Issue 12 2021

Aug21707 Best Independent Media Planning & Buying Agency – North-East England Being a full member of the IPA – the UK’s most prestigious governing body for advertising – The Media Network has been thrust to prominence with its diligent, client-first, and holistic marketing services. Experts in outreach and representation of a client, The Media Network has been able to allow its clients to consistently put their best foot forward in their industry, gaining immediate growth as a result of the Network’s representative, alluring, and relevant messaging through a myriad of multimedia channels such as social media and radio. The Media Network, being one of the UK’s top independent Media Agencies specialising in television advertising, Amazon advertising, paid search, social media, and radio marketing, delivers a maximum return on investment at every turn for its clientele. Fundamentally, this company operates across the maximum number of channels possible in order to allow its clients to reach their market segment with seamless efficacy with all the messages and products it wishes to tell them about, no matter through which mediums they require. With inroads into all manner of media distribution services and channels, it can provide clients with a comprehensive access to the UK’s wider advertising network. This allows The Media Network’s clients to make a name for themselves by delivering the right message, through the right channel, at the right time. All of this is mediated through the expert guidance of The Media Network and its professionals, all of whom have an in-depth knowledge of the marketing field and how to make it work for them, from knowledge of appropriate posting times to where to find specific segments of the market that a client would appeal to. Moreover, this has allowed it to garner significant attention to itself as a forger of success. Made possible through empathy, diligence, tenacity, and keeping a finger on the pulse of the wider industry, The Media Network is growing at an ever-increasing pace as more and more clients turn to it for their marketing solutions. With this naturalistic growth promising a bright future for the company as it moves towards the future, it will be continuing to put its clients first in everything it does, utilising its wealth of information and experience in reaching specific market segments in order to do so. Additionally, working in this manner has allowed it to continually deliver an incredibly high-level bespoke service. In marketing, when something is referred to as bespoke, it often refers to the specific efficacy of that service to fit itself to a client’s goals. Therefore, bespoke marketing solutions often yield far more results than anything its more template-based competitors could offer, as The Media Network works hard to get the know the client’s quirks and individual manner on an in-depth level that allows for the client to be perfectly represented at every turn. Thus, their end customers will always see the best side of the client, and have their interest piqued by the marketing solution that The Media Network has presented to them. Company: The Media Network Contact: Will Page Website: