Issue 12 2022

Issue 12 2022 11 Sep22558 Best Full-Service AV Production Company – Central Africa Producing audio visuals that speak to the heart is a gift. A gift that is hard to find. TEAM FILMS Angola believes that making job pleasurable is the way to improve the outcome of the work we push forth into the world. Breathing new life into every project, TEAM lends a helping hand so we don’t have to feel the pressures, preventing stress, worry, or burn out. Here we get a flavour of the company as it wins this astonishing accolade. Founded by CEO Gildo Mariano, TEAM FILMS is an Angolan full-service film productions company with over 10 years of experience in its realm. With its strong values guiding it through every day of work, TEAM has the ability to create and elevate at an exponential pace. The full-service on offer specialises in advertising as well as television and film content, with all human resources, technical resources, and wisdom to hand – so as to complete projects that will be some of the most distinct audio visual projects in Angola and beyond. For clean, bold, and one-of-a-kind audio visuals, TEAM has made it its mission to “disrupt” the status quo. This disruption is a way of doing things differently, more passionately, and with soul – believing that the entire journey from start to finish is the victory, rather than just making it to the finish line. The clients that it serves are people on the lookout for innovative ways to reach their audience, through revolutionary AV. TEAM constantly evolves itself so that its services can be bespoke to each client – keeping their values and wishes in mind throughout the entire process. TEAM works hard on commercial films, photography, and television content, so we can have peace of mind. Its full-service AV production line includes advertising, content and service solutions, and more, so that every client’s business can be the star of the show. TEAM holds space for its clients in a flexible way so as to open up new business opportunities once the project is complete – ensuring only the very best products go out to the world. We are pleased to present TEAM FILMS Angola with Best Full-Service AV Production Company, Central Africa, and we are sure to see its fire smouldering for years to come. Contact: Rosa Borges Company: TEAM FILMS Angola Web Address: “We don’t think about public, customers or consumers. We think about who needs products or services and improving the quality of life. Work, creativity, aesthetic coherence, critical sense, ethics, and respect for what we do to produce ideas out of the box, on time.” “We were born because we believe that the spirit of teamwork can overcome any challenge and as you know, in the area of communication they happen at all times. Together Everyone Achieves More.”