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Welcome to the December issue of Corporate Vision Magazine. A monthly publication dedicated to delivering the latest insight and news from across the corporate landscape. In this month’s edition, we are celebrating those businesses who are ending the year on a high, thanks to their consistent delivering of outstanding services and setting shining examples for their industries. The festive period is not only a time for winding down, resting, and recharging, but also for reflecting on the successes that have got our businesses so far. From an AI data provider and IT service company to a fertility care platform and child protection organisation, each of these businesses are on a mission to make peoples’ lives easier, and even create or save them. As trees are adorned in bright colours and fairy lights twinkle, our businesses take a moment to bask in the recognition that they so very deserve for all of their hard work. We find ourselves feeling very inspired and delighted indeed, and we hope you feel the same as you read through the stories in this issue. The team at Corporate Vision hopes you are flourishing and that you enjoy the festivities to come over the next month. We look forward to welcoming you back for our next issue in the new year. Rebecca Scotland, Editor Website: AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility. Editors Sofi Bajor, Senior Editor Rebecca Scotland, Editor Designers Daniela Levinte, Graphic Designer Lauren Baldwin, Graphic Designer

Issue 12 2022 3 Contents 4. News 6. SpeechOcean: Most Innovative AI Data Resource Provider 2022 9. Healy Consultants Group PLC: Best Global Business Set-up Experts 2022 10. Vlaams & Neutraal Syndicaat: Advisory Organisation – Belgium 11. TEAM FILMS Angola: Best Full-Service AV Production Company – Central Africa 13. Dark Pools: Best Automated Machine Learning Software Solutions Provider – South Africa 14. Zera Sports: Best Football & Sportswear Company – South Asia 15. Action for Children in Conflict: Best Child Protection & Development Organisation 2022 – Kenya 16. Inception Fertility, LLC: Committed to Helping Create Families 18. LA Micro Group: The Best Choice for Independent IT Services 19. Satchel UAB: Most Secure Money Management Company 2022 – Lithuania 20. Locance: Superior API Innovation 22. VIALINK: Protected, Secure, Digital Identification 23. Clinton Marine Survey: Most Cost Effective Hydrographic & Geophysical Surveys Company 2022 24. Winners’ Listings

4 Payroll Innovation Has Accelerated in 2022, With Expert Cloudpay Reporting Increased Demand for Instant Salary Payments The desire for standardisation, speed and cost efficiency, across global payroll and treasury systems has driven a spike in demand for Instant Salary Payments, EarnedWage Access (EWA) and integrated global pay solutions - with 2023 set to see this trend continue. That’s according to expert in global pay solutions, CloudPay. In the last year, CloudPay has seen increased interest from global organisations for new ways to improve and innovate payroll processes and technology to fit the modern world of work. The big game changer for payroll and finance teams was CloudPay’s collaboration with Visa Direct which saw the firm able to offer fast, secure salary payments to any debit or credit card. The major change this brings is a reduction in payroll payment cycles that typically take 2-3 days through banking systems, down to seconds. This time saving in the payroll cycle can extend to 5 days when CloudPay’s new short term funding service is utilised and means liquidity remains with the client for longer. Such time savings are huge for payroll teams that constantly battle against the calendar to achieve accurate and timely salary payments. And for treasury functions to take advantage of the benefits those extra days bring to capital management and cash flow. This new form of money movement – using card rails instead of banking rails – has been a fundamental feature of CloudPay’s earned wage access solution, CloudPay NOW, which is the only global solution of its kind, currently in 45 countries and expanding. It means employees can withdraw the money they’ve already earned 24/7, using a simple mobile app. Demand for more control, flexibility and fairness in how workers access their pay, once they’ve earned it, is indicative of the growing trend for a consumer-grade, digital employee experience. Throughout 2022, CloudPay has continued to expand its integrations with HCM solutions and payment providers to offer the seamless integrated global payroll and payments service that HR and Finance functions require. HR platform, HiBob, came on board as a fellow highgrowth innovative partner. CloudPay’s continued focus on defining what it calls the modern pay experience, has led to a 45% increase in revenue for the firm, with the business also welcoming its 1000th employee earlier this year. On a global scale, CloudPay is currently processing 2.5 million payslips per year, with this figure forecast to grow in 2023. This success was further evidenced by the recent $50 million investment secured by CloudPay to support the evolution of the company’s end-to-end global pay offering that fits the modern world of work. Paul Bartlett, CEO at CloudPay explained: “It’s been an incredible year for cloud-based payroll and treasury solutions here at CloudPay. As a profession that’s historically been set in its ways, we’ve seen significant growth in the demands from our customers for process and technology transformation and a more consumerised and flexible employee experience, driving the innovations that we are spearheading.” “Our ability to provide integrated solutions worldwide remains crucial for the payroll sector as remote working continues to increase the international reach of firms across almost every sector. We have a number of exciting new software developments and partnerships in the pipeline for 2023, including further process automation in payroll, for example handling Local Payroll Information (LPI), and the launch of our new treasury platform that will provide unparalleled end-to-end visibility of data and processes for our clients.” “Looking at what lies ahead, we’re expecting to see the demand for Instant Salary Payments and Earned Wage Access continue to grow on a global scale. This will be particularly prevalent during the uncertain economic times that seemingly lie ahead. Having the ability to fast-track payroll and payments workflows and provide instant access to pay is hugely valuable during times of crisis for both the employee and employer.”

Issue 12 2022 5 News ANCHOR SIGNS UP TO AGE-FRIENDLY EMPLOYER PLEDGE Anchor, England’s largest not-for-profit provider of housing and care for people in later life, has signed up to the Age-friendly Employer Pledge – a new nationwide programme run by the Centre for Ageing Better to make workplaces age-friendly. Anchor is one of the first organisations in the country to sign the pledge, showing its commitment to older workers. Anchor will be working with the Centre for Ageing Better to further improve its recruitment, retention and development processes, to support people aged 50 and over. Anchor is committed to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) and was awarded ‘Silver Status’ in the 2021 Inclusive Employers Standard and has a range of colleague networks for underrepresented groups and individuals within the organisation. Anchor’s recent Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Annual Report also shows that the completion of colleague diversity data has risen from 76% to 81%. And this year’s colleague survey saw Anchor improve its colleague engagement score and achieve an 86 per cent positive response to the question: “I believe Anchor respects individual difference”. Anchor’s commitment to its EDI agenda also includes launching more learning and professional development opportunities, making various improvements to its recruitment processes, and working to embed EDI across the organisation. Joining the Age-friendly Employer Pledge is a further extension of its commitment to creating an age-friendly workplace. Sarah Jones, Chief Executive at Anchor, said: “We’re really pleased to have signed up to the Age-friendly Employer Pledge. We are committed to being inclusive for all and are working hard to enable all colleagues to reach their full potential and feel valued at Anchor.” Dr Carole Easton, Chief Executive at the Centre for Ageing Better, said: “The current labour shortage has been called the most urgent problem facing the UK economy with its impact driving up prices, wages and inflation. Workers in their 50s and 60s are a key, but currently overlooked, solution to resolving the UK’s employment crisis. “Older workers can bring much-needed skills and experience to an organisation. Businesses with a 10% higher share of workers over 50 than the average are 1.1% more productive – and multigenerational teams are the most innovative. “We are delighted that Anchor has joined the growing number of organisations committing to helping their older workers to prosper by signing our Age-friendly Employer Pledge. “The pledge has been designed to support businesses to go on a journey at a pace that works best for each organisation. By taking manageable and measurable steps, each employer will learn over time what steps are needed to make the biggest difference in their own organisation.”

The name may be misleading since they deal with much more than speech data alone, but SpeechOcean works with the world’s leading technology and commercial enterprises, as well as academic institutions, to power their AI applications. From scheme design, to data collection, labelling, and evaluation, chances are you’ve interacted with an AI model somewhere in the world that’s been trained using SpeechOcean’s data. Founder and Chairwoman, He Lin, is one of the world’s leading researchers in machine learning and related fields. Graduating in computer science and technology from Peking University, she worked in speech recognition, synthesis, language understanding and testing at the Chinese Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Acoustics before founding SpeechOcean with the vision of becoming the world’s leading AI data provider, an achievement today recognised many times over, including with this award. There is still a great deal of misunderstanding surrounding AI though. Concerns range from privacy and security, to whether the dystopian futures depicted in so many science fiction movies at the hands of a disgruntled AI might somehow be just around the corner. True sentience in AI is still a long way off however. It’s about as close as we are as a species to realising time travel, so we can all sleep soundly knowing we’re not about to be invaded by liquid metal robots from our own future any time soon – unless of course there’s a time paradox in that statement. The reality is far more mundane than most realise. The fact is, the data used to train AI and machine learning systems is usually very broad, generic, and contains no personally identifying information. AI models need to understand a wide range of inputs – from different languages, accents, and dialects, to environments and other visual data, including distinguishing unwanted or unintended inputs. It’s a complex academic and technical challenge, but one SpeechOcean has been at the forefront of for nearly two decades. The data it produces covers a wide range of situations, scenarios, participants and recording devices, so that when presented with fresh enquiries these models are able to respond ‘intelligently’. And because people and social behaviours are constantly changing, data needs are also constantly changing, to keep up with these and emerging technological trends. Smartphones were almost non-existent when SpeechOcean started. Now most of us can’t imagine life without them, and many of the AI applications the company helps train use Most Innovative AI Data Resource Provider 2022 AI can only be as effective as the data used to train it, and AI models need a lot of training – so they need a lot of data. Founded in Beijing in 2005, SpeechOcean is today one of the world’s leading providers of visual, audio, and text training data for artificial intelligence and machine learning. Recognised as Most Innovative AI Data Resource Provider 2022 in this issue of Corporate Vision magazine, we learn more about the company. these devices as their primary mode of user input, so they have become integral to its process and systems. All data SpeechOcean collects also goes through careful labelling (annotation) so that target algorithms are able to recognise and understand the patterns within, often including subtle contextual and emotional cues. It’s a case of the more data a model can be trained with, the ‘smarter’ it’s able to perform. Much of this annotation is now automated (some element of human supervision is still needed) helping the company dramatically improve project delivery times, accuracy, and cost. Looking to the future, autonomous driving is a key area of development for the company as more automakers worldwide embrace this technology. Again, chances are that SpeechOcean’s data has been used in training the autonomous vehicles you may have ridden in – or could one day soon. Helping small and medium enterprises leverage the potential of AI is another key area for the company; wanting to make sure AI is not only the domain of big tech. It has more than 1,000 complete datasets ready-to-use for this purpose, and even algorithms needed to help SMEs get started. Like every successful enterprise though, SpeechOcean’s business is based on trust, and it takes great pride in ensuring the quality and accuracy of the data it provides. Evidence of this comes in the number of clients who keep returning to the company as their machine learning needs grow and they look to keep their AI models up to date. Also like every other successful business, people are the lifeblood of SpeechOcean. The company is blessed with a smart, dedicated team who live to innovate – solving problems that help drive its clients’ businesses forward, and this is a key part of what differentiates them. While the pandemic certainly presented challenges, it also helped strengthen awareness and uptake of AI and machine learning technologies as face-to-face interactions diminished everywhere. 2023 promises to be a big year for the company because of this, and as it welcomes new senior leadership and expands its presence to serve more markets globally. Having recently listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, investments are being made in acquisitions, talent, systems, and new technologies which have the company poised to break new ground in how it is able to benefit its clients, and continue to be their global data partner. Company: SpeechOcean Contact: Charles Edwards Email: [email protected] Website:

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people’s lives, so that they may fulfil their dreams and live healthy lives with a family that they have built for themselves. With such a professional, diverse, and successful digital product portfolio, its IVF centers have become hugely effective and well-known. Its reputation has cultivated peace of mind and serenity in those wishing to start a family of their own, through IVF treatments, and Binflux’s team couldn’t be more proud. The two departments of Binflux’s team consist of R&D and sales and customer service representatives, which are equally needed to make everything run smoothly. With global digitalisation and further developments in the field, Binflux’s team work tirelessly to hold to the torch through such uncertain times. Drawing upon their experience and reinforcing their relationships with one another, the team expertly fulfil their roles, and more. Now, Binflux has won Best IVF Digital Transformation Solutions Provider 2022 and we wish it all the best as it continues to lead the way in its industry. The future looks abundant indeed as Binflux invests in more AI and IoT solutions that will support and expand the ecosystem indefinitely. Contact: Mark Liu Company: Binflux Web Address: Sep22168 A Progressive Portfolio In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) is a common treatment for people wishing to conceive. There is a lot of technology out there but we’ve found an intelligent IVF treatment solutions provider with a lot of compassion and dedication to the future of humankind. Here we talk to Managing Director, Mark Liu, as Binflux wins Best IVF Digital Transformation Solutions Provider 2022. Founded in 2007, Binflux is a gifted team of innovators and trailblazers in the IVF industry. Created with the core values of trust, customer success, and innovation, Binflux has helped numerous people to live their lives to the full. Binflux presents data management systems for the IVF lab (Infans EMR), mobile APP for the IVF patient (Infans CareU), outpatient management system (Infans CMS), cryo straw labels, and data integration with lab equipment. Managing Director, Mark Liu comments, “The benefit of introducing our products is to increase efficiency through automation, reduce the risk of human errors, and improve the success rate of IVF treatment. Our strategy of focusing on the field of reproductive medicine contributes to the continuous development of products, services, and business models that meet market needs.” From the very beginning, Binflux has devoted its time and resources to clients – clinics, labs, patients, and stakeholders. Its clients rely on it to increase the success rate of patient treatment, ultimately forging a greater future for them. Its passion lies in making a difference to “We deliver trusted software solutions and communicate openly. Our electronic medical record system can assist IVF centers in the storage, management, analysis and quality control of medical data without patients’ private data breaches. Our products must be trusted by clients before they purchase. That’s why trust is our number one value.” “Our company organization culture is transparent and flat. Team members can express their opinions freely and seek the best solution through open discussion. In our team, the integrity of each talent is our first consideration.” Subscribe o our monthly newsletter:

Issue 12 2022 9 service will benefit their business. Here, the transparent approach has sought to differentiate Healy Consultants from an altogether crowded industry. This approach acted as a benchmark for the company’s current growth, allowing the workforce to expand significantly over the last 18 months and new personnel in charge of ensuring a consistent client experience. “There are no hidden costs and no surprises. Our approach is customer oriented. Besides, not many competitors share a project plan for engagement – our client pays for certainty and transparency and aggressively strives towards securing deliverables.” This certainty has been crucial over the last couple of years, and Healy Consultants now enjoys its position as a leading pacesetter in the international business consultancy sphere. In concluding comments, Aidan touches on the essential milestones Healy Consultants has achieved in recent years via social media. “Overall, Healy Consultants have completed over 5,000 engagements. We have a proven track record of adding credible business setups. Our diversified engagements have helped us cover 127 jurisdictions, and consultants in our global offices can communicate with clients in over 26 languages.” No two clients are the same, and neither are any two projects. There is no technology that can replicate or predict the team’s relationships with the government authorities, local banks or clients in different industries. To stay at the forefront of what the industry has to offer, the team at Healy Consultants takes a personalised approach that embraces the unique knowledge each team member brings to the table. Healy Consultants is a business that knows what it means to be ‘global’ in every sense of the word. Its future is one of continued growth, and its achievements speak for themselves – by all considerations, it was a natural choice for recognition in the Small Business Awards. Healy Consultants Group PLC is recognised first and foremost for its stupendous quality of service. The past two decades of hard work and constant growth have allowed the company to secure its position as the preferred partner for multinational clients with global growth ambitions. Company: Healy Consultants Group PLC Website: LinkedIn: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Sep22253 Best Global Business Set-up Experts 2022 Thriving in the business world is challenging due to its fair share of pitfalls and difficulties. It pays, then, to have an ally you can trust—an expert to guide the way. Enter Healy Consultants! On the back of the company’s success in the Small Business Awards, we spoke with Chairman and business owner Aidan Healy to find out more. It takes immense hard work to establish a company, regardless of location, industry, or market. Creating a business that operates internationally compounds those difficulties a hundred-fold. It is essential to partner with experts who know what they’re doing to navigate and give guidance that is pivotal for a company’s growth. In 2003, Aidan Healy had a vision of the future. His idea was to build a team that provide clients with the highest quality of business incorporation services across the globe. In all regards, Healy Consultants has built a reputation precisely doing that, as Aidan explains in more detail. “Healy Consultants Group PLC assists international clients with company incorporation all around the world, including services like business registration, global corporate bank account opening, nominee director services, accounting and tax planning services, business advisory services, legal solutions, and corporate secretary services, among many other areas.” “Healy Consultants wants your corporate structure to be fully functional, legal, and tax efficient. It is the foundation for building a profitable long-term relationship with our clients. Perhaps almost 60% of our new clients come to us through referrals.” These clients can be incredibly varied, but they are frequently high-net-worth individuals or multinational companies to solidify their position in global markets. Healy Consultants is approaching twenty years since its establishment, The firm has the experience to consult on various issues. its referral rate and client retention are made all the more impressive in light of global pandemic and geopolitical tensions, a powerful testament to the strength and resilience of the company’s services. “COVID-19 triggered uncertainty among our staff and clients. From the outset of the crisis, I sought to communicate transparently about the potential impacts the pandemic would have upon them. In an unprecedented situation for all of us, I knew that consistent messaging was critical so that everyone knew where they stood. This consistent and open communication has been a central feature of my leadership in the last three years. Every quarter, I convene an all staff meeting across all our international offices. It is an opportunity for me to not only convey my vision for the firm to the staff directly but also address any concerns. The allstaff meeting has evolved into a platform where every staff member, regardless of seniority, has a say and can express what is going well and what they feel is not going so well.” Transparency permeates every business tier in the company, allowing clients to know precisely what is happening, the costs, and how the “Our philosophy is simple: your success is our success. Remember, your success reflects our ability, product and services, and professionalism.” - Aidan Healy.

Sep22474 Best Self-Employed Advisory Organisation – Belgium If there’s one thing we know about becoming an entrepreneur it is this: being an entrepreneur is not easy. There’s an endless list of things to learn outside of your area of expertise such as legal requirements, how to gain support, how to process important documents, and much more. Here we take a deeper look at Vlaams & Neutraal Syndicaat as it works around the clock for the independent entrepreneurs of Belgium, so that they can focus entirely on their career with no interruptions. Vlaams & Neutraal Syndicaat (V-NS) is a well-established advisory organisation based in Belgium. It has worked with an enormous amount of entrepreneurs along the way, and it has always put them first. Offering its membership, V-NS guarantees a lifeline for all individuals searching for a support system that keeps them happy, productive, and stress free. V-NS fills an advisory role, first and foremost, but it covers many areas of legal administration and promises support for all areas of one’s career. The V-NS team is a strong, dedicated one – always looking for ways to improve on the service it already offers. Giving quick and satisfactory answers to all queries, V-NS can get you started in no time at all. As an entrepreneur you have a FREE dept collection agency behind you to make sure all your invoices will be collected without you having to pay anything. With free legal aid, V-NS leads the way to a safe, secure, and legally sound world throughout our entire business lives. We may not have had all of the information to begin with, our situation changed over time, or we may not have come across a certain area or condition before and, therefore, V-NS can find a way to support the growth of a business in a time of need. For important but sometimes confusing business administration, such as contracts, outstanding invoices, and more, V-NS ensures that everything is covered correctly. Leaving no stone unturned, each entrepreneur can keep growing strong with the help of V-NS. In fact, V-NS is more than an advisory organisation, it is an irreplaceable and simply brilliant support network that will never quit. We are truly proud to present it with Best Self-Employed Advisory Organisation in Belgium, and we are sure to see it help even more people as it continues to flourish. Contact: TEAM V-NS Company: Vlaams & Neutraal Syndicaat Web Address: “V-NS stands for Flemish and Neutral Syndicate for the self-employed and liberal professions. As a 100% neutral syndicate, we defend the interests of Flemish entrepreneurs day in and day out: the self-employed, liberal professions and SMEs all count on V-NS as a loyal ally.” “We continue to fight day and night to make the fate of every entrepreneur better!”

Issue 12 2022 11 Sep22558 Best Full-Service AV Production Company – Central Africa Producing audio visuals that speak to the heart is a gift. A gift that is hard to find. TEAM FILMS Angola believes that making job pleasurable is the way to improve the outcome of the work we push forth into the world. Breathing new life into every project, TEAM lends a helping hand so we don’t have to feel the pressures, preventing stress, worry, or burn out. Here we get a flavour of the company as it wins this astonishing accolade. Founded by CEO Gildo Mariano, TEAM FILMS is an Angolan full-service film productions company with over 10 years of experience in its realm. With its strong values guiding it through every day of work, TEAM has the ability to create and elevate at an exponential pace. The full-service on offer specialises in advertising as well as television and film content, with all human resources, technical resources, and wisdom to hand – so as to complete projects that will be some of the most distinct audio visual projects in Angola and beyond. For clean, bold, and one-of-a-kind audio visuals, TEAM has made it its mission to “disrupt” the status quo. This disruption is a way of doing things differently, more passionately, and with soul – believing that the entire journey from start to finish is the victory, rather than just making it to the finish line. The clients that it serves are people on the lookout for innovative ways to reach their audience, through revolutionary AV. TEAM constantly evolves itself so that its services can be bespoke to each client – keeping their values and wishes in mind throughout the entire process. TEAM works hard on commercial films, photography, and television content, so we can have peace of mind. Its full-service AV production line includes advertising, content and service solutions, and more, so that every client’s business can be the star of the show. TEAM holds space for its clients in a flexible way so as to open up new business opportunities once the project is complete – ensuring only the very best products go out to the world. We are pleased to present TEAM FILMS Angola with Best Full-Service AV Production Company, Central Africa, and we are sure to see its fire smouldering for years to come. Contact: Rosa Borges Company: TEAM FILMS Angola Web Address: “We don’t think about public, customers or consumers. We think about who needs products or services and improving the quality of life. Work, creativity, aesthetic coherence, critical sense, ethics, and respect for what we do to produce ideas out of the box, on time.” “We were born because we believe that the spirit of teamwork can overcome any challenge and as you know, in the area of communication they happen at all times. Together Everyone Achieves More.”

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Issue 12 2022 13 Sep22564 Best Automated Machine Learning Software Solutions Provider – South Africa Based in South Africa, Dark Pools is an IT company specialising in the development of machine learning and artificial intelligence software and the next-gen automated real-time identification and visualisation of fraud. We find out more about the firm and its pioneering technology in the wake of it being rewarded in the Small Business Awards 2022. Dark Pool’s leadership and expertise in automated machine learning is helping industries and markets around the world effectively meet industry requirements while simultaneously delivering high value smart solutions that increase revenue, optimise operations, mitigate risk and personalise customer experiences and a variety of customisable anomaly detection. The firm’s orchestration enables intelligence driven automation, acceleration and transparency through every step of the data science lifecycle. It also provides companies with a completely flexible architecture specifically design around your Industry Business Ontology (IBO) through an extensible platform that scales to meet the complexity of service use cases. Focusing predominantly in the sector of Financial Services, Government, Retail and Telecoms. Dark Pools has developed three innovative products designed to provide solutions to a variety of challenges facing these industries. AIMLow (Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning Operational Workflow) makes use of intelligent automation technologies such as supervised and unsupervised ML models with analytic capabilities which can help better identify emerging patterns and thus provide a better view on a dynamic intuitive and easy-to-use dashboard. HyDEPP (Hyper-Dimensional Data Enabled Platform) is a one stop platform for data integration, ingesting data from multiple data sources to create unified sets of information for both operational and analytical uses for better exploration. HyDEPP produces consolidated data sets that are clean and consistent and meet the requirements of different use cases. NERoML (Network Ensemble Robust Machine Learning) enables advanced network and temporal analytics through a rich visual and interactive workflow-enabled interface which allows users to visualise, understand and leverage the hidden relationships between data entities. NERoML also adds data geospatial science to geocode locations of interest on our visualisation dashboard in a consolidated. Large volumes of data with billions of edges and vertices can be visualised on a single view with drill-in capabilities on nodes of interest. Let’s see an example of how these products can be utilised in Government. Government entities struggle to sift through massive amounts of data to find timely insights. This becomes harder as bad actors often employ sophisticated techniques to cover their tracks and agencies end up wasting inordinate time and resources on false alerts and low priority cases. Government usually gets an incomplete picture with intermittent data and has to make recommendations based partly on data and largely on intuition. Moreover, collaboration gets harder in the absence of a common platform for data exploration and visualisation. When applied to the Government model, AIMLow can help Government get exponentially more value out of their data. From identifying fraud, waste and abuse to forecasting surges, enabling government agencies to deliver and better drive their operations and processes. NERoML can identify insights and generate value from connected data, clearly define patterns and trends faster for executable actions, whilst HyDEPP allows departments to link, share and reuse data across database silos and datasets. This empowers government to use data as a strategic asset, creating agility and resilience. That in turn reduces wastage, cost, time to value and the risk of a data breach. Recently, in recognition of its pioneering software and tools, Dark Pools was named in the Small Business Awards 2022 and was bestowed with the prestigious accolade of Best Automated Machine Learning Software Solutions Provider – South Africa. Company: Dark Pools Web Address:

Hybrid soccer balls are stitched by using more powerful stitching machines, and extra form is used inside these balls that give a soft touch. In these balls, stitches are not visible and high-quality hybrid balls are also sealed to reduce water uptake; then there is the hand stitched futsal ball - great for indoor soccer games, this indoor soccer ball is built to handle the rigors of hard-surface play. The hand-stitched PU cover provides precise response and rugged durability, and the Taiwan butyl bladder offers air retention; finally, the match-play hand stitched soccer ball in size 5 features 100% PU shine with four layers of polyester using 100% Latex and a butyl bladder. It is eco-friendly and waterproof. Recently, for its dedication to its customers, commitment to product quality, and hard work within the industry, Zera Sports gained recognition in the Small Business Awards 2022 and was bestowed with the prestigious accolade of Best Football & Sportswear Company in South Asia. As Zeeshan and the team look to the future, Zera Sports’ ongoing commitment is to enhance customer satisfaction through continuous improvement and in the timely delivery of quality products at competitive prices and to comply to meet with the national and international standards. Contact: Zeeshan Ali Company: Zera Sports Web Address: Oct22062 Best Football & Sportswear Company – South Asia One of the oldest companies of its kind in Pakistan, Zera Sports manufactures high-quality, premium soccer balls and distributes the worldwide. In later years, the firm added sportswear to its range and now saturates the sports industry with its products. We find out more from the firm’s CEO in the wake of it being recognised in the Small Business Awards 2022. Zera Sports has been manufacturing soccer balls since 1988 and has consistently maintained a high level of service to its customers ever since. By constantly achieving and surpassing its goals, the firm has established itself within the industry as a valued supplier of many different kinds of custom-printed footballs, and all types of sportswear too. Based in Sialkot, Zera Sports works with a lot of high-profile companies from all the world, supplying them with a range of excellent quality products to help build long-lasting, first-class and highly valuable business relationships. Zeeshan Ali is the Chief Executive Officer of the company. He tells us more about the firm’s core ethos. “Cost consciousness is the essence of Zera Sports’ production activities and, in order to meet the total satisfaction of its loyal and worthy customers, it qualitatively and quantitatively offers affordable prices,” he explains. “The company also irrevocably adheres to the latest, highly sophisticated manufacturing technology for the production of its unique quality-controlled products, which sufficiently meet the international standards of quality and performance (for example, weight, sphericity, water absorption, rebound, shape and size retention abilities) in accordance with the FIFA requirements.” Just a few of the bestselling footballs that Zera Sports produces include hybrid soccer balls which are also called micro-stitched soccer balls.

Issue 12 2022 15 strength to strength. Yet, its core mission and ethos remain steadfast and strong – unwavering, despite the colossal challenges it has faced and overcome. There can be no better choice for Best Child Protection & Development Organisation of 2022. Action for Children in Conflict Website: Telephone: +254 722 753 137 Location: Section 9, Thika, Kiambu, Kenya Oct22377 Best Child Protection & Development Organisation 2022 – Kenya Established in 2004, Action for Children in Conflict (AfCiC) is a non-governmental organisation based out of Thika to aid those across the Kiambu and other neighbouring counties. Following its recognition in the GHP Global Excellence Awards programme for 2022, we took a closer look at the important work AfCiC does every day. Action for Children in Conflict was created with one core mission: to help improve the livelihood of children, vulnerable families and marginalised communities. It may be best to contextualise the importance of AfCiC’s work in the region by first explaining the cause of the poverty levels Thika now endures but is slowly recovering from. An economic decline followed the collapse of the Kenyan coffee market in the 1990s, strongly impacting Thika and its surrounding counties. As many relied on the export of coffee (and pineapples) from the region, employment rose sharply, which in turn led to the growth of slums such as Kiandatu, the largest, as well as Gacagi and Madharau, among others. From there you can see how things may have moved forwards, with impoverished conditions severely impacting children, leading to poor access to healthcare and formal education. Poor prospects led to a cycle of crime, abuse and violence. It is in this environment and history that AfCiC was established. It’s difficult to describe the importance of AfCiC’s work through words alone. Nonetheless, its work has changed the lives of Thika’s residents for the last two decades, and its work will continue to do so for many years to come. In just the last decade, AfCiC has provided comprehensive legal support, treatment and awareness projects for HIV and AIDs, good aid, creating an adoption network, and – in an ongoing basis – driving for further growth and economic development in impoverished communities. Perhaps most impressive is the sheer scope of AfCiC’s work. By endeavouring to tackle the foundational causes of impoverished communities and offering solutions to the varying ways that poverty impacts those communities, the organisation must be comprised of many moving parts. It is not one thing, but many, with a team that specialises in education, law, healthcare, social work, and climate change – among other areas of importance. As Director from 2011, John Muiruri has striven to expand AfCiC across these areas, and worked hard to utilise technology to further develop the organisation’s services. By all regards, AfCiC is growing from “Our programs focus on the following outcomes: rehabilitation and reintegration, economic empowerment, access to justice, education empowerment and climate change and safe environment. The programs are all connected and essential to ending the cycle of poverty.” - Action for Children in Conflict

Committed to Helping Create Families The greater medical field has truly capitalised on the many benefits of technology to improve the patient and client experience immeasurably. In the fertility space, Inception Fertility LLC (Inception) has forged a formidable reputation and was recently recognised as the “Best Fertility Care Platform” in North America. Here, we take a closer look to find out why. Technology has truly shaped the world and continues to shape it at a pace that never slows. Never stops. It has impacted every industry, sector, field and market. Over the last decade, we’ve seen thousands of companies capitalise on the benefits of technology to revolutionise, reinvent and reinvigorate sectors that need every innovator and creative to share their vision. When it comes to advancing reproductive medicine, it is hard to ignore Inception Fertility’s significant contributions and presence. After all, technology and medicine go hand in hand, when the former innovates, the latter evolves. Perhaps this is most true when it comes to fertility management, which has long relied on technological advancements to refine its processes and success rate. Founded by CEO TJ Farnsworth following years of trying to create a family of his own, Inception’s ethos is one defined by an understanding of all the stress, anxiety and fear fertility treatments can cause. More importantly, Inception is focused on making a brighter future for the fertility landscape, one defined less by anxiety and fear, and more towards hope, compassion and – as much as it can ever be attained - certainty. TJ saw a fertility sector that was dedicated to utilising the most advanced technology to offer peace of mind, rather than what it once was: a risky, expensive journey with no guarantee of achieving a family at the end of it. Perhaps more importantly, Inception seeks to bring the patient back to the centre of its services and solutions, rather than an afterthought or secondary consideration. Fertility is, more than anything, so very personal. It’s only fair and suitable for any business working in the field to understand that and permeate a sense of compassion and empathy through everything they do. Today, Inception is a leader in the industry, with its platform of brands creating a robust network to guide patients and would-be parents through a process that is formed around their needs. As TJ describes it, Inception has a “growing ecosystem of integrated fertility brands that capitalise on propriety applications through flagship technologies.” Inception, then, seeks to provide only the best patient experiences, and the best possible care. This investment goes beyond just technology though, and extends to Inception’s team, staff and employees, ensuring that all who work under the company name can be considered true experts in the field, and delivering on Inception’s foremost promise of patient-centric care. From providing the largest network of fertility centres in North America through The Prelude Network, to proprietary long-term tissue storage solutions through HavenCryo™, Inception’s footprint is expansive, with momentum only building. Through its network, patients and clients can rest assured that every step of their journey is given the same committed care and attention as their first, guided by Inception’s team along the way. In many ways, Inception acts as the pacesetter – not just in fertility but – in the greater medical industry. This is how companies should utilise technology. This is how companies should envision the future. This is how companies should define their mission, vision and goals. There’s something so very contemporary and good about Inception that goes against the grain and image of businesses only being self-serving and driven by profit. TJ’s vision remains the beating heart of Inception, and even as it grows immensely, that vision continues to direct the leadership and team. With all of this in mind, it is easy to see how and why Inception was named as the Best Fertility Care Platform in North America. There are few that can rival its reputation, its services, its technology, experience, expertise and relentless drive towards betterment. It has become a leader in the field, setting the benchmark for other companies to follow, and echo. Its compassion is unquestionable, its patient-centric technologies and outlook obvious. This was decided at its foundation, with values that were solidified at its inception. For this reason, among many, Inception was recognised as one of the winners of the 2022 Corporate Excellence Awards. Its future is assured, and we here at CV magazine are sure it is to continue on for many, many years as a paragon of fertility and medicine. Inception Fertility, LLC Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: “Achieving a better patient experience through technology” “Patient experience matters most to us. At every step on the fertility journey, we want our patients to get the support, care, and attention they need as they prepare to welcome the baby they’ve dreamed of.” Inception’s family of brands are: The Prelude Network® MyEggBank® BUNDL™ Inspire RX™ HavenCryo™ Inova Fertility Innovations™ Nutrabloom

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Oct22463 The Best Choice for Independent IT Services Founded in 2004 by current Managing Director Dave Bell, LA Micro Group has grown to become one of the UK’s largest and best independent IT service providers. Following its recognition as the ‘Best Refurbished IT Hardware Supplier’ in the UK, we took a closer look at how the company has adapted and evolved over the last couple of decades. Is there an industry that moves faster than technology? For those outside of it, the pace the technology industry sets can seem daunting, and impossible to keep up with. So, it pays to have an expert on hand to light the way. That’s where LA Micro comes in. Perhaps most impressive is that the company has succeeded in keeping abreast of the developments that have occurred at a breakneck pace since its establishment. The IT market is, by all regards, far more competitive than it was in the early 2000s. It would be fair to say that the UK market is absolutely saturated with those who claim to be the best option for clients looking for expert advice, or the best tech. When it comes to LA Micro, its history and achievements speak for themselves. Indeed, the fact it still operates and dominates the market as it does today speak volumes for its expertise and success. Specialising in the sourcing and supply of refurbished IT hardware, LA Micro has secured its reputation through an ability to be cost-effective, allowing its clients to utilise the available technology without the often-extortionate cost of buying it new. As a group of companies under the umbrella of LA Micro, the company can specialise solely on the individual needs of the client. LA Direct Solutions, its trade and wholesale IT division, and Bytestock, its e-commerce division, work hand in hand to build ongoing and robust professional relationships with clients. This potent one-two punch, each with its own team of experts and dedicated care, has proven to be a crucial distinguisher for LA Micro, enabling it to grow and diversify as needed. As it stands, all areas of the business can exceed expectations in an expedient manner, allowing its clients the peace of mind that they have all their technology needs well in hand. The way LA Micro does business – that is to say in a tailored, client centric manner- has definitely worked to separate it from the saturated market it operates in. Many of its peers prefer a fast service that often lacks the personal touch, well aware that there’s a demand for its products and services in this digital landscape. Often little attention is directed to customer service, and in maintaining an ongoing relationship with any one client. That is assuredly not the case with LA Micro, and why it has been recognised as one of the leading IT suppliers in the UK. LA Micro UK LA Direct Solutions Support: Tel: +44 (0) 1753 625 111 Email: [email protected] LA Direct Solutions Head Office: Astro House, Brants Bridge, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 9BG, UK Bytestock Support: Tel: +44 (0) 1753 965 777 Email: [email protected]

Issue 12 2022 19 Oct22504 Most Secure Money Management Company 2022 – Lithuania Established in 2018, Satchel was created to bring the benefits of personalized, more agile, and fullydigital financial services to its private and corporate clients. Following the company’s well-deserved recognition in the programme, we took a closer look at how Satchel has cultivated a strong reputation in the notoriously competitive financial sphere. Today, Satchel is one of the leading EMIs in Lithuania, with a strong presence across Europe due to its best-in-class money management solutions. It goes without saying that the fintech space is one of continuous development, defined by newcomers to the industry utilising their collective experience and expertise to innovate and create on the greater financial landscape. Finance, after all, was dominated for decades by larger companies doing things “as they had always been done.” Innovation wasn’t exactly a term that you could use to describe the industry. That is no longer the case today, however. Start-ups are emerging with innovation built into their core ethos. Dynamism, and clientcentric services are the new normal in finance, with older brick and mortar goliaths finding it difficult to keep the relentless pace towards digitisation. This is where Satchel has really impressed, and gained its initial footing. Over the last four years, Satchel has understood that client needs and expectations have shifted dramatically. They want money management services that work for them, are accessible whenever they need them, and adapt. Clients need simple, easy-to- understand terminology and smart technology to gain the most out of their money and savings. Satchel understands all of this, and moreover, works hard to be the best option for clients in a market that motivates providers to be better than any alternatives. Satchel’s mission is altogether quite simple – to bring flexibility, security and convenience to its clients. Of course, that is easier said than done. The company’s success and growing popularity on the market acts as a powerful testament to its ability to meet these initial goals and has allowed it to move onto a more global financial landscape. On the world stage, it is now utilising its proprietary technology to act as a pacesetter in the financial industry, demanding more client-centric, secure, and innovative solutions from all businesses looking to stay relevant in the financial sphere. With all of this in mind, it’s hard to really encapsulate Satchel’s current place and reputation in the industry. In all regards, its future is one of greater development and innovation, with all the signs pointing to it being one of the global leaders in just a few short years. For now, it enjoys a peerless reputation in Europe as a fintech firm with goals to create a new paradigm shift – which makes it a natural choice for recognition as the ‘Most Secure Money Management Company’ of the year. Satchelpay UAB Website: Telephone: +370 5214 1818 “We don’t just offer services. We guarantee results.”