Corporate Vision Issue 12 2018

CORPORATE VISION / Issue 12 2018 41 , Author, consultant, and educator Amanda Fisher draws on a vast wealth of experience to provide her clients with support and advice that they can rely on. We caught up with Amanda following her recent recognition as theMost Influential CFO 2018 - Cashflow& Analytics, to learnmore about how she uses her experience to support a wide range of businesses and drive them to success. Amanda Fisher: A Business Consultant For The Digital Age With a wide variety of experience in busi- ness and a strong interest in corporate practices, Amanda has flourished over the years, and today she is a renowned author and business consultant. In her initial comments, she provides us with a brief overview of how she came to start her consultancy work and how her experience benefits her clients. “I began my career back in 1978 at a mid-tier accounting firm in Sydney. By 1984, I had my CA (Chartered Accountant) qualifica- tions, and ten years later I started my own business. Like most first-time business owners, I had a steep learning curve ahead of me: managing staff, learning how to market my own business, tak- ing care of clients, and, essen- tially, keeping the doors open all gave me a substantial apprecia- tion of the tenacity it takes to just be a business owner. “Six years later in 2000, I sold that business and spent the next seven years as a financial con- troller. But there was just some- thing about being a business owner that I couldn’t let go of, and so I bought into another ac- counting practice selling it eight years later to focus on helping business owners in a particular way – through management reporting and by assisting busi- ness owners to unscramble their numbers for better cash flow and better business outcomes.” “In 2011 I decided it was time to scale my business and find ways to reach and help more business owners. I’d realised that most business owners have no idea about their numbers and there was nowhere for them to get the training.” Under the guidance of Austral- ia’s No 1 small business author, Andrew Griffiths, I’ve written not one but three books; for business owners, the most relevant of these is Unscramble Your Num- bers. It is a no-nonsense guide that gives you the framework I use with my clients for making the complex simple and getting on top of the information and tasks needed to make your business thrive. I’ve also created online training courses and established a podcast, Seeing Through The Numbers.” Supporting a range of clients, Amanda has always been pas- sionate about technology, and is keen to work alongside her clients to ensure that they remain at the forefront of emerging market developments, as she highlights. “For as long as I can remember I have loved technology, and I have been adopting and adapting systems for myself and my clients for many years. From Lotus 123 spreadsheets through to modern day cloud computing. If a solution is going to save me and my cli- ents time and help generate cash flow then I am keen to explore it, and I will work alongside my cli- ents to help them craft a bespoke solution designed around their specific needs.” Seeking to build upon her al- ready incredible success, looking to the future Amanda is eager to work with even more clients, as she proudly concludes. “Over the years, I have been for- tunate enough to be featured as a guest, mentor, educator, judge and contributor in conjunction with a wide range of amazing businesses, and looking to the future I am eager to enhance my portfolio of satisfied clients and work with more dynamic and driven businesses to help lead them to even greater success.” Contact: Amanda Fisher Website: Nov18667