Issue 12 2021

Oct21550 Best Environmental Engineering & Consultancy Firm 2021 ENCON VIETNAM LLC, a company with a large market segment and a huge array of competencies, has made a name for itself by enabling collaboration between European companies and Southeast Asian companies in a manner based in understanding and respect. In essence, its project management skills that operate across a variety of fields, industries, and scales, can ensure a smooth and positive experience for all sides of a table, increasing the international collaboration between the rest of the world and the diverse, dynamic Vietnamese corporate ecosystem. A company founded by European partners Steffen Engel from Germany and Xenia Panfilova from Russia, ENCON VIETNAM is a company based in – as the name might suggest – Vietnam, handling the region’s unique business needs. Fundamentally, ENCON operates with an understanding that the area has diverse and myriad business needs in a growing economy that has the potential to unite the western and Asian regions for the best practices and outcomes. It leads projects that fosters a clear and respectful understanding of local cultures and customers, Asian economical-political backgrounds, investment perspectives, and business cornerstones in the Indochinese region, encouraging an atmosphere of empathic collaboration between European companies and Southeast Asian companies when it comes to construction project management. By ensuring that each business deal comes from a place of cultural understanding on both sides, it has managed to grow its services across a variety of industries. Additionally, it covers the needs for the rest of the world that only its local market and sources can provide, ensuring the shipping channels are operating in a healthy manner in order to increase the market segments for civil and structural engineering, project management, design-build client representation, industrial architecture, unique objects, facility design, and sustainable design. This helps the overall health of the global corporate ecosystem in the macro scale. In tandem with this, its work is based in research and results, with ENCON having consulted a number of professional sources such as Epicurean Resorts, Meinhardt, Elites Group, American General Construction, Phan Vu, Novaland and others. Together with British Shireoak it promoted alternative energy solutions for the industrial sector decreasing negative impact on environment. It also took part in the detailed design and engineering of big plants and projects such as Coca-Cola’s facilities, Heineken plants, banks, and special state projects, showing how its staff are trusted as leaders on high-value and high- demand ventures. At present, ENCON is also part of the design-build team for the Tesa Company in Vietnam, and its efforts across its industry have granted it a wealth of deep and broad knowledge that it is always excited and enthused to share with established and up-and-coming minds in its field alike. Critically, it applies this by holding and pairing with lectures held at UAH, TDT, Bach Khoa, HUTECH, and other institutes of higher learning, seeking to inspire young minds and aid seasonal short-term programmes and special SIASS schooling. This has been integrated with ENCON’s own educational programme and still runs online to this day. Named one of the best construction technology solutions providers, ENCON has grown into more proactive operations since, developing a ‘spider’ business model that makes for a strong body with flexible legs, granting it an edge over its more rigidly structured competitors. It also allows a wider-angle view of its landscape. Internally, the team are to be commended for their skill and diligence, achieving results every time as the company’s clear mission permeates every facet of the company from marketing to e-commerce, mass fashion MFI, digital design, and consultancy, handling a wider array of business needs by the day and made possible by staff who are dedicated to constantly improving. With the challenges of Covid-19 slowly fading, ENCON has been working hard on the launch of a project called Design of Microclimatic Indoor Spaces for Unstable Climate Zones, the culmination of practical and actionable solution development work. This was established for the Far North that will be implemented in the coming three years. Company:ENCON VIETNAM LLC Contact: Xenia Panfilova Issue 12 2021 11