Issue 12 2020

Best for Emerging Nation Protected Learning Infrastructure 2020 Give A Chance! Give A Future! is a non-profit association dedicated to the education and development of children and young people in Cameroon. As winners in this year’s Education & Training Awards hosted by Corporate Vision Magazine, we explore the organisation to find out more about their amazing work. Good education is undeniably one of the most important aspects of peoples lives. Not only does it provide each of us with the tools and characteristics needed to excel as we become adults, but it also drives economic growth and contributes to social stability. Fighting to improve the educational opportunities of children and young people is Yannick Zionel Hohn, Founder of Give A Chance! The company launched after Yannick took a trip to his mother’s homeland of Cameroon where he met with a group of school children. Seeing the lack of belief the children had in themselves and the poor conditions of the local school, Yannick vowed to make a difference to the quality of their education and help them to strive towards a better future for themselves. Give A Chance! was launched in 2010 and a year later Yannick and his team of helpers returned to Cameroon to renovate the school and provide much needed learning materials for the students. Give A Chance! continues to renovate and rebuild schools across Cameroon and provides necessary learning materials needed for lessons. To promote the importance of a good education they endeavour to work with local authorities, school administrators and parents and also work together with teachers and headteachers by providing opportunities for further training. All of this combined provides a solid learning structure for the children and ensures they receive the best possible education. In addition to this, all of their schools educate children in both agriculture and modern technology, both key sectors in Cameroons economy. The organisation also hosts several charity events to support fundraising efforts in Cameroon, in particular through the show ‘Basel meets Africa’ where numerous young artists are given the chance to perform to a wider audience, giving them a solid foundation for future success in their profession. Give A Chance! is made up of a team of highly dedicated and motivated individuals who all contribute to the success of the organisation through their unique talents and creativity. Speaking with Yannick, he highlighted that “We think of ourselves as one big family where everyone supports each other.” Looking ahead to what the future holds, the organisation plan to launch the Give A Chance! Academy which will focus on the education of Agriculture, IT and New Media to continue to reduce high unemployment and specifically youth unemployment in Cameroon. With a flexible approach to their work the organisation will also become a foundation in Cameroon and will be managed by Cameroonians. To date Give A Chance! and its partners influence more than 10,000 people and through their passion and dedication we’ve no doubt that they will continue to improve many more children’s lives in Cameroon, allowing them to dream big and make those dreams a reality. Contact: Yannick Zionel Company: Give A Chance! Give A Future! Web Address: “We think of ourselves as one big family where everyone supports each other.” Jul20102