are educated and up to date on the latest advancements and products, Coyote Outdoor Living focuses heavily on providing its customers with informative and engaging content through various mediums and offers enhanced training to its sales teams to complement this target. The value that a customer is offered extends to more than just the products themselves, with the company priding itself on the outstanding customer experience it provides across the board. Not only are the products sold at great prices, but a comprehensive warranty ensures a smooth experience in the unlikely event issues occur down the line. This all combines to make Coyote’s products the all-in-one outdoor kitchen solution, with customers not having to sacrifice any desired features or benefits, cooking performance or product longevity to secure quality products at a reasonable price. Over the next five years, the company aims to continue its streak of innovation, unveiling a series of upgrades and new products that will secure its position at the forefront of the industry. In addition to already offering some of the best pellet grills, gas grills, and wood-fired grills, among other outdoor living and cooking appliances, Coyote Outdoor Living will soon release its series of wood-fired pizza ovens, which will redefine the way pizzas are enjoyed thanks to a one-piece seamless design, guaranteed to transport customers to the heart of traditional Italian pizzerias to begin a culinary journey like no other. Whether prospective customers are in the market for a ready-to-assemble outdoor kitchen designed to specification, grills, smokers, burners, refrigeration or sink products to name just a few, they need look no further than Coyote Outdoor Living. With quality products, reasonable prices, extensive warranties, and excellent customer service setting them apart from competitors, a positive outdoor life change can begin today. Contact: Sarah Johnson Company: Coyote Outdoor Living Web Address: Best Outdoor Living Cooking Products Company 2023 - USA Coyote Outdoor Living specialises in designing, developing, and producing the highest quality outdoor kitchen equipment for those who are passionate about cooking, entertaining, or spending time relaxing outside. Based in the heart of Texas, the company possesses an unbridled commitment to providing products which are engineered with precision, power, and durability to give families and friends the freedom and space to pursue their passion with the uppermost ease, effectiveness, and joy. We speak with Sarah Johnson to find out more about these quality products and how Coyote Outdoor Living aids its customers in living their best lives outdoors.

Oct23171 Best Sales & Lettings Agency 2023 – East Sussex KLA Properties is that special sort of company that does the majority of its business with clients that are recommended its services through family, friends, or colleagues. Whether this be selling or letting property, repairing a leak, or overseeing projects of any size, the team are happy to help. There is no pestering nor cold calls, instead honest and direct advice is provided upon request, which is always appreciated by clients and apparent through an abundance of positive reviews left by customers following their positive experiences. KLA’s team love property, and this love is embodied through Kirsty and all of the staff and comes across in each interaction every single day. It took Kirsty a while to muster the courage to start an agency of her own. It was a family tragedy and loss of confidence in the ethics of a former employer that gave her the push to go ahead and make the leap. Upon deciding to leave her job, she was given the time and space to begin work on setting up KLA Properties, which launched in the middle of February 2020. Just four weeks later, the UK was put into a lockdown as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, and the industry ground to a halt. Undeterred, Kirsty spent this time building relationships with customers online, planning for a future where the company could operate once more and hit the ground running. Following a successful re-opening, client demand resulted in the launching of sales in December that year, and the team would KLA Properties (KLA) is an innovative, independent letting and selling agent, boasting more than 20 years of experience in Hailsham, Eastbourne, Heathfield, and surrounding areas. In addition to the stellar agency services its clients have come to expect, the company also offers management, maintenance, and a consultancy service. KLA Properties loves to solve problems, and Founder Kirsty Peyton-Lander and her team strive to provide a tailored and personalised approach with every customer. By taking the time to get to know its clients, the business can successfully match tenants with properties and landlords, maintaining good, long-tenured relationships. We speak with Kirsty to learn more about starting and running a successful, personal business. continue to grow, with property maintenance beginning in summer 2021 and proving popular among clients. As KLA approaches its fourth year of trading, the journey it has been on has shaped the company to be resilient, adaptable, and understanding. This is aided by an undercurrent of the personal, with the company name and branding reflecting the names of Kirsty and her children, Lexie and Archie. Having been through a lot as a family, the logo was designed around their strengths, a triangle with three equal points boasting each of the family members’ favourite colours. Through this resilience, KLA is now able to offer an array of quality services and is ever-expanding into new areas of the market and new locations across the East Sussex area. Through its letting services, the company specialises in protecting its clients’ investments; whether they have one property or ten, the attention and care given is the same. Through its sales department implemented thanks to constant requests from customers, honest valuations are afforded a service where no expense is spared, with a professional photography company showing houses in the best natural light and including a virtual tour and floor plan to prospective buyers. For those in need of consultancy in the area of property legislation, KLA has things covered thanks to the wealth of experience and knowledge Kirsty and the team have to offer. First-time landlords and those looking to expand their portfolios can seek out guidance and professional advice on what makes a prime rental property. An extension of this excellent service is the maintenance team, who are subsequently available to provide quotes to anybody needing jobs large or small carried out around the home, inclusive of bathroom re-fits, kitchen installations, plumbing, decorating, and electrical works, to name just a few. Further, Kirsty herself is constantly working hard to combat the common myth that agents don’t act when disaster occurs. She personally carries out inspections and maintenance checks simultaneously, so she can ensure that issues are resolved and therefore larger problems are avoided. Kirsty is dedicated to efficiently responding to any maintenance emergency that arises, always on-hand should clients need her urgent help. To have built what Kirsty has so successfully in a short amount of time is a commendable feat, especially taking into consideration the pandemic and lockdowns which commenced just as the business was starting to find its feet. Kirsty puts it best herself when she says, “I believe in transparency and taking a personal yet direct approach. It isn’t about letting a property to the first person who views, it’s important to match the right landlord and tenant to one another. Almost like a property matchmaker!” Contact Details Contact: Kirsty Peyton-Lander Company: KLA Properties Web Address: