Issue 12 2020

A Marketplace for All Your Construction Needs iQuippo has thrived through innovation. Seeing an opportunity to capitalise on a need in the market, it has become the leader in the online space for the greater construction industry. Following the company’s success in the Corporate Excellence Awards as the ‘Best Online Construction Equipment & Services Platform in India’, we took a closer look at iQuippo and its offering. “iQuippo is India’s first and largest digital marketplace for construction equipment, machinery, commercial vehicles and services. Our marketplace allows buyers and sellers to interact, negotiate and close transactions in a timely, transparent and cost-effective manner.” Over the last two decades, digitisation has permeated – in one form or another- every industry on the planet. As such, companies of all sizes have capitalised on the unique tools and advantages of an online marketplace to sate a notable and urgent gap in the market. That is exactly what iQuippo did. The construction industry is reshaping itself, gradually yet absolutely quicker than earlier. The Digital & technological practices utilized by numerous directly and indirectly related industries has immensely affected the audience and stepped up the expectation which has accelerated the digital push in construction industry. The need of building the technologically advanced and digital driven eco-system that could oblige each stakeholder exuded. For instance, iQuippo - A digital marketplace was launched to connect the contractors or construction companies with manufacturers or equipment suppliers at the click of a button, iQuippo has launched industry specific solutions which have never been envisaged before, thereby kick-starting a transformational journey to deliver increased transparency, efficiency and reliability in the industry. iQuippo has developed proprietary tools for marketing and sales of equipment and market-connected dashboards, workflow tools that allow each stakeholders to centralise the activities, while improving their returns on investments and increasing the efficiency. As a marketplace, iQuippo is providing a wider reach to original equipment manufacturers and thereby helping them connect with buyers to sell their new equipment. This surging online adoption, coupled with iQuippo’s seamless user experience is a big step forward in improving and expanding e-commerce for the equipment industry, matching up with a retail-like experience for the users. The digital collaboration and distribution method is also leading to creation of huge information highways that are helping equipment owners, service providers and others stakeholders identify issues and access geographies faster and address them in a more quicker and efficient manner. With data analytics and information sharing, iQuippo streamlines project planning and implementation. iQuippo is managing the end-to- end asset lifecycle and has plugged value added services like launching India’s 1st multi-lending platform, Used equipment disposal (Auctions), Instant valuation, Logistics and so on optimizing the process in the most easy and transparent way. This is all driven by a team of experts behind the scenes that deliver a detailed analysis of every time on sale to ensure that buyers know exactly what they are purchasing and whether it is fit for purpose. It’s clear from the outset that iQuippo was founded by those who fundamentally understood the limitations of India’s market – especially over such a large country – and wanted to streamline the process in every way imaginable. More than that, the company also aims to be a driver of growth for the greater construction industries, removing obstacles that might otherwise hinder others. Imagine a start-up, eager to grow and to make their mark in logistics, construction or infrastructure – India is the perfect place to start, after all, with demand so high. iQuippo makes those crucial early steps on a businesses journey that much simpler, offering high-quality equipment to suit any need. Crucially, with significant time and cost savings. It’s an unbeatable combination, and one that would be difficult to challenge considering the impressive reputation the company has nurtured over the years. From the seller’s perspective, iQuippo has once again aimed for ease of use and transparency, with real-time offers from interested buyers from across the country, showcasing the sheer reach that the company has in place. All in all, iQuippo has achieved what many strive for: to see a business opportunity that utilises a digital storefront to improve the industry at large. To help clients get the equipment they need to accelerate their own business to new heights. It is important, all things considered, to emphasise the expertise, experience and knowledge of all at iQuippo. Eager to innovative, eager to offer pure client-centricity, iQuippo is sure to be the undisputed leader on the market for years to come. That is why it was recognised in the Corporate Excellence programme – it represents the very best in the business. iQuippo Contact: Saurabh Tiwari Address: Bidhannagar, Kolkata, 700091, India Website: Jul20136