Issue 12 2021

Issue 11 2021 21 Oct21587 Best Pharmaceutical & Life Science Recruitment Agency - Europe Mantell Associates is an industry-backed, prestigious headhunting firm that operates within the global Life Science and Pharmaceutical space. As head-hunters, they position themselves as market experts and a true ‘partner’, finding the best fit for every organisation and professional within this area. We look to Mantell Associates as they strive for excellence and succeed in doing so. This headhunting firm focusing on providing staffing solutions within the Biotech, Pharmaceutical, CDMO/CMO, CRO, Medical Device, HEOR, and Market Access & Commercial Strategy sectors. They have become incredibly successful as specialists in their field, and their services extend from Partnership Service, to Contingency, Executive Search, and Project Management models. Promoting an internal culture of positivity and self-belief, passion, excellence, hard work, and team playing ethics, Mantell Associates is a leading headhunting organisation that pushes itself for superior results. In line with their core values, everyone at Mantell Associates believes in hard work as well as work-life balance, while operating seamlessly as one with their team-playing abilities. For all of them, joining Mantell Associates isn’t simply a job – it’s a strategic career move that provides an opportunity to directly help people and the industries they work in. Established in January 2019 by Alessandro Mantell, this firm started out as a one-man team with a client base that quickly began to grow into what it is today. Over the past three years they have experienced huge growth, which is still ongoing, with headquarters in the City of London and plans to expand into the US in 2022. With passion at its core, the Mantell Associates brand and reputation pushes it to the forefront of its industry. The idea of ‘spot business’ is not promoted – their mission is to provide the best possible service to both clients and candidates alike to build long-term partnerships within the Pharmaceutical and Life Science space. The Mantell Associates Network Podcast began in 2020 to help unify the industry and empower market-leading companies by sharing the stories, advice and outlook of influential leaders. They then hired an internal Head of Marketing, Siobhan McLoughlin, to aid CEO Alessandro with his mission. The entire team was built upon the idea that progression is everything, and this means that digital presence is of the utmost importance – especially due to the global pandemic, which has ultimately changed the world that we live in. In the future, for 2022 and beyond, Mantell Associates is launching its first ‘MA Academy’ which will be led by its Vice President of Commercial Development, Leonard Joseph. The academy will train entry-level team members the ‘MA Way’, ensuring a deeper level of knowledge and understanding of the industries they work within, and a way of working in line with their core values and culture. Mantell Associates have undoubtedly earned a name for themselves in the corporate world and are continuing to extend their influence within the Pharmaceutical and Life Science space. Following Alessandro’s success as one of Europe’s highest performing Contract Manufacturing head-hunters, he set out to establish a people-driven organisation in Mantell Associates that can bridge the gap between head-hunters and clients by becoming true ‘partners’, and this is something that has passed on to every single person at Mantell Associates. Contact: Alessandro Mantell Company: Mantell Associates Web Address: