Issue 12 2020

Issue 12 2020 31 Nov20149 Yet, Receipt Bank also believe in one very real truth: that successful businesses have a “brilliant, business-minded accountant” behind them. The power behind the throne, accountants inform decisions and make sure that everything runs smoothly behind the scenes: ensuring swift and timely cashflow. “Receipt Bank’s toolset frees up your team to spend more time adding value, and less time on the basics.” Receipt Bank manages this through a real-time automation-focused platform that allows for efficient collection, processing and publishing of both receipts and invoices. Easy to use, but comprehensive, the tool set allows for better resource management and more time, at the end of the day, for more client-centric pursuits and growth. In this way, Receipt Bank positions itself as a tool for transformation, and that statement is certainly earned. After all, true transformation can come from the smallest of catalysts – and something as potent as Receipt Bank’s toolset is sure to prompt a transformation indeed. Partnering this with secure cloud storage, foreign currency support and automated notifications secures Receipt Bank as the go to solution for today’s businesses looking to future-proof their accountancy department. For this reason, and many more besides, we recognised the company for their best in class accountancy services – a well-deserved title for a firm that constantly looks to accelerate growth for their plethora of clients. Contact: Paul-Reza Afshar Address: 3rd Floor 1 Ashley Road, Altrincham, Cheshire, United Kingdom, WA14 2DT Website: For Truly Future-Proof Accounting Services Following the company’s recognition as the “Best Invoice Processing & Accountancy Technology Firm in the UK”, we took a deep dive into Receipt Bank to find out more about its history and achievements. “Receipt Bank puts powerful tools at your fingertips, providing real time insights so team performance and client financial data become real intelligence.” From the very beginning, Corporate Vision’s mission statement has been to promote the “future of better business”. In this digital age, there are now more options available to people to capitalise on a better and easier way of conducting business. The difficulty is finding the right fit in a market positively bursting with potential. Tailored to accountants and bookkeepers, Receipt Bank essentially offers a powerful tool to increase profitability and productivity – and what more do businesses urgently need right now, at a time where both seem almost impossible to achieve? Ultimately, while essential to the day to day running of a business, the accounting process also needs to be seamless and easy. It needs to be, almost, a minor triviality. The reality is often exactly the opposite. Receipt Bank has positioned itself as the solution, offering peace of mind all while making accounting easier and more seamless.