Issue 12 2020

Jun20376 for the next lot of parts, but requires the removed parts to be put into an external oven for another hour. Using a biodegradable acid to solve the surfaces sets the technology fully ecological and risk-free for the parts finished. “We fully dedicate our development to industrial, fast, and economical finishing of a high quantity of parts with at the same time minimizing the impact on our environment,” Florian continues. “Currently, we are clearly setting the pace in those perspectives of chemical smoothing of plastic AM parts and our proprietary technology allows for further improvements.” Contact: Florian Pfefferkorn Company: LuxYours e.K. Web Address: Smoothing Things Over Based in Munich, Germany LuxYours serves the central European market with its innovative surface finishing method. Florian Pfefferkorn, the firm’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer talks to us about how this unique technological advancement is changing the way people work. LuxYours is an innovative and dynamic start-up providing technology, equipment, and service for surface smoothing of additive manufactured plastic parts. The proprietary approach for economical, fast, reliable, and repeatable chemical smoothing is expected to be a breakthrough for the industrial use of 3D printed plastic parts. Founded three years ago by Florian Pfefferkorn, LuxYours started with a clear vision to enable more and better plastic parts by offering the best surface finishing technology deliberately developed for Powder Bed Fusion plastic prints. Today, LuxYours is well connected in the 3D printing market and serves Additives Manufacturing service providers as well as OEMs with equipment for chemical smoothing, all necessary accessories, and consumables therefore as well as smoothing as a service. “The surface quality of 3D printed parts is a big reason hindering the adoption of additively generated plastic parts on a large scale,” Florian begins as he highlights the rationale of the firm’s initial inception. “Extrusion based technologies (FDM) feature massive layer stairs and powder-based parts feature rough surfaces with capillary behaviour. In real use application parts come into contact with dirt and liquids. Rough and wavy surfaces are hard to impossible to clean off.” Florian’s is previous professional life taught him about additive manufacturing, product management and application engineering for polymer laser sintering, quality engineering, database programming and skilled foundry craftsman. Now he puts all his experience and heart into LuxYours to enable the firm’s customers to enjoy better additively manufactured products featuring first-class surfaces. “LuxYours dedicated itself to support the post-processing of Additive Manufacturing (AM) of plastic parts. Therefore an ecological, fast, reliable, and high-quality output finishing process was developed. To bring this technology closer to the users of plastics AM a fully automatic machine was developed, which is now available for orders from all over the world.” This fast-paced industry requires differentiation and innovation from companies in order for them to stay ahead of the game, and LuxYours recently did just that. At the beginning of 2020 the firm launched the innovative LUXMatic 700 that Florian speaks of above. This fully automatic industrial machine finishes parts to a brilliant smoothness. It does this by utilising a huge processing chamber of 700mm x 500mm x 500mm, and a full smoothing cycle can last from 15 minutes to 75 minutes. Removing the parts after 15 minutes frees the LUXMatic 700 Issue 12 2020 27